Don’t Learn The Hard Way! 5 Dating Don’ts You Can Learn From Romantic Comedies

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We’re all adults here, right? We know that Hollywood romantic comedies are big, beautiful fantasies and that no one actually looks or acts like the characters in real life right? Well, maybe they look like them if you live in the heart of Hollywood or Beverly Hills. We love to watch romantic comedies. The fantasy is fun, it’s entertaining, and it makes us forget about our own crappy love life or work situation or just the fact that we had a bad day. That’s perfectly cool; it’s when we start thinking that Mark Darcy or Mary from There’s Something About Mary are going to actually waltz into our life that we get into trouble.

Sorry guys, but show me a gorgeous, successful doctor who LOVES sports, plays golf, does charity work and has Cameron Diaz’s legs and I’ll show you a unicorn. And ladies, there are Mark Darcy’s out there, but they might not look like Ryan Gosling. In any case, despite the fantasy we can learn a thing or two about dating from romantic comedies. Like what NOT to do.

5 There’s No Such Thing As No Strings Attached — No Strings Attached

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In the last few years a whole slew of romantic comedies about two people who say they want zero commitment, and so they start sleeping together promising no strings attached. Pretty soon they start falling for each other and the moral of the story is that there is no such thing as no strings attached. Don’t try to play it cool and be the guy or girl who just sleeps around if that’s not really you. If it is you – do your thing. If not, be honest with yourself. You see what happens in these movies – they always fall for each other.

4 Don’t Date Your Boss — Bridget Jones’s Diary

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This is a big one. Sometimes it’s hard. You work long hours, you’re crazy attracted to them and you want to lunge across the conference table and pounce on them in the middle of a staff meeting. Especially if your boss is anything like Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones’s Diary – stay away. Dating your boss always gets messy, and in this economy who wants to put their career at risk? Sometimes it’s hard but – be very careful. Go date someone down the hall at least.

3 Don’t Act Insecure — Notting Hill

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While you don’t want to act like an egomaniac, you also don’t want to seem needy, insecure, or unsure. Don’t sell yourself short. If it turns out your date has a better job than you or they’re a foot taller than you’re used to – who cares. Be confident no matter what – there’s nothing sexier than that. In Notting Hill, Julia Roberts is a successful actress (big stretch) and Hugh Grant is a normal dude who owns a bookstore (yeah right). He thinks she’s too famous, rich, and beautiful for him, which almost ruins his chances. Don’t be like Hugh. You’re awesome – act like it.

2 Don’t Act Cocky — When Harry Met Sally

Harry and Sally might have gotten together a hell of a lot sooner if Harry wasn’t so cocky in college. Sally was pretty uptight and had her own issues, but his cockiness turned her off from the get-go. He must have wised up later in life because he was more genuine and humble – and he eventually won her over. False confidence and a big ego might make YOU feel great, but they’re a major turn off.

1 Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover — Pretty Woman

Ok, this movie is crazy popular but it also gets a ton of flack. The whole “hooker with a heart of gold” thing is weird enough, but when the hooker is Julia Roberts and she’s swept off her feet by a billionaire who looks like Richard Gere? Come on now! What we can learn from this though is that they both judged each other superficially until they got to know each other. Then – poof! – true love. So don’t judge based on looks or one little thing a person says. Keep an open mind.

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