Five Dating Apps You Have To Try If You’re Single (And Ready To Mingle)

If you have used any dating apps in the past, chances are you’ve deleted them … and re-downloaded them … and deleted them … and then downloaded them again. As many times as you tell yourself you’re done, you always end up back in the app store because dating apps offer you something that dating in real life often does not: hope.

I mean, who can say no to an endless pool of possible partners, ready for review at the click of a button? Plus, God knows it feels nearly impossible to meet someone in real life unless they’re a coworker – which is dangerous to pursue on many different levels – or at a bar, in which case you’ve probably both enjoyed a few beverages beforehand and may discover your connection hada lot more to do with liquid courage than fate. And okay, let’s be honest. Swiping is really freaking fun.

So if you’re looking to start using dating apps for the first time, or try out a new one (don’t lie to me, I know you’ve already swiped through everyone in your geographic range on Tinder,) we’ve got you covered. Between these five different dating apps, you’re sure to find the kind of connection you’re looking for.


5.) The League

dating apps
dating apps

The League/Apple App Store

Okay, so you’re a little pretentious when it comes to dating. There’s an app for that.

The League is exclusive, and it wants you to know it. When you first download the app, it does not immediately throw you into the dating pool. Instead, after making a profile that connects to both your Facebook and your LinkedIn (yes, you read that correctly) you are put in a queue to be reviewed and approved … if you’re even lucky enough to have The League in your city yet. Once you get to the top of the queue, you have to be accepted, and only then do you start getting introduced to two or three suitors every day at 5 pm: just in time for happy hour!

But The League is not only selective, it’s also demanding. If you don’t reply to your matches or rarely message first, your “League Score” decreases. The same goes for failing to check the app regularly – you can even get eventually booted off. If you start seeing someone new or want to take a break, you can pause the app, but it’ll cost you 99 cents … so think twice about how much you care about your obscenely high standards before taking the time to sign up and perfect your profile.