Interior Decor Trends That Scream Outdated


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Clothes aren’t the only thing that tends to go out of fashion. Just like looking back at certain embarrassing clothing trends that we decided to take part in our younger years, interior decor can also make us wish we chose better.

And that’s exactly what we’re here to help you do. If you want your home to be timeless and classy, keep reading!

Avoid Framed Photo Overload

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When buying your first home, it can be tempting to cover the walls in all your favorite memories. We get it. You want to make it feel homely but nothing’s more off-putting than a flood of faces greeting you everywhere you turn.

Too many photos on the wall can take away from a room so we advise being selective here.

Stay Away From Themed Designs

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In the ’90s, decorating a room to a particular theme was deemed cool and exciting. Take this bedroom for example. They went with a beach theme.

But do this and you’ll realize after the novelty wears off, it looks a little gimmicky. This decor style is not for everyone and it certainly doesn’t age well or scream elegant.

Empty Spaces

Froyr Neo

Some people prefer the minimalist style and that’s more than okay. But if you’re doing that, it’ll only work if every object in the room is there with purpose and intent and adheres to a certain color scheme.

Without it, it appears not very put together and more than a little confused.

Vibrant-Painted Walls

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Wanting to go for a more funky design is fine. But it’s important to realize that the funky look doesn’t really lend itself to a timeless look.

Vibrant colors and statement designs can often look outdated pretty fast. To save yourself from repainting your whole house every time a trend expires, we recommend sticking with the classics.

Incompetent Designs

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Before you decorate and personalize your home with furnishings, you want to make sure that you’re dealing with something that has a solid and functional design.

Experimental designs rarely work out well. Before buying a house, keep an eye out for incompetent designs like doors that open backward or crooked stairs, misplaced electricity sockets, etc.

Skip Trying To Be Original

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Things are done the way they are for a reason. Often, it’s because they make the most sense for functional reasons. Take a toilet for example.

The material used for a toilet is smooth, white, and plain for easy-to-clean reasons. A toilet is something that doesn’t need to be designed impressively – it’s a toilet. It just needs to be functional.

Clutter Is Never A Good Look

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Clutter is usually the result of two things: a hoarding problem or a storage problem. If it’s the latter, this can be easily fixed. Opt for storage units that are closed and hide their contents from display. A room with too many things in it can feel bombarded and messy.

The fewer things, the better. Donate or sell what you don’t need and have a home free of knick-knacks.

Hanging Cups should Have Never Been A Thing

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Having a beautifully patterned cup display hanging from the kitchen wall was all the rave back in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. However, this decor trend has aged poorly.

Nowadays, nothing screams outdated like a hanging cup display in your kitchen. Not only is it a bit impractical but it also makes a wall look a bit too busy.

Plastic Plants – Just No

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You know the kind. Although they may be easier to look after as a houseplant, people can usually tell they’re fake from a mile away. Instead of cleaning the air like real plants, these things just end up collecting dust and make a room look cheap.

Just go with the real things. You’ll thank us later.

Farmhouse Decor Won’t Last

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Farmhouse decor was another trend that became extremely popular in the 90s and we’re not too sure why. This decor just might make sense if your house is actually situated on a farm, if not, we say run a mile.

This decor can end up looking tacky and outdated so we think it’s best to avoid it from the get-go.

Don’t Try To Make Everything Match

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This is an all-too-common mistake for first-time decorators. It’s easy to get lost in color schemes. People think they need to choose one or two colors and stick to them but this approach is wrong.

This can make a room look boring and overwhelming. Splashes of color every now and then can really elevate a room.

Forget The Sleigh Bed

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Big bulky beds are no longer the statement piece anyone needs. Sleigh beds can swallow a room and make it look smaller than it actually is.

The wood can also look overpowering and is almost impossible to balance out. If possible, swap it out for something a little more understated.

Carpet Is A Big No-No

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There’s nothing more annoying than trying to clean the carpet. Sure, it might be soft and feel nice to walk on. But give it a month and that novelty will wear off quickly.

Whether it’s a spilled glass of wine, pasta sauce, or dust mites, a carpet can quickly make your house look not only dated but also unclean. Not to mention it can smell too.

Throw Away Your Patterned Wallpaper

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Just like the hanging cups, patterned wallpaper was the bee’s knees back in the 60’s right through to the ’90s. After that, they quickly faded out of fashion.

Now, patterned wallpaper is probably one of the most decided decoration styles that immediately date your house. Do not use this if you want your home to stand the test of time.