Dad Thinks He Has Water Bubble In Ceiling Before Realizing It’s Moving



Derek Newman couldn’t believe what was happening.

He sat on the sidewalk across from his house, watching as men in protective gear and gas masks walked into his home with all kinds of equipment.

For the last two days, he and his family had noticed the strange bubbles forming in the ceiling, but they had no idea that their lives were in danger.

The Sound


It all began suddenly one night. Derek had just tucked his sons into bed and was on his way to the kitchen when he heard the strange sound above him. At first, he could only hear it from one spot in their house.

He could hear the sound of small droplets falling to a hard surface.

When he looked up at the ceiling, he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. He assumed whatever the problem was would sort itself out.

A Minor Issue


As soon as he stepped away from that one specific spot in the hallway, the sound disappeared.

For the rest of the night, he watched TV without a care in the world. It seemed so minor that he didn’t even mention it to his wife.

He slept peacefully, and when he woke up the next morning, he had completely forgotten about it. But he was about to be reminded.

The Next Morning


That morning started as usual. Derek got up and began getting ready for his day.

He brushed his teeth and shaved his face before getting dressed. His wife was still sound asleep when he left their bedroom.

He was in charge of making a pot of coffee every morning. He was walking down the hallway, on his way to the kitchen when he heard it.



It was the same sound as the night before, but this time, it was considerably louder. He was confused when he looked up and found a small pocket of moisture in the ceiling, a faint smell hanging in the air. 

He sighed, realizing what was happening. There appeared to be some kind of leak in the ceiling.

Derek rubbed a hand across his forehead. He didn’t have the time or patience to deal with something like this.

He Had Things To Do


He couldn’t deal with the problem right away. He had to be at work in an hour and a half, and he still had to make coffee and get the kids ready for school. This was not the time for something like this to happen.

Derek went about his morning, trying not to think about the problem.

The bubble in the ceiling was small, from the outside, it didn’t seem too bad.

Going To Work


When Derek left for work, he soon forgot about it. He had a busy day ahead of him, and he couldn’t afford to divert his attention from his work. Hours went by, and before Derek knew it, it was time to head home.

But when he stepped foot in his house, he could hear the spraying of liquid above him.

He was mortified to find multiple bubbles in the ceiling. At the time, he had no idea how dangerous the situation truly was.

His Family


Derek Newman enjoyed every moment of living in Reno, Nevada with his wife, Elena, and their two young boys.

He worked hard to give his family everything they ever needed. Elena and the kids were everything to him, and he always swore to protect them no matter what.

Derek was a businessman while Elena worked as a high school teacher. Being busy people, it was important for them to have a strict schedule.



In the mornings, Derek would wake up before his wife. He would get himself ready before heading for the kitchen where he would make a pot of coffee for the two of them.

This way, Elena always awoke to a fresh cup on her nightstand.

While he would get the boys ready for school, she would get herself ready for work. This had been their routine for years now. But one day, something unexpected happened.

Water Dripping


The night before, Elena was pouring herself and her husband a glass of wine while he put the boys to bed.

It was a weeknight, and they had to be asleep by nine p.m. He made sure they were fast asleep before leaving the room.

But as he stepped into the hallway, a strange sound caught his attention. He paused in his footsteps and listened intently. He could faintly hear the sound of what he assumed was water dripping above his head.

One Specific Spot


He glanced up at the ceiling, but he didn’t see any wet patches.

He assumed it was nothing to worry about. As he took a few steps forward, he realized that the sound had disappeared. It appeared to only be audible in one specific spot in the hallway.

He assumed the problem would solve itself and decided to join his wife in the kitchen. He forgot about it as soon as he grabbed the glass of wine from his wife’s hand.

Once In A While


They spent the night watching a movie and drinking wine, which was something they liked to do every once in a while.

The children were fast asleep in their room, and they knew how important it was to enjoy some alone time.

That night, Derek slept peacefully, and when he woke up the next morning, he had completely forgotten about the sound he’d heard the night before. But he was about to be reminded.

A Pocket Of Moisture


That morning, he went about his routine as usual, and as soon as he was done getting dressed, he decided to head to the kitchen.

He knew how important it was for his wife to have a cup of coffee to wake up to.

But just as he began venturing down the hall, he heard it. It was the same sound as the night before, but this time, it was considerably louder. He was confused when he looked up and found a small pocket of moisture in the ceiling.

A Leak


He squinted up at it. A small pocket of water had formed under his ceiling. He had heard of this kind of thing happening before.

He sighed. There appeared to be some kind of leak in the ceiling, and he knew that it had to be fixed as soon as possible.

Derek rubbed a hand across his forehead. He didn’t have the time or patience to deal with something like this.

No Time


He couldn’t deal with the problem right away. He had to be at work in an hour and a half, and he still had to make coffee and get the kids ready for school. This was not the time for something like this to happen.

Derek decided to ignore it for the time being. He went about his morning, trying not to think about the problem. The bubble in the ceiling was small. From the outside, it didn’t seem too bad.

He figured it could wait a few hours. But he would soon regret his decision.

Something Strange Comes Over Him


As Derek sat at his desk in his office, he couldn’t help but feel something strange. A Weird feeling had all of a sudden come over him, and he couldn’t really explain it.

He couldn’t really pinpoint what the feeling was until he received a call from his wife.

When he picked up, he could sense that something was wrong.

A Feeling


“Hey, I’m just calling to hear how you are. Are you okay? I’ve been having this weird feeling all morning like something is going to happen,” she said.

Derek could have sworn he and his wife were spiritually connected or something.

She was feeling the same way he was feeling. He had to let her know.

Not Taking It Seriously


“Oh my gosh, I feel it too! I’ve been feeling strange all morning, and I don’t know what it is. I feel we should be on the lookout for something,” he replied.

Although Derek and Elena decided not to take it too seriously, they hoped that the feeling they both had wasn’t related to their children in any way.

But it was worse than they ever could have imagined.

A Sense Of Foreboding


Thankfully, none of them received a call from the children’s school.

They were relieved about it, but Derek still felt this nagging feeling at the back of his mind.

It was like a sense of foreboding. He felt a cold shiver running down his spine, and he just couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going to happen.

A Chemical Smell


He thought back to what he had witnessed that morning. He thought back to the small bubble in the ceiling and the faint smell that had seeped into the hallway.

It was unlike anything he’d ever smelled before. It was a chemical scent that burned his nostrils.

He hadn’t thought much of it that morning, but now, he was starting to wonder if he should’ve been more concerned.

Something Harmful


The more he thought about it, the more anxious he became. He sat uncomfortably in his seat, his mind racing with possibilities. Since moving into the house, he’d never been inside of the ceiling.

What is possible that something harmful had been kept there?

His mind was dizzy with feelings of anxiousness. But soon, he began to feel more physical symptoms.

More Symptoms


Derek was sitting in his office chair when he noticed the tightness in his chest. He coughed, suddenly caught off guard by the strange feeling that washed over him.

At first, he didn’t think much of it. He thought it was just an anxious response, but as he sat in his office, the feeling only got worse.

If only he had known what was seeping through his ceiling.

It Got Worse


Derek placed a hand across his chest, taking deep breaths as his eyes scanned over his desk.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to breathe, and he was starting to panic.

He coughed again and again, but it wasn’t helping. But it didn’t stop there. Just then, Derek felt a stabbing pain in his abdomen.

He Couldn’t Breathe


He clutched his stomach, taking slow, shallow breaths. His mind was racing. He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do next.

Was he supposed to run out of his office and call for help, or was he supposed to wait it out?

But the longer he waited, the worse his symptoms became. He could barely breathe, and his stomach was so sore that he could barely move from his seat. But it only got worse from there.

Unable To Move


Derek tried to get up from his seat, but he couldn’t; the pain was too bad. He tried to shout for help, but he couldn’t. His throat felt like it was swelling shut.

Nothing like this had ever happened to him before.

But to make the situation even worse, Derek was mortified when he felt the bile rising at the back of his throat. His mouth filled with saliva. He was going to be sick.



He used all of the energy he could muster to fling himself out of his chair and onto the hard, carpeted floor.

He crawled toward the tiny trash can in the corner of the room and hovered over it.

A second later, the bile finally rose all the way. Tears pinched his eyes as he emptied his stomach into the trash can. None of it made any sense.



He remained hovered over the trash can for what felt like hours, but in reality, it was only ten minutes. He closed his eyes, resting his forehead against his arm as he took slow, deep breaths.

He knew that panicking would only make him feel worse, and he was right. The pain in his stomach was starting to feel better, but his lungs still felt tight.

He couldn’t help but wonder if he had ingested some kind of poison.

A Reason


He shook his head at himself. Of course, he couldn’t have been poisoned, right? Who would do something like that?

He wondered if he might’ve eaten something off, but that wouldn’t explain the tightness in his chest.

He was trying his hardest to think of a reasonable explanation, but none of it made any sense. It wasn’t until a few hours later that he would finally have some answers.

Shaken Up


Finally, Derek was starting to feel okay again. He was shaken up after what had just happened.

His stomach still hurt, and he was still having difficulty breathing, but at least he could lift himself from the carpet.

He stumbled toward his desk and reached for his phone. But when he read a text from his wife, his blood ran cold.

The Text


His eyes grew wide as he read a new text from his wife.

“Are you feeling alright? I’ve started feeling sick. My stomach aches. I wonder if it was the dinner from last night?” her text read.

Derek’s heart dropped. What if the same thing was happening to his wife? He had to call her right away.

Calling Her


Her phone seemed to ring for a lifetime. Derek was growing more concerned by the second. He just prayed that she would answer the phone.

He was about to hang up when he heard her voice on the other end of the line.

“Are you okay?” Derek asked before he could even process what was going on. What was happening to his family?

Waiting For A Response


Derek’s heart was racing as he waited for his wife to respond.

“Hey honey,” she said softly, “Yeah, I’m alright. I just have a pretty bad stomach ache. But I feel fine otherwise,” she reassured him.

He was relieved as he took a seat in front of his desk, holding the phone to his ear. “Oh, good. I’m so relieved to hear that,” he sighed.

A Lesser Degree


She had similar symptoms to Derek, but they were to a much lesser degree.

Derek still didn’t know what had caused it, but at least he knew that his wife’s exposure was far less than his own.

He didn’t want to mention his symptoms. He knew that his wife would be far too anxious if he told her what had happened to him.

Not Adding Up


By the time they ended their call, Derek felt mostly normal again. But he was confused.

How could something like that just happen? One moment, he was fine, and the next, he felt like he was on his deathbed. Something wasn’t adding up.

He couldn’t help but feel like the strange scent in his house had something to do with it. He sat for hours, trying to figure it out.

A Feeling Of Dread


By now, he couldn’t wait to go home as the feeling of dread kept making him feel so uneasy. He had never felt this way before, and it chilled him to the bone.

He hoped and prayed that everything would be okay, especially when it came to his family.

He wouldn’t be able to live with himself if anything happened to either one of them.



When Derek eventually left, he managed to forget about the feeling. He had a busy day, and he just couldn’t wait to get home. Thirty minutes went by, and before Derek knew it, he was home.

But when he stepped foot in his house, he could hear the spraying of liquid above him.

He was mortified to find multiple bubbles in the ceiling. Some were larger than others, and he could tell they were on the verge of popping.

A Mess


He looked around himself with wide eyes, astonished by the look of the place.

Over the last 10 hours, the flooding had gotten a lot worse. He assumed they had a burst pipe or something, and now, he had to deal with the mess.

His wife would be home with the children at any second, and he had to get this sorted before their entire home got flooded.

A Severe Situation


Panicking, Derek rushed to the phone and called his wife, telling her what was going on immediately. He explained the severity of the situation and the possible danger they were in.

Derek around his house, amazed at what had transpired.

This was the strange feeling he and Elena were experiencing. He knew that something was going to happen. And it did.



He didn’t have a clue what to do as he stood almost knee-deep in the flooding water.

The water was flowing down from the ceiling like a literal waterfall.

And he could smell something that he had never smelled before. He scratched his head, trying to think how they were going to fix the mess.

No Response


He grabbed his phone again and did a quick online search for the nearest plumber. He clicked on one number and waited.

But there was no response. No one answered his call. “So much for 24-hour service,” he scoffed.

Then he found another number and dialed it. He waited for five minutes, and no one answered the phone.

Very Frustrated


He knew it was after hours for most of the plumbers, but all the numbers he was dialing advertised for 24-hour services, so he couldn’t understand why no one was responding to him.

He was getting very frustrated with everything, and he just wanted someone to help him before his whole house was submerged underwater.

An Idea


He took a deep breath before he thought of something. And then an idea sprang to mind. He remembered something, and he could have kicked himself for forgetting it.
This could be the answer to his huge problem. He just hoped and prayed that the person he was about to call would pick up.

He could be their saving grace.



He placed his briefcase on the kitchen counter before grabbing his phone again.

He was annoyed by the inconvenience, but he was hopeful that this guy could fix the problem in no time. He decided to call an old friend.

Lucio was an experienced plumber who had worked on their house for the past decade. He knew what he was doing, and Derek trusted him above anyone else.

Ten Minutes


After explaining the situation to Lucio, the plumber agreed to be there in no more than ten minutes.

He knew that it was an urgent job. If the bubbles popped, their entire house would be flooded with water, and it would destroy everything they had.

Derek decided to wait outside until Lucio got there. As he waited on the front porch, his wife returned with their two children. As soon as he explained the situation to them, they were keen to see it for themselves.

They Arrived


Elena and the kids were in the house when Lucio arrived. He had come with two of his fellow plumbers, and they expected the job to last no more than two hours.

They grabbed their tools from the back of the truck before meeting up with Derek.

He explained the situation and led the men into his home. When he walked in, the bubbles had gotten even bigger. One was right above their television, and it was threatening to burst at any second.

Fix It


“Do you think you could do something about this?” Derek turned to Lucio. He chuckled and placed his toolbox on the floor. “Of course, we can,” He assured him.

Before long, the three plumbers ventured into the ceiling to fix the problem.

Derek waited in the living room with his wife and children. But just a second later, a small crack appeared in one of the bubbles, sending a small stream of liquid onto their floor.

A Strong Smell


The smell was nauseating. It smelt strongly of chemicals, which confused Derek.

The young boys blocked their noses and scrunched their faces at the smell. It was strong and overwhelming.

Derek got up to investigate the small stream of liquid. It didn’t look like water, nor did it smell like water. He was about to place a finger under the stream when he heard a yell.



“Get out!” Lucio called through the house as he and the other two men rushed down the small ladder that led to the ceiling.

Derek was confused as he looked up at the man. What on earth was going on?

“You have to get out now, it’s not water. There’s a chemical container up there, it’s leaking from the container,” He said as he rushed into the living room. “You need to evacuate right now.”

No Longer


Derek’s eyes widened as he and his wife gathered the kids and began escorting them out of the front door.

A dangerous substance had flooded their entire ceiling, and they couldn’t stay in that house for even a second longer.

As Elena sat the children on the curb outside, Derek stood with Lucio. The plumber wasted no time as he called 911, informing them of the hazardous substances.

Confused And Angry


Derek couldn’t believe what had happened. He gripped his hair as he stared at his house from across the street.

He was beyond confused and angry. Why on earth was there a chemical container in their ceiling?

It certainly wasn’t them who put it there. For the last few years, he and his family had been living right underneath something so dangerous.



As he waited for the emergency services to arrive, he made his way to his wife and children and sat beside them on the curb.

He was beside himself with worry. What if the bubbles burst? What if their entire house became flooded with the substance?

Everything would be ruined, and he couldn’t afford that. Noticing the stressed look on his face, Elena took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Everything will be alright,” She said. Before long, emergency services arrived.

Gas Masks


Derek couldn’t believe what was happening. He sat on the curb across from his house, watching as men in protective gear and gas masks walked into his home with all kinds of equipment.

For the last two days, he and his family had noticed the strange bubbles forming under the paint of their ceiling, but they had no idea that their lives were in danger.

Only now did he fully understand the gravity of the situation.



Lucio remained close to the house as he spoke to the workers about the situation.

They were lucky that Lucio had told them to evacuate when they did. Just minutes after they got out, the large bubble above the television had burst.

Some damage had been done, but thankfully, no one got hurt. After speaking to the men, Lucio made his way to Derek.

Hydrofluoric Acid


“They just came back to me; apparently, the substance is hydrofluoric acid,” Lucio said, rubbing a hand across his forehead.

He understood the gravity of the situation. “It might take a while before you guys can move back in.”

Derek couldn’t believe it. It was so much worse than he thought. But he was grateful that his family was alright. “We can stay with family until this is sorted out,” He assured Lucio.

A Calm Demeanor


Lucio nodded, appreciating Derek’s calm demeanor in the face of such a crisis. The emergency response team worked diligently, sealing off the affected area and assessing the extent of the damage.

The news about the hydrofluoric acid left Derek with a lingering sense of unease.

How could such a dangerous substance end up in their home without their knowledge?

No One Knew


They never found out how the container had gotten into their ceiling. They believed it had been there since they moved in. It took a few weeks, but eventually, they were able to get to the bottom of the mystery.

A lot of their electronic devices and furniture were ruined, but they didn’t mind repurchasing them.

As long as his family was safe, Derek was relieved.

Staying With Relatives


Over the next few days, the Newman family stayed with relatives while the cleanup and investigation unfolded.

The authorities discovered that a previous homeowner had stored the hazardous material in the ceiling, thinking it was a secure hiding spot.

The container had corroded over time, leading to a dangerous leak. The revelation left Derek bewildered and angry. How could someone jeopardize the safety of his family in such a reckless manner?

Tough Decisions


As the cleanup crew worked tirelessly to decontaminate the house, Derek and Elena faced tough decisions about their future.

The lingering effects of hydrofluoric acid could have long-term consequences, and they questioned whether it was safe to return.

The incident had also taken an emotional toll on their children, who were now wary of their own home.

Covering The Damages


The insurance company got involved, working to cover the damages and assist the family in finding temporary housing.

Derek appreciated the support, but the ordeal had shaken his trust in the safety of their own space.

The Newman family, once rooted in the comfort of their home, now faced uncertainty about where and how they could rebuild their lives.

A Family’s Resilience


Through the challenges, Derek found strength in his family’s resilience.

The incident had brought them closer, and together, they navigated the difficult process of healing and rebuilding.

As they looked toward the future, the Newman family vowed never to underestimate the importance of home safety and the potential dangers that might lurk within their own walls.