Girl Demands Dad Pay Up After Acing Exams, Then Teacher Steps In


An Expensive Change

Good grades are always a reason to be proud as a parent. But when this father saw his daughter’s exam results, he became worried. Her good grades meant a few thousand dollars less in his bank account.

The whole thing started months ago. The sudden change in his daughter’s school performance made him reconsider his approach. What was going on? He would find out the harsh truth in no time.

Molly’s School Performance

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Molly was an average student. At times even below average. She did well in English, but when it came to Maths and Science, she struggled. She almost even failed those subjects.

She was set to go study something in the medical field after high school. But would her commitment be enough to succeed? Considering her grades in Science subjects, very few believed in her.

Her Parents’ Support

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Her current grades wouldn’t get her far. That much was clear. Especially not in any kind of health studies. Her parents were very concerned as well but didn’t know what to do.

But they supported Molly nonetheless. Still, they tried to nudge her to study more to get the results she needed to succeed. But Molly had other things she worried about, that seemed to matter more to her at the time.

Popular Kid

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Molly’s time was spent mostly on partying and hanging out with friends. She just wanted to have fun. Everyone in school liked her and wanted to be around her. Molly was a very popular kid among the students and even the teachers.

Her parents were worried. They believed that she spent too much time on those activities, although they agreed they are important for a kid her age. Molly’s time should be better invested in her studies. Were they right though?

Let’s Make A Deal

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Seeing no change in Molly’s grades, her father, Andrew, decided to try and motivate her to invest more time in her studies. He came up with the idea to give her $100 for every A she got.

If she did really well, this would turn out to be a financial disaster for Andrew. But the family didn’t do so bad when it came to money, and how many As could she get anyway. He had to do everything he could to help his daughter. That much was clear to him.

She Said Yes

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Molly got excited when she heard her father’s proposal. She said yes without any hesitation. Molly firmly stated that she was capable but lazy. She was confident she would get a lot of her father’s money that trimester.

Molly perceived the deal as a good opportunity to make some good money. And sooner than expected, her grades were already improving. Was money all it took to get her to study? Or did Molly have some secret ambition?

The Beginning

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Molly came running home bearing great news. She had got an A in Science and she was excited to tell her father. She was also excited about the money she was going to get. Her father kept his promise and gave her 100 dollars for her first-ever A in Science.

Andrew felt proud about his decision considering that it actually worked. He was proudly telling everyone about her daughter’s sudden success. But things would go even further.

It Kept Going

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Molly had started coming home with more and more good grades every week! This made her parents really proud, but they were a little suspicious as well.

Molly didn’t seem to cut down on her partying time. She was still going out and having fun, so they thought something must be amiss. But in the end, they couldn’t argue with the results and that was all that mattered. Or so they thought.


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Molly’s parents continue to give her all the freedom to have the social life she wanted. After all, it didn’t seem to affect her studies in any way.

But they still found the whole situation to be a little strange. They were wondering how could Molly get As in all her exams, while still having time to party like crazy. When did she have time to study? And that wasn’t all.

Too Much Money


Bringing home all those As meant that Andrew began to have a difficult time keeping up with his payments. He ended up owing his daughter $2,000. He suddenly couldn’t afford anymore his daughter’s success.

He had started to have doubts about his idea. Maybe the deal wasn’t such a great parenting strategy. Of course, he wanted Molly to get better grades, but he wasn’t expecting to pay $1,000 per month to her. So he decided to try something different.

Andrew’s Decision

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He would renegotiate the arrangement with Molly. He thought that by now, the girl would be motivated and driven enough to keep scoring As without any economic incentive. She had proved that she didn’t need to limit her social life to do so.

Also, the grades were important for her and her future; it wasn’t something that her parents should have to pay for. Andrew trusted that his authority and influence would be enough to make his daughter respect his decision. But would it really work out fine?

A Phone Call

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And while Andrew was considering all this and thinking of how to break down the news to Molly, he received a phone call. It was late at night. Who could be calling at that time?

It was someone he didn’t expect: Molly’s Science teacher. He asked if that was Molly’s house. Confused, Andrew answered that it was. He noticed that the teacher sounded quite upset. He was wondering what could be the issue when the teacher hit him with a revelation.


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Molly’s teacher had a confession to make: Molly’s Science results hadn’t been as fair and square as they seemed. She had been bribing him to give her As regardless of what she actually wrote in the exams!

For every A the teacher was giving Molly, she gave him $50. It may not seem much; but the teacher, sobbing and blubbing, complained that his salary was very low and barely allowed him to pay his bills.


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Every A in Science that Molly had gotten since the start of the year was the result of bribing. However, Molly’s teacher felt really remorseful about what he had done and had communicated to the school his decision to resign.

When Andrew asked whether other teachers had been involved in this situation, the Science teacher said he couldn’t speak for his other colleagues. All he knew was that he really regretted his actions. After hearing this confession, Andrew knew what to do.


Molly Rowlands

For the rest of the year, Molly wasn’t allowed to hang out with her friends, and she had to give back the money she had made with her unlawful As. She was forced to stay home and study; she kept scoring As, but this time for the right reasons.

However, Andrew still didn’t know if more teachers besides the Science one had been involved in Molly’s shenanigans. What do you think? Could Molly have been bribing the whole teaching staff?