Man Who Built Costly Backyard Trap Reaps Rewards


Skeptics Everywhere

The neighbors pointed and laughed, but he knew about the potential in the eyesore he had created.

People will do anything when it comes to exterminating a pest problem. So when one man perfected a way to get rid of the winged hell-raisers, people would come running to learn how he did it.

Nature Lovers

YouTube/Holly Ridge Homestead

Tim Jarvis was a family man living in the countryside with his beautiful wife and kids.

They loved the fresh air of the countryside but there were few pests that really got on their nerves. Tim would stop at nothing to get rid of the annoying guests.

Searching For Solutions

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Tim started slowly with small hacks he found on Google.

He first wanted to address the mosquito problem. He made a few traps that looked out of MacGyver. But he’d only find that the answer to the problem was in his fridge all along.

Easy Hack

YouTube/Fresh Home 24

He found an easy hack to do with soda bottles on the internet and it worked wonders.

He put them up around his house and low and behold the mosquito problem seemed to just disappear! Plus his chickens got tasty snacks too. The next invader was quite a painful one.

More Problems

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Tim yelped out in pain and slapped the back of his neck. Tim felt the pain on his neck and knew all too well what it was – a horsefly

He hated horseflies with a passion. Anyone who has been on a wrong end of a horsefly bite knows the pain that it brings. He had to make a specialized method for these pests.

Sudden Solution

YouTube/Brian Rica

Tim went between the planning face on his computer to the building phase in his workshop, trying to get the best trap that would put a stop to their painful bites.

Then he had a eureka moment when one horsefly slammed against his window and fell to the ground. He got to work created the best contraption for getting rid of them. But everyone else would think he was crazy.

Bigger Than Expected

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The contraption wasn’t exactly small.

Tim had to build it in smaller pieces so that he could assemble it on his well-looked-after yard. He knew how much pain and misery he and his kids were in, he had to do this.

Multi-faceted Problem

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He knew that one trap wouldn’t take care of every insect pest.

Mosquitoes loved the wet weather, but he had already dealt with them. He knew exactly what horseflies liked, humidity. They also loved the warm sun and to their detriment – dark colors. He devised his best trap yet.

Putting It Together

Imgur – Sensiblyinteresting

It looked like a trough lined with bin bags and filled with murky water.

Tim assembled the contraption on his front lawn but the real interesting part was the perspex in the middle of the trough. He labored over it and then went back inside. The next day he checked back on it and was in disbelief.

Hard Work Paying Off

Imgur – Sensiblyinteresting

It had worked!

The idea was the black garbage bags would attract the horseflies, and then they would run into the plexiglass and fall into the water – the key being that Tim had to make sure the glass was always clean and therefore invisible to the flying monsters. The collection that had accumulated over the past hours was astonishing.

People Asking

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Just to think, all of those little guys would have been flying free and tormenting his family!

But the best part was still to come. The neighbors noticed that the trap was doing its job. One of them sheepishly came up to Tim, apologized for his rude comments about the “eye sore” and asked Tim to show him how to make his own.

Sharing It With Everyone

YouTube/Holly Ridge Homestead

Tim wasn’t going to keep this revelation to himself.

So, he went one step further and uploaded the idea onto the internet. It wasn’t long until the post exploded and people from all over the world (at least the ones that had problems with these kinds of bugs) showered him with praise and thank yous. Here is where Tim had another lightbulb moment.

Going Online

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There was clearly a demand – but not everyone was handy.

He rushed to patent the design and refine how it looked. Online sales were now the bread and butter for so many companies, so why not cash in on a small part? The orders came flying in and soon Tim’s workshop became more than a place to putter.

Family Business

YouTube/Holly Ridge Homestead

The best part? It got his kids involved in ways he would never imagine.

They learned more about construction and begged to help him with their new “secret weapon.” They even gave their own “marketing” ideas and experimented making their own traps. And to think, it had all started with a single bug bite. But what would they do with the money?

Using The Profits

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Tim wasn’t charging a lot – just enough to make a fair profit.

The plan was to pay off some bills first. Then, he was going to squirrel away a bunch of it to save for a family vacation. Where? Any place that didn’t have these kinds of bugs!