Hilarious Step-Dad Live Tweets His Son Trying To Sneak A Girl Out Of The House


A Different Approach

He glanced at the door and his eyes widened when he saw the white pair of tennis shoes. He could not believe the cheek of this boy sometimes! But instead of growing angry, he decided to take a seat on the couch and watch it all go down.

He sat back and took a sip of his coffee, chuckling. This should be good. Then, he had a brilliant idea. He reached for his phone.

The Drama Unfolds

Twitter/Tricky D

One morning, a dad who goes by the name “Tricky D” on Twitter just happened to notice that something in his home wasn’t quite right. He quickly realized that his stepson had a female guest who had stayed the night. But how would he handle the situation?

Luckily for us, he decided to document every juicy detail as it unfolded on his Twitter account. And his hilarious play-by-play document of events as they happened had the Twitterverse enthralled from the first Tweet.

It All Began With One Tweet

Twitter/Tricky D

Tricky D began his post with: “So, my stepson has a girl upstairs in his room that stayed the night and my wife doesn’t know yet. I’m curious on how he plans to smuggle her out now that the whole family is awake…”

He ended the Tweet with: “…and now we wait.” Almost immediately, he was bombarded with messages. People were clamoring for updates!


Twitter/Tricky D

And Tricky D was happy to oblige. When he saw the responses he was getting, he knew people were hooked. “People asking for updates: she’s still here, the wife has gone into full Saturday house cleaning mode,” he replied.

“Still hasn’t noticed the cute white shoes by the door. This could be his chance while she’s distracted.” And as people were showing so much interest in the story, he began to give a play-by-play of what he saw unfolding.

On The Edge Of Their Seats


Everyone waited by their phones to see what the young man’s fate would be. Obviously nobody, not even the boy’s stepfather, knew how the awkward situation would play out. But now that the boy’s mother was up and about and cleaning the house, tensions began to rise.

Would Tricky D’s stepson seize his opportunity to make a daring escape while she was distracted?

The Plot Thickens

Twitter/Tricky D

At Tricky D’s house, the plot was thickening. He posted a photo of the incriminating white sneakers by the door – a glaringly obvious clue.

But would his wife notice them? Should Tricky D help his stepson out and move them? Or should he stay out of it and let him lie in the grave he had dug for himself?

Mama Bear

Twitter/Tricky D

Of course, the amused stepdad decided that it would be best not to interfere. He then updated his rabid followers on the whereabouts of his wife. She was in the bathroom scrubbing the bathtub.

He wrote: “11:00am central standard time… My wife (amazing wife) cleaning so hard core she doesn’t even notice me standing behind her to take this pic… Music cranked up all the way. Now’s the chance… will he see the opportunity??”

A Saga Unfolds

Twitter/Tricky D

While the young lovers were holed up in the bedroom, unaware that at any moment the game could be up, and indeed oblivious that the unfolding saga was being followed by thousands of people on Twitter, they were about to miss their chance.

The mother had finished cleaning the bathroom and had moved to the kitchen. Surely they will be caught?


Twitter/Tricky D

The kids must have heard her as she walked down the stairs. They knew that the front door would be directly in her line of vision — which was their only way out! The situation was beginning to grow dire indeed.

Surely she will notice the white sneakers. Were they doomed? Amid the chaos that was about to ensue, Tricky D posted another Tweet.

Mama Bear vs Young Love

Twitter/Tricky D

It was a poll, titled “So who we rooting for??” He comically asked his followers to vote on who they wanted to win, “Young Love” or “Mama Bear.”

After 301,417 votes, the results were in. ‘Young Love” won by a landslide, with 63% of the vote. But would the kids manage to escape? It wasn’t looking good.

A Gripping Story


Tricky D’s followers, who were able to watch the drama unfold in real-time, were so gripped that they stopped whatever they were doing and dropped everything. Everyone was hoping desperately that Tricky D’s stepson would manage to evade “Mama Bear.”

But what would happen if they got caught? Tensions were running high for everyone involved. Then, another update arrived.

That Poor Girl

Twitter/Tricky D

“I hear definite moving around from his room right above me. It’s 10:39 and this poor girl hasn’t had a chance to pee this morning,” the dad tweeted.

Despite his obvious glee at the situation that was unfolding, he was beginning to feel a little sorry for the girl. But would that turn the tables in his stepson’s favor?

Rooting For Young Love

Twitter/Tricky D

But how did his followers feel? They were obviously rooting for “Young Love” and “Mama Bear” was far less in favor, with only 37% of followers rooting for her to catch the errant teenagers.

Perhaps it was for this reason that Tricky D began to receive some disturbing comments about his wife. And the poll had clearly become a divisive issue…

Choosing Sides


One user by the name of LizRdz13 commented that she had voted for the losing side in Tricky D’s online poll. She was rooting for “Mama Bear.” And her boyfriend, perhaps being more romantically inclined, had voted for “Young Love.”

The controversial issue at hand clearly had opposing views. But users didn’t have to wait for too much longer to find out what would happen – an update was in!

The Saga Continues


“I think they might be waiting it out, Tricky D wrote. “The wife usually lays down and reads after lunch, especially after cleaning her (butt) off all morning. Could he be waiting for that?? Can she hold her pee another hour or so?? I have no idea what they thinking up there.”

But would they make it? Could the poor girl hold her bladder for another hour? Only time would tell…

Getting Hotter

Twitter/Tricky D

Meanwhile, things were heating up on Tricky D’s Twitter feed. Comments were flooding in as people were losing their minds waiting for what would happen next.

One helpful follower humorously posted a video of a man jumping out of a second-story window, with the caption: “If all else fails, this is our last resort option…”

Fearing The Worst

Twitter/Tricky D

After a while of silence from Tricky D’s end, followers were beginning to fear the worst. He hadn’t provided updated for some time. One concerned user wrote: “Do we need to do a well check? Did the wife kill everyone?

Probably an overreaction, but “Mama Bear” would be forgiven for being angry about what was happening right behind her back. Would this story end badly?

Maddening Anticipation


Everyone released a sigh of relief when Tricky D posted another update, but unfortunately, it indicated that things could go either way. He wrote: “Lol still waiting… I’m just watching lol.”

This new Tweet did nothing to alleviate anyone’s fears, though. The anticipation was growing maddening. Who would be victorious, “Mother Bear,” or “Young Love”?

Letting Them Down Gently

Twitter/Tricky D

The next Tweet that appeared on Tricky D’s feed warned everyone that perhaps they were in for a letdown. “I’m afraid this thread isn’t going to live up to the hype. You know, like a Ben Affleck Miramax movie. I’m waiting just like the rest of you.”

Tricky D was displaying a startling amount of patience, but users were beginning to crack. Then, it happened.

Breaking Point

Twitter/Tricky D

“OMG OMG OHHHH MY GAWDDDDDDD. SHE CAME DOWN TO USE THE BATHROOM!” Tricky D wrote, incredulous. He finally got to put the shoes to a face, too. “IT’S ONE OF HIS CLOSEST FRIENDS!” he continued in caps to drive the surprise he was feeling home.

“See… Mom might believe it’s just a friendly sleepover,” he continued, inspiring hope in his followers. But had the girl been able to slip past “Mama Bear”?

Smooth Operator

Twitter/Tricky D

But Tricky D didn’t have the answers. He wrote: “I don’t even know if the wife saw her come downstairs to use the bathroom. She’s said nothing and it’s not like I can ask… Yet.” Then, the son made an appearance.

Tricky D was ready to bring the saga to a conclusion. “…This kid!! NONCHALANT… he casually strolls downstairs… AND grabbed those shoes and went back upstairs. Side eyeing me the whole way past. I shot him a little wink. They gonna hit that side door. Bet.”

All’s well that ends well… Hurray for Young Love!