Dad Hires Repairman To Fix Furnace, Gets Note About Newborn Instead


A Tense Wait

The last two days had been really tense for Jesse. That year hadn’t been easy on him, and it didn’t look like things were going to get better. When he went to check the mailbox and saw that envelope with the words“Magnuson Sheetmetal” on it, a chill went down his spine.

But he had to face it. As Jesse kept reading the note inside the envelope, his heart started racing. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

The Family Lane


Things have gotten really fast and stressing in this day and age. Just as if pursuing a career and having a well-balanced personal life wasn’t hard enough, one has to balance this with the effort to stay healthy, eat the right foods, exercise, and stay in touch with all the ever-changing trends.

Being a parent in this era is probably more stressing than it has ever been. Bills and household duties keep mounting up, and one ends up with a never-ending list of things to do.

A Tough Road

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All of this can often take a toll on younger parents. When you’re just making an entry into adult life, taking care of your kids can be incredibly stressful and effort-consuming. The Hulschers knew this better than anybody.

Life had never been the same for them after their first two children were born. Suddenly, they found themselves with a whole new lot of responsibilities and work. And it didn’t get any easier as time went on.

They Never Complained

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Jesse Hulscher worked as a development consultant. Maria, Jesse’s wife, had been dedicating most of her time to taking care of their two sons. Considering they only depended on one single income, things weren’t always easy for them.

However, they did their best to overcome all the hardships and come out on top. Still, sometimes the pressure was just too much to handle. And when that bill came, it only made things worse.


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Eventually, the couple found out that Maria was pregnant with her third child; and even though they were excited about the news, they also became quite worried about how would they manage to handle all the pressure that would come with it.

They knew that a third child would also mean a whole lot more of expenses and sleepless nights. And as happy as they were to make the family bigger, they were also quite nervous about it.

The Excitement Grew


Months went by, and the pregnancy kept progressing. The upcoming child seemed to be developing healthy and well inside Maria’s womb.

They were relieved and happy to know this. However, they soon realized that they would have to face a problem they hadn’t thought of; and it was related to the part of the world where they lived and where they were going to raise the kid.

The Cold Was Creeping In

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Right after the doctors told them when would the baby born, Jesse realized something: it would be right at the start of a freezingly cold winter. Willmar, Minnesota, where the family lived, is known for its low temperatures; it wasn’t the best climate for a newly born child.

The couple began getting extra baby blankets and warm clothes for their upcoming child. But right then, they received news that nothing could have prepared them for. (Alprazolam)

They Were Ecstatic

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Shortly after all the initial checkups, the couple learned that the child they were expecting was a girl! When they first heard the news, they couldn’t have been any more excited.

As much as they loved their two boys, having a daughter had always been one of their dreams. Now, the big day was approaching, and they couldn’t wait for it to finally arrive.

She Arrived

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When the baby was finally born, the Hulschers were absolutely ecstatic. Everything had worked out great: their little girl was finally there, safe and healthy.

After the first night in the hospital, they started getting things ready to go back home. That’s when Jesse realized they could no longer keep putting off the problem that had been worrying them so much.

The Furnace

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By that time, their financial situation wasn’t really the best. And when they realized that their furnace was working funny, they started to worry. They wouldn’t be able to go without it at that time of the year, when the temperatures were lower than ever.

And the situation was even more worrying considering that they had a newborn baby now. So they contacted a man named Craig Aurand from Magnusson Sheetmetal, a local business. Jesse told him about their situation and prayed that he would be able to help with it.

Great Service

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After hearing Jesse’s problem, Craig sent out a team immediately. They made light work of fixing the furnace. Finally, mother and daughter arrived and were treated to a warm and suitable home.

Jesse was informed that an invoice would be received via post for the bill. When the day came, Jesse nervously opened the bill. He was dreading the cost as Craig had done it on a kind of emergency callout basis. When Jesse opened the bill, his jaw dropped.

He Was Stunned

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Jesse could not believe what he was reading. In addition to ensuring that Jesse’s baby would not have to arrive home to a freezing house, Craig and the Magnuson team had one more special gesture for the family.

On the invoice, where there should have been a charge, Jesse saw handwritten words instead. The words read as follows: “No charge. Take care of the new baby.”

They Were Touched

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The kindness of this gesture made all the difference to the Hulschers. It enabled them to spend their new baby’s first days at home focusing on the happiness and joy of the moment, rather than stressing about the furnace bill.

They were touched beyond words. Jesse knew that he had to do something to ensure Magnuson Sheetmetal was honored for their warm gesture.

Credit Where It Was Due

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Jesse never underestimated the magnitude of what Craig and his team had done. The business world could be ruthless and it was especially tough for small, local businesses to thrive in the world of huge conglomerates.

This made Magnuson’s gesture stand out more. After publicly praising it and posting the heartwarming story to social media, Jesse and Maria ensured that Craig and the Magnuson repairmen were given due credit for their kind actions.

The Response

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The story quickly went viral and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Countless people praised the warmth and kindness with which Magnuson did business. As a result, tons of people vowed to recommend their services to others.

In a world beset by people always clamoring to get ahead, the story stood out as a beacon of hope that goodness still exists. As for the baby, with the warmth and love of her new home, she continues to grow and thrive with each day.