Mom Demands Man Pay Child Support But Won’t Allow Him To Visit


Single Mother

She paced around her apartment, looking under the couches for any spare change. She was in desperate need of money. After paying the rent and using the last of her wages to buy food, Amanda’s baby son, Aaron, had run out of diapers.

It was hard being a single mother, and now she needed help more than ever.



Amanda Collins never really wanted any children, but when she met and fell in love with Glen, she began to think differently altogether.

Glen made Amanda believe in happily ever after. And when she fell pregnant with his baby, he quickly put a ring on her finger. Amanda was on cloud nine. But she didn’t have her happily ever after.

A Roving Eye


It turned out that Glen had a roving eye, and while Amanda went to her doctor’s appointments to check on their baby, Glen never seemed to be on time for the appointments.

He always had some excuse as to why he was late, and Amanda started getting suspicious. Something just didn’t add up. Glen always looked preoccupied.

The Day Before


The last straw came a day before she gave birth to her son. Glen had stepped out to get them some breakfast when his phone started buzzing uncontrollably.

Amanda, who had been on bed rest, couldn’t help but look at it as it lay on his side of the nightstand. He must have forgotten to take it. She saw tons of messages flashing on the screen. Someone seemed to be urgently trying to get hold of Glen.



But Amanda didn’t want to unlock his phone and have a look even though she knew the pin. She lay in bed, still listening to how the phone buzzed away.

But then, it rang. Amanda looked over and saw a name flash on the screen. Mel. Amanda wondered who Mel could be as she contemplated answering the phone.

Answering The Phone


When it didn’t stop ringing, she decided to answer. Before she could even say hello, a woman could be heard saying, “Babe, I’ve been texting you. I think I’ve found the perfect place for us.”

Amanda remained silent as the woman kept calling Glen’s name. Then, as if she realized something, she quickly hung up the phone.

A Huge Mistake


Amanda sat staring at the walls of her bedroom. Her heart felt as heavy as the baby she was carrying. Who was this woman that she just heard called her fiancé, babe?

As Glen rushed into the bedroom, it was as if he knew he had made a huge mistake by forgetting his phone in the bedroom.

Get Out


Just by looking at Amanda, he knew that it was over. She had a devastated look on her face, and she was crying uncontrollably.

All Glen could do was say sorry. But Amanda wanted him out of her apartment and out of her life. She knew that from then on, it would be just her and the baby.

Baby Aaron


The day after Glen left, Amanda went into labor. She had to rely on her neighbor, Mrs. Cranes, to take her to the hospital. She felt so embarrassed about the whole situation.

After 13 hours of labor, Amanda finally gave birth to a healthy baby boy she named Aaron. Amanda loved her baby the instant she held him in her arms.

Not Easy


Amanda knew that it wasn’t going to be easy for her and baby Aaron. She was barely making ends meet, and now, with Aaron here and Glen gone, she needed to do it all on her own.

Luckily, her neighbor Mrs. Cranes was all too happy to take care of Aaron while Amanda worked her shifts at the local Target store.

Not Enough


But as the months went by, Amanda really struggled. Aaron was going through diapers like it was nobody’s business. And even though she received a staff discount at Target, it just wasn’t enough.

She had to think about the clothes that he was growing out of as well as his growing appetite. And not to mention the doctor’s bills for when he got sick. Amanda didn’t know what to do.

A Predicament


Amanda needed help, and she didn’t want to ask Mrs. Cranes since she was already looking after Aaron during the day at no cost.

She was a godsend, and Amanda didn’t know how she would ever repay her for her kindness. But she was still in a predicament. Aaron was growing fast, and her bank balance was shrinking by the day.

Desperate Measures


Amanda found herself in a difficult position. She needed financial support, and the only person who could provide it was Glen, Aaron’s father. Despite the pain and anger he had caused her, Amanda couldn’t deny the fact that he was Aaron’s parent too.

She decided to take a deep breath and reach out to Glen, explaining the situation and asking for child support. She hoped that he would understand the gravity of the situation and step up to his responsibilities.

Would He Help?


But she wondered if he would even help her. He hadn’t reached out before, and she knew by now that he probably wanted nothing to do with Aaron after their break up.

But would he really punish an innocent baby like that? Amanda needed to take a chance because it was the only solution she had. Would Glen help her in her time of need?

Glen’s Response


To Amanda’s surprise, Glen didn’t outright reject her request. He agreed to provide child support, but he also expressed a desire to be a part of Aaron’s life. He wanted to visit his son, spend time with him, and be involved in his upbringing.

But why would he want to be involved now? Why hadn’t he contacted her before? Did Glen have an agenda of his own?



Amanda felt torn. She knew that Aaron deserved to have a relationship with his father, but she couldn’t forget the pain Glen had caused her. She worried that history might repeat itself, and she didn’t want her son to go through the same heartache.

She had a lot to think about, but she also needed financial help as soon as possible.

A Difficult Decision


After much contemplation, Amanda made a decision. She would accept Glen’s financial support but would limit his access to Aaron.

She allowed him supervised visits, but only for a few hours every other week. This way, she hoped to protect Aaron from potential disappointment and pain. Amanda knew that this was the best decision for her and her boy.



Glen was disappointed by Amanda’s decision, but he agreed to the terms, recognizing that Amanda had the final say. He was determined to make the most of the limited time he had with his son and prove that he could be a responsible and caring father.

But at the back of his mind, he felt like Amanda was punishing him for cheating on her, and now he had to pay the price, and she was using their son to do so.

The Arrangement


For a while, the arrangement seemed to work. Glen visited Aaron regularly, and Amanda used the child support to provide for their basic needs. However, tensions began to rise as Aaron grew older and started asking questions about his father.

Amanda answered as best she could, but she knew that these questions were going to pop up sometime or another.



Amanda found herself struggling to explain to Aaron why his dad couldn’t spend more time with him. She became increasingly protective and started avoiding Glen’s calls and messages, making it difficult for him to maintain a connection with his son.

“But, Mommy, who is going to play baseball with me outside?” Aaron asked. Amanda knew she had a difficult time ahead of her.

Legal Steps


Frustrated by the situation, Glen decided to seek legal advice. He consulted an attorney to explore his rights as a father. The attorney informed him that he had the right to petition the court for visitation rights and potentially even joint custody.

Glen knew that taking legal action could strain his already delicate relationship with Amanda, but he was determined to be a part of Aaron’s life in a meaningful way.



As tensions escalated, Amanda received a court summons. Glen had indeed filed a petition for visitation rights. Amanda felt blindsided and panicked. She had hoped to maintain control over the situation, but now the court would decide the outcome.

How dare Glen do this to her, she thought. After everything he already put her through.

Court Battle


The court proceedings were emotionally draining for both Amanda and Glen. They each presented their case, highlighting their concerns and desires for Aaron’s future.

Amanda argued that she was protecting her son from potential hurt, while Glen insisted that he deserved the chance to be a father. Amanda tried to remain positive for the sake of Aaron. She didn’t know what the outcome would be.

The Judge’s Decision


After weeks of deliberation, the judge finally made a decision. Glen was granted visitation rights with a more generous schedule than Amanda had initially agreed upon. The judge believed that it was in Aaron’s best interest to have both parents actively involved in his life.

Amanda was devastated by the outcome. She was not happy with this arrangement.

Fears Intensified


She felt like her control was slipping away, and her fears for Aaron’s well-being intensified. She was determined to keep a close watch during Glen’s visits, ensuring that no harm would come to her precious son.

After what Glen did to her, she still didn’t trust him one bit, and she didn’t want any of Glen’s women hanging around her son.

Strained Relations


Glen started spending more time with Aaron, trying to rebuild their relationship. However, Amanda’s presence during these visits made it difficult for Glen to connect with his son. The tension between Amanda and Glen was palpable, and Aaron could sense the unease.

Glen tried to reason with Amanda, but it just made everything worse. She had no intention of leaving Aaron alone with Glen.

Yearning For A Chance


Despite his efforts, Glen felt like an outsider in his own son’s life. He yearned for the chance to bond with Aaron without Amanda’s constant scrutiny, but he also understood her concerns.

He felt like he needed to constantly prove himself to her, and it was getting too much. He had enough of the drama, and all he wanted was to be a father to his son.

Breaking Point


One day, during a particularly heated argument, Amanda lost her temper and accused Glen of being an absent father. She brought up the pain he had caused her during their relationship and accused him of wanting to play the part of a father without truly understanding the responsibility.

Glen was angry. His money was good enough for her, but he wasn’t.



Glen was hurt by Amanda’s words but remained composed. He emphasized his genuine desire to be there for Aaron and acknowledged his past mistakes. He asked Amanda to consider giving him a chance to prove himself and build a meaningful relationship with their son.

But Amanda didn’t believe him and kept accusing him of wanting to take her son away from her.

Amanda’s Dilemma


Amanda found herself at a crossroads. She had to decide whether to continue fighting Glen’s involvement or to give him a chance to be a father to Aaron.

As much as she was afraid of history repeating itself, she also didn’t want to deny Aaron the opportunity to have a relationship with his dad. Would Amanda give in to Glen’s pleas?

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.