3 Weeks After 9-Year-Old Vanishes, Dad Gets Call From Police In Israel


Eyes Playing Tricks On Him

Harry Klein collapsed onto his couch when a harrowing and sternly demanding voice echoed out of the phone. His son’s case had gone unanswered for three long and painful weeks.

The problem was that now that he had it, he didn’t know what to do with it. Is there a way to explain this? The boy ended up on a continent, inexplicably thousands of miles away. Was the 9-year-old all right?

21 Days Prior


Three weeks before the deathly call would come, he woke up one dreadful morning. Everything was fine when he started his day. Before he left, Stephen prepared their breakfast, and they had a lively morning exchange.

Upon returning home, he found that his son had mysteriously vanished. He rubbed his eyes, praying that he was dreaming, but the grave reality of his situation would soon make itself known.

Working Man


During his workday, Harry sent a text message to his beloved son to check if he’d been able to catch the bus and arrive at school on time. Almost immediately, Stephen’s response lit up his phone’s screen.

Everything was fine, and school was as usual, he assured his father. The two talked until the bus finally took him back to his house. However, everything would soon change. (marketshirt.com)

Rude Awakening


As Harry was only still a few hours away from the end of his work day, he thought it would be best to let his son put in some work towards his homework. Someone lurked in the darkness, waiting for the perfect opportunity to make their move.

He would have gone home immediately if he had known. In the end, he only discovered his son’s absence when he arrived back at home, after many critical hours had already gone by.

Tore The House Apart


The call Harry made to Stephen went unanswered. After immediately being stuck with fear by the icy silence, he rushed to his son’s bedroom, only to be met with four empty walls. The missing boy had never made it into the house.

While ransacking the property and house, searching for any sign of his child. Harry was enduring the most profound sense of disarray and anxiety he ever would in his entire life.

Missing Person


Harry knew in his heart, as soon as he realized his son wasn’t home, that something was terribly wrong.

It was Stephen’s very nature to be obedient and agreeable, so to leave without a word was extremely uncharacteristic of the boy he knew all so well.

In light of that, Harry urgently contacted the authorities to file a report of a missing child. The police began efforts to locate young Stephen within seconds of learning the haunting news.

Hours Becoming Days


It didn’t take long for one answerless day to turn into two, and before long, an entire week had ticked by.

The situation was beyond unbearable for Harry. In addition to the absence of his son, he was enraged by the lack of communication from the police.

Was there anything he could do? It was a police case, and he did not want to interfere with their investigation. They were his only hope of finding his son.



His child’s picture was plastered all over the news, so he could rest assured, knowing that they were doing everything in their power to bring his son back home safely.

Despite that, he had heard not a word from the authorities. Harry knew what this meant at this point after fourteen long and agonizing days.

His son’s chances of being found would dramatically decrease if he wasn’t found within three days, according to the police. That ship had sailed eleven whole days prior.

Tired Of Waiting


Harry’s patience began to rapidly dwindle when the third week of searching began. The police still hadn’t yet responded, and he didn’t have the strength to wait for a second more.

His only concern for the last several weeks was finally finding his beloved and greatly-missed son. Was this a matter of incompetence, or was something more sinister transpiring, just out of view of the law’s watchful eye?

Throwing In The Towel


It was starting to look as if Harry’s son had been forsaken by the police department. What had become of their investigation? Had they given up hope?

The thought of Stephen’s case remaining unsolved drove Harry to furiously call the detective who was heading up the search. He wasn’t exactly thrilled with the response he received. How long would it take to find the poor boy, if at all?

He Couldn’t Take It Anymore


The detective told Harry that the case had been escalated over the past three weeks and that it was no longer in his hands.

During the first week, they had handed it over to the FBI, but at that stage, it had reached international levels. And he had no idea who had taken over after the FBI.

Other End Of The Line


On the other end of the investigation, things were taking a drastic turn for the TSA in Iran. For the last week, something incredibly confusing had been taking place at the international airport.

During that week, they kept finding abandoned luggage in the international section of the airport. But it was what the bags contained that had them scratching their heads.

Incredibly Confused


During that week, the abandoned bags that were uncovered contained a whopping 375 Pounds of Fruit Roll-Ups. And that was where the questions started appearing.

Who on earth would fill their luggage with Fruit Roll-Ups and then abandon their bags in the international section of the airport? It wasn’t like carrying food was illegal or anything.

Where Did They Come From?


That was the part that had the TSA scratching their heads. And because of that, they launched an investigation into the matter.

There must’ve been a reason for the bags of sweets and their abandonment. But tracing this anomaly to its source wouldn’t be so easy. It required an entire team, and luckily the airport had just that.

Following The Trail


The team that was put in charge of the investigation started by reviewing the security footage, and what they found shook them to their core.

There was a boy, approximately nine years old, who was bringing the bags into the airport and abandoning them whenever he got a chance. Why on earth would he do that?

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.