Dad Drops Off Meds For Baby, Turns Back After What He Sees



He got into the driver’s seat with the medicine his daughter needed, consumed with worry as she was sick. Thankfully, the roads were quiet, so he could easily make his way to his ex’s house.

When he reached her house, he saw that she was busy singing to the baby. It was clear that she was distraught but she managed to give him a weak smile. However, as he was putting the pills away, he noticed something that crushed his heart.

College Sweethearts

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Maisie and Dylan met each other in law school. It was love at first sight, and they married as soon as they graduated.

Dylan always thought that Maisie was his soulmate. They shared hobbies, interests, and humor, and they rarely ever fought. The more Dylan got to know Maise, the more he realized that she was destined to remain in his life forever.

Their Gift

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After three years of dating, Dylan knew that it was time to ask Maisie to be his wife.  Things were perfect for the pair, and shortly after, they welcomed a baby daughter into the world.

They named their beautiful daughter Zawadi, which meant gift. However, Dylan knew that Zawadi wasn’t a mere gift; she was his whole life.

A Different Path

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Their lives were filled with pure bliss after Zawadi’s birth. However, disaster soon struck. Dylan and Maisie both graduated with law degrees; however, Maisie was the only one who could find employment.

Dylan could not help but feel like he had a different calling, so he pursued a music career instead. The shift was rapid, causing ripples in their once-steady relationship.


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Dylan and Maisie began drifting apart after Dylan decided to pursue music. Maisie felt like it was not a practical decision and that he had a child to provide for. However, Dylan stood his ground.

The pair fought for months about Dylan’s decision. He wanted Maisie’s support, but Maisie could not in good conscious give it to him when there were bills to pay. Then disaster struck.

Difficult Conversations

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Their arguments quickly escalated, and they began arguing about the most trivial things. The once-fervent passionate flame between them has completely faded out.

One evening, the couple decided that it was time to have a difficult conversation. They acknowledged that they still loved each other dearly, but it was not the same anymore. They agreed that it was time to get a divorce.

Making A Tough Decision

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They were heartbroken by the decision, but they knew it was for the best. They attempted to keep things civil between the two of them because even though they weren’t married anymore, they were still friends.

They also needed to take their daughter into consideration. Dylan was delighted that their daughter was an enduring connection between him and Maisie, even if he didn’t openly express it. He had no idea how beneficial his daughter’s presence would be to their relationship.

The Beginning

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Maisie called Dylan one evening, extremely concerned about Zawadi. She had come down with an awful headache, and she needed Dylan to bring medicine.

Maisie had been working full-time while trying to take care of Zawadi, and she also bought herself a car which she was busy paying off. Dylan could not have been prouder of his ex-wife, but he knew that she was under an immense amount of stress.

A Helping Hand

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Dylan knew that Maisie needed the help, so he gladly drove to the store to get the necessary medication before dropping it off at her house. Maisie was a good mother and a hard worker, and Dylan had nothing but respect for her.

He would go to any length to assist her in raising their kid. With the medication in hand, he drove up to her house, eager to see his ex-wife and daughter.

Taking The Medication Over

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As soon as Dylan stepped into her house, he was welcomed by Zawadi’s coos. He dropped the medication to give Maisie a hug, who was rocking Zawadi in her arms.

He inquired, “How is she?” Maisie said, “Burning up.  Did you get the meds?”  Dylan nodded, informed Maisie that he’d keep it above her refrigerator, where she’d be able to see it. He had no idea what was in store for him when he arrived. (

The Kitchen

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Dylan rushed into the kitchen, popping some of the medicine from the pack so he could take it to Maisie.

He placed the rest on the fridge then grabbed a small cup to take water with the medication. With the cup in hand, he opened the fridge to fetch some water, and that’s when he saw it.

He Sees It

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When Dylan pulled open Maisie’s fridge, he hadn’t expected to find what he did. Two bottles of water stood before him, one almost empty and the other half-full.

The rest of the fridge was empty. Dylan’s heart broke at that moment, and he wondered why Maisie hadn’t told him she’d needed help in her place. But what could he do when they were no longer together?

A Proud Woman

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Dylan could understand why Maisie kept this from him. She’d always been a proud woman who’d gotten as far as she was in life with no one’s help. Even though Dylan was constantly proud of her, he wished she’d have told him about this.

His eyes brushed the kitchen pantry, and he noticed the shelves were stacked with baby formula, snacks, and all the fruits Zawadi needed. Dylan smiled but knew he still had to do something about Maisie’s situation.

A Quick Run

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Dylan hurried the medicine and water to Maisie and told her he needed to handle some things in town. Would she be around later so he could spend some time with Zawadi?

When Maisie nodded, he hurried into a grocery store in town and bought groceries that would last Maisie weeks. He couldn’t bear the thought of her struggling while he was around to help.

A Gift For A Gift

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Dylan took a trunk full of groceries back to Maisie’s. Although she refused to accept it at first, she eventually did, a smile blooming across her face as she hugged him.

Dylan explained that although he and Maisie were no longer together, she was still Zawadi’s mom, which meant the world to him. Without her, he wouldn’t have the best gift life could give a person.