Dad Demands Teen Daughter Give Birth At Home, Mom Strikes Back


Not Doing Anything 

Silence filled the room. Suddenly, her father screamed at her. Watching her mother, she just stood there. Her only response was, “That’s enough now, Dennis.”

Tears filled her daughter’s eyes as she looked at her. In fear, she trembled her lips.

Despite knowing that she had to speak up, she couldn’t.

Nothing Special 


Lisa Hayworth was just another Mississippi teenager. Despite not being the brightest girl in high school, she tried her best. In addition, she wasn’t popular.

Moreover, she never left the house without adult supervision and rarely talked to anyone.

Thus, it is even more difficult to believe her incident.

Feeling Sick 


During one of her classes, she felt sick. After running to the bathroom, she threw up.

Rather than going home, she went to the drugstore straight away. It was imperative that she find out.

She searched the aisles looking for the right pregnancy test and found one. Despite knowing she had made a mistake, the young girl had to accept responsibility.



Lisa discovered she was pregnant at the age of 15 years old. Max, her boyfriend, was 16, and they were both still in high school.

There was no real interest in completing school and no real plan for the future for them.

The truth has to be told, but how? In the end, their first time together resulted in a whole, real-life baby.

Taking Responsibility 


After learning she was pregnant, Lisa was terrified. What would she tell her parents?

It was best for her to tell the truth, despite her stress. It was important for her to take responsibility for what she had done.

Gina was a kind and understanding woman, and she hoped she would be understanding for her daughter. What was the best way to inform them of the news? Her actions would be so disappointing to them.

Reassuring Her 


Max would be the one to know first, Lisa decided. Maybe he has a plan in mind.

Lisa announced to Max after school, “Max, I’m pregnant!” The boy’s eyes widened in surprise, “Wha..what?” he whispered. 

The tears welled up in Lisa’s eyes. “What should we do?”  Max leaned down and wrapped his arms around his girlfriend, “Don’t worry, we’ll get through this together.” “Are you sure?” Lisa asked. ” He held her tightly.



Lisa struggled to hide her bump. It was impossible for her to hide her body in baggy clothing.

Her mother must have known something was wrong. It seemed like she was acting strangely.

She was just about to enter the room when her mother entered. Her face was filled with worry. “Hello, how are you?” She tried to be friendly. As Lisa put her clothes away, she smiled. “I washed the clothes. Is everything all right? ” her mother asked.

Keeping Secrets 


The situation seemed confusing to Lisa.

It was unclear to her what her mother meant. In response, she cleared her throat. “I’m fine, Mom.” She said, looking at her mother. “You know you can talk about anything with me. Is there anything you need? ”

Lisa looked confused as she replied, “I’m fine. I’m just on my period.” “Oh, I see.” Her mom looked despondent as she left the room. She was in a state of panic.



She checked her freshly washed and folded laundry.

Is there anything she left behind? There is nothing. Her mother’s words made sense after she checked her underwear.

Her underwear had faint brown stains. It was unclear to her what it was. However, it wasn’t her period. It was a lie she told her mother.

She Needed Support 


Having no more patience with the secrets, Lisa pondered how she would tell her mother.

She did not want to have a baby by herself. It was important for her to have her mother.

It was clear to her that her father, Dennis Hayworth, The Police Commissioner, would be highly embarrassed by her actions. Despite this, she knew that the days were slipping away.

Standing Up


The next day, Lisa decided to speak to her parents after dinner.

They sat in silence. Her father was a very strict man.

As her mother cleared the plates, she said, “Mom, can I speak to you?” “Sure, honey,” her mom replied. (Adipex) Her father looked up from his plate. He eyed his daughter. Lisa continued, “I didn’t really know what I was doing…” Then, she burst into tears.

Something To Say


Her father looked concerned. “Are you okay Lisa? Did somebody hurt you?”

He was a good person, and even though he was her stepfather, he cared for Lisa deeply.

She looked at him with tears in her eyes, “We made a mistake.” Her mother sat next to her, “Who darling?” She tried to find out what her daughter was talking about. Lisa sobbed, “Me and Max Mom, I made a mistake mom, I’m pregnant.” Gina’s eyes widened at what her daughter just said. 

You’re Lying


Gina couldn’t believe it. She grabbed her daughters’ shoulders, “How do you even know how to do that?”

Denis pushed his chair back in anger, “Who did this to you? Max, you say?

Well, I never,” he stormed out of the room. Lisa was crying hysterically and she couldn’t stop. She had just ruined her family.

A Mothers Worry


Gina tried to talk some sense into her daughter. She kept apologizing but it wasn’t enough for the distraught mother.

She felt like she had failed as a parent. “You should have known better, girl, what? Did he force you?”

“No Mom, it was nothing like that, I love him,” she pleaded with her mother. “What do you know about love Lisa? You’re only fifteen years old.” Lisa looked guilty. “It’s your birthday in a couple of months, some sweet sixteen you’re going to have.”

Not My Mother


Lisa cried and ran away to her room. Her mother screamed after her: “What do you expect of me?

Who is going to pay for everything? Do you know how expensive a baby is?”

Angry, Lisa slammed her door shut. She thought her mother would understand but she didn’t. She was wrong. She was alone. Her family hated her.

Silence and Segregation


There was silence in the house after that. Nobody came to talk to her.

She spent the night crying into her pillow.

Tomorrow morning was going to be a horrid day. She was dreading confronting her parents at breakfast. She knew that they were going to have a hundred questions for her. What else could she do? Run away?

Facing The Truth


The next morning, Lisa got dressed and sat at the breakfast table. Her parents were already eating.

They didn’t even look up at her. She couldn’t stand it. “say something,” she said, “Please Mom? Dad?”

Her father didn’t move his eyes from his plate. Her mother acted like she couldn’t hear her. ”Mom? Dad” she cried, “I’m your daughter,” she sobbed.

Emotional Confrontation


Her father looked angry, but his eyes didn’t move. He scraped his chair back.

He looked at his daughter and said “I expected better from you Lisa,” his voice was stern, but Lisa could feel the pain in his voice.

Lisa looked at him, her eyes filled with tears, “I’m sorry Dad,” Her father just looked at her with disgust and said, “ I can’t even look at you right now.” Lisa burst out again, “You don’t love me,” Her father just walked away.

Get It All Out


“How can he treat me this way?” she cried to her mother.

“Well, my child, we tried our best. I’ll take you to the doctor when I can, okay?” Lisa shook her head.

Now all of a sudden, her mother was being nice. Gina looked at her daughter, “Lisa, you have to understand that nobody else can know about this. Your father cannot risk any bad publicity or negative comments, do you understand?”

Not My Blood


Lisa was crushed. They didn’t care about her. They just cared about their image. She knew it.

As much as she knew her parents couldn’t handle her, she couldn’t handle them either.

“STEP-father, don’t worry Mom, I won’t ruin your reputation, okay?” Her mother batted her eyelashes, “Watch it, Lisa, you don’t want to get on his wrong side, he has done a lot for us.” She always took his side.

You Made Your Choice


Lisa was a mess inside and out. She didn’t care about anything. Even though Max said he would be there for her, he wasn’t.

He was avoiding her at school and pretending like he was busy. Lisa was hurt, she knew that he didn’t tell his parents yet either. “Why are all guys such jerks!” she asked her friend Kaley.

Kaley was the only other person Lisa told. She made Kaley promise that she would keep her secret and not tell a soul.

Fake Friends


Kaley was a good friend of Lisa’s since they started the 8th grade together.

But Lisa suspected that Kaley secretly had a crush on Max.

She would always laugh and giggle in front of him. She was quite loud, but she was Lisa’s only friend, so she put up with it. There was nothing she could do because Kaley was rich and spoiled.

Things Worsen


Things at home were not getting any better for the teen. Her father had grown cold and distant toward her.

One day he said, “I want you to drop out of school,” he was serious.

Lisa was shocked. How could her father not want her to have an education? “ Dad, you can’t be serious?” Her father looked embarrassed, “I’m serious, you’re starting to show, and I don’t want any questions. Listen, or I’ll send you away.”

Growing Up


Lisa was stressed out. Her father had been pestering her to quit school.

She didn’t know what to do. She wondered if her mother knew and decided to speak to her about it later that day.

When she got home, her mother beat her to it. ”Lisa, what’s going on?” Lisa looked confused. “Why are you having an attitude with Dennis? I spoke to you about this.” “I didn’t do anything Mom, it’s him.” she replied. 

Picking Sides


Gina screamed at her daughter, “Don’t lie! I heard you screaming at him yesterday in your room.”

Lisa couldn’t stand the lies any longer and spoke up.

“It was him, not me, I swear,” she took her mother’s hands and placed them on her stomach. “I promise Mom, I swear on my child, believe me.” Gina burst into tears and hugged her daughter close.

Growing Pains


Lisa was experiencing a lot of discomfort and wanted to see a gynecologist. She didn’t have any money and her father was still ignoring her even though she had been home for the past week.

What was the point of arguing with her when her mother thought that she was a liar anyway?

In the months leading up to her pregnancy, her father had refused to take her for check-ups, treating her badly and not offering any support.

Enough Games


Lisa didn’t know how to tell her mother how badly her stepfather was treating her.

She didn’t know what else to do. She was stuck

That night at dinner, they sat quietly at the table. Her father now ate in the lounge. Her mother looked agitated – like she needed to say something, but she was afraid.

Another Piece Of Evidence


Gina cleared her throat and placed a phone on the table. She played a video recording. “Look at this,” she said.

Her husband’s attention was drawn to the sound of his own angry voice. He was shouting and swearing at Lisa.

Her mother had left a hidden camera in the room and recorded the truth about her stepfather’s behavior.

Mother Spy


Lisa couldn’t believe it. Her mother was like a secret spy.

Finally, she took her daughter’s side and found out the truth. Dennis was speechless – he couldn’t defend himself.

“What is this, Gina?” her father said and hit the phone off the table. The video kept playing all the profanities he used against Lisa. Gina laughed “It’s the truth, how dare you speak to my daughter that way?” “It’s not what it looks like,” he stammered.

For The Ladies


Lisa’s mother, Sandra, was also angry with her for getting pregnant. But she tried to protect her daughter from her father’s wrath. She saw her daughter becoming depressed and withdrawn, not talking and only crying. She wouldn’t even shower or take care of herself.

As the months passed, Sandra tried to convince Dennis to take care of Lisa. She even requested that he drive her to the hospital when she went into labor, but he refused. He was too ashamed of what his daughter had done and couldn’t face the embarrassment. Gina held her daughter and said, “Don’t worry, I will take you myself.” 

To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.