After Girl’s Dad Cuts Her Hair Off For Getting Birthday Highlights, Mom Steps In

When she turned 13 years old she would get a completely different birthday gift. It would be the best and the worst day of her life.

Birthday Gift

When she turned 13 years old she would get a completely different birthday gift. It would be the best and the worst day of her life. She recently turned 13 and even had two birthday parties to look forward to in order to celebrate with each of her parents.

It was a routine the whole family had grown accustomed to over the years.


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But this year, she was extra excited because her mom had decided to treat her to highlights in her hair for the very first time!

Afterward, she went on to see her dad as expected – but what wasn’t expected was his reaction…

Two Birthdays

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Having two families is not an uncommon experience for many young people today, like Kelsey.

She spends plenty of time with both of her parents, but she and her mother Christin don’t only live together; they’re practically best friends, too.


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Getting gifts for a young girl is really never easy, but Kelsey proved to be an exceptional challenge.

Her favorite hobbies tended to separate her from other young girls her age and didn’t make for the most practical gifts.

Make Over

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Every year before, Christin had prepared a surprise for Kelsey’s birthday. But she wanted to give her newly teenage daughter the privilege of choosing her own. But she wasn’t expecting Kelsey’s request.

It sounds normal enough, but a mother is never ready for the day when her daughter asks for her first major makeover. Kelsey wanted to totally upgrade her brown hair with some bold, blonde highlights.

Bonding Time

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She opted to go all out and give Kelsey the royal treatment for the procedure.

Neither of them quite knew what to expect, so they turned a potentially nerve-wracking experiment into a day of birthday wishes and mother-daughter bonding at the local salon, waiting for Kelsey’s transformation to be complete.

Mom Could Not Believe It

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While Kelsey was with her other parents, she usually spent time away from her phone, so Christin wasn’t expecting to hear from her much.

But when she showed up on her mom’s doorstep a few days later, it took her a minute to even realize it was Kelsey; at first, she didn’t know who she was looking at.


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It turns out they didn’t like her new hair and thought she should get rid of it. They insisted on cutting her hair so Christin decided to show them just how true that could be.

The authorities went on to grant Christin full custody over Kelsey. “After 5 hours of testimony and ‘evidence’ provided by both parties, the magistrate’s decision was for Kelsey to live with mom and her siblings!”