Top 5 Outfits that will Make You Shine on NYE

It is time for a cute New Year's Eve outfits to feel great. New Year’s Eve is the “grande finale” to a season filled with holiday celebrations.

The night sky. The glitter. The gloss. The bubbly.  It is time for a cute New Year’s Eve outfits to feel great.

New Year’s Eve is the “grande finale,” as the fancy French might say, to a season filled with holiday celebrations, and as such, one should dress accordingly.

But with each year comes new trends, unpredictable weather and a different mood. Maybe this year was a difficult one. Maybe it was the best year ever. Or maybe it was just kind of, sort of, okay. In short, the culmination of all the previous 364 ½ days of feelings and experiences influence what we expect of the next 365, and many view the final night of the year to be an omen for how the next one will pan out.

But hey, who cares about all that anyway? December 31 isn’t an omen or a sign. It’s a night like any other, just a little jazzed up. So why not shake off the last hours of 2017 by getting a little glammed out? And to help spark some ideas, here is a list of the Top 5 outfits that will secure your position among all the shiny stars on New Year’s Eve.


5.) A Romantic Dress


LPA has quickly become one of the most trendy brands to come out of Los Angeles in recent years, with fans that include the likes of Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. LPA designs are feminine with a slight edge and are all made with quality fabric and tailored to perfection. That being said, they lean towards the pricey side, but splurging on a New Year’s Eve outfit seems fitting. At least, it does in a hedonistic kind of way.

This dress is unfussy enough to satisfy even the most conservative fashionistas while also leaving plenty of room to accessorize and adorn. It would look great with a pair of statement earrings and shoes (like these and these, respectively), but it’s classic, romantic shape would especially flatter a surprise kiss at midnight… Just saying!

4.) A Sultry Sweater Dress

Thankfully, fashion has begun to phase out the “show a bunch of skin and look super hot” trends. Midi skirts and high-wasted pants are the new normal, proving that women can dress as modestly as they choose and still look gorgeous.

This sweater dress from Nordstroms is a perfect example. It has long sleeves and the hem hits mid-calf, but there’s something luxurious and cool about its modesty. A pendant necklace and chic ankle boots would tie it all together while still maintaining an effortless appeal.

And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about freezing to death in December, so it’s a win on all fronts!  This one of the real cute New Year’s Eve outfits.

3.) A Sheer Blouse with Statement Pants

This blouse from & Other Stories is a two in one. Not only is it sheer, but it also happens to have the sleeve of the moment (a.k.a. a puffy one). The sleeves give it a unique structure that is sure to catch eyes at a New Year’s Eve party, while the sheen of the fabric manages to keep the look light and festive.

In terms of what to pair with the top — because, well, it needs a bottom — black, high-waisted pants are definitely a solid option, but & Other Stories also sells a pair of metallic, gold pants that would take this blouse to another level, which is what the end of the year is all about anyway.

Pant choice aside, this outfit has quite a bit of drama, so accessories are optional, but a platform heel comes highly recommended. They’ll help ground out all the different lines and help make the long night a little more comfortable. This pair from Macy’s is a good option.

2.) Color-Coordinated Separates

How about this cute New Year’s Eve outfit?  Nothing like a good ol’ power suit with a twist. Metallics are borderline a must on the last night of the year, and the luxurious bronze color seen on this House of Harlow 1960 x Revolve suit is a nice break from the usual silver and gold.

It’s worth noting Revolve’s styling: the pair doesn’t need a top, just put a little boob tape on the blazer and call it a night. Showing some skin while wearing a suit — a clothing item traditionally viewed as conservative and professional — adds a sexy factor that every party can appreciate.

1.) A Slinky Slip Dress

And here we are at number one. The end-all-be-all of any 2017 New Year’s Eve look: a slip dress. These have picked up steam all year long. Layered over t-shirts, hidden under oversized blazers or sweaters, worn with strappy sandals in the summer — the style options for a slip dress are seemingly endless.  The slinky slip dress a truly a cute New Year’s Eve dress.

As luck would have it, this silky number from Target is perfect for ringing in the new year (and reasonably priced to boot). Its rich, crimson color can be complimented with an equally rich, crimson lip, and the range of accessories that can be worn with it are virtually endless (this fringe jacket from Gap, these heels from Yoox, and this cuff from Amazon are good places to start).


What are you wearing this NYE? Let us know in the comments below!

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