Top 5 Cute Latte Art Styles That Will Delight Coffee Lovers

With the explosion of third-wave coffee shops around the country, latte art has taken over the world of java and the world of Instagram. With a simple search of the hashtag #latteart, you’ll see more than 4,000,000 glossy photos of latte art from baristas around the world. The art, which consists of pouring steamed milk into espresso at a specific angle to form the shapes, has become the mark of a talented barista.

The history of latte art begins with the centuries-old traditional combination of steamed milk and espresso in Italy and other European countries. Lattes were a normal part of the coffee drinking culture in Europe, and in the 20th century, the practice spread to the United States.

Fast-forward to the late 1980s/early 1990s, and drinks with pretty designs in them started popping up in coffee shops all around the country. These fun designs along with the increased desire for quality coffee and the influence of social media have made cute latte art a popular movement among coffee drinkers. There are tons of new categories trending every year like 3D art, hyperrealistic art, and even anime-themed latte art!

Whether you take your coffee black or with steamed milk, its no doubt that a creative latte is visually appealing. Here are five that you almost won’t want to drink it! Almost.


5.) 3D Latte Art

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3D lattes are the latest trend in the world of latte art and Instagram. Baristas all over the world are constantly creating adorable creatures and figures that are equal parts cute and delicious. Popular self-taught latte artist Daphne Tan has more than 300 posts of some of the most innovative 3D art you’ll see, and it’ll send you running to the nearest coffee shop! But just how do baristas create these dynamic figures in the coffee? No, it’s not witchcraft, and it’s actually a lot easier than it seems. To create these adorable foamy creatures, you just need a handheld milk foamer and a hot drink of choice. Once you’ve foamed the milk in a separate glass, you can begin scooping it in the glass to create the animal of your choice. Finally, add in any details that you desire with a toothpick and your whatever food coloring you want. Still seem like a daunting task? Check out this easy tutorial for how to create 3-D foam art at home!