Curious Creature Collector: the Top 5 Exotic Pets Owned by Cee Lo Green Green

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If you’ve ever seen literally anything that Cee Lo Green has ever done, you know that he’s a bit of an eccentric guy. He likes to do things differently. Sometimes he wears a peacock costume while performing alongside Muppets at the Grammys (though his worst decision that night was letting Gwyneth Paltrow join in), and sometimes he wears spiked shoulder pads while judging on The Voice. He’s also known as a real animal lover, and has been frequently joined on the hit NBC singing competition by his fluffy white cat and a cockatoo named “Miss Lady Bird.” But that’s not where his list of pets ends. These are the top five exotic pets owned by Cee Lo Green.

5 Watch-Gator

Most pet owners rely on dogs to protect their homes and families. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find an animal more reliable and loyal than a good old watchdog. That is until you meet “Scaly Sally,” Cee Lo Green’s faithful 10-foot long, authentic Everglades alligator. Not only can she sit, give paw, and roll over on command, Sally can also use her massive jaws to crush the skull of any intruder with nary an effort. While she has been known on occasion to snack on some of his other, more unfortunate pets, her commitment to his protection has earned her a nightly spot at the foot of Cee Lo’s bed (which, incidentally, is actually just a king mattress-sized marshmallow).

4 Human-Tiger Hybrid

Always in the market for the most rare of creatures, Cee Lo has even ventured into the murky territory of actually creating some of his own. Such was the case back in 2008 when he commissioned some of the world’s most brilliant molecular scientists in an effort to produce the ultimate hybrid friend; half human boy, half tiger. The unconventional singer was the first known man to own a Boy-ger, and he would be the last, as the specimen that most zoologists referred to as a “crime against God” lived for just six months. A glaring flaw that eventually dropped it several spots on this list.

3 White Rhino

It’s not just the name of a potent strain of marijuana, the White Rhino is also one of the world’s most majestic mammals, and Cee Lo Green is the proud owner of one known affectionately as, “Whitey Ford.” Cee Lo’s resident rhino pal is especially unique because he actually lives inside the house, an arrangement that, aside from the time Whitey ran through several load-bearing walls, has been largely incident free. Cee Lo has become quite accustomed to the company of his thick-skinned friend and starts off each day by riding Whitey down the driveway to grab the newspaper.

2 Dancing Bear

If you were a devoted viewer of The Voice this season, you may have been lucky enough to catch the episode where Cee Lo and one of his team members sang a duet accompanied by what appeared to be a slick-dancing mini version of Cee Lo. While the guest performer named “Milo” may have appeared to most to be a small person, it was in fact another member of Cee Lo’s exotic pet roster: A shaved bear cub that was expertly trained to dance. A rare species of Northern Adirondack bear with a known penchant for choreographed movement, Milo is actually just two years old, and could eventually grow to be almost 800 lbs.!

1 Orca Whale

Not to be outdone by fellow eccentric celebrity and former NBA player Gilbert Arenas, who is a proud shark owner, Cee Lo invested millions in building a massive grotto in his backyard. It’s enormous for sure, but it has to be, in order to comfortably house his pet Killer Whale, “Mr. Spiffy.” While many whale advocates questioned the safety of an Orca living in a private residence, they were pleased to see Mr. Spiffy’s expansive tank offers him plenty of room to swim and that his diet consists of half ton of fresh smelt Cee Lo has flown in weekly.
So now you know, Cee Lo Green’s list of odd domestications doesn’t stop at your run of the mill cat or cockatoo. Hell, we even heard he somehow has a pterodactyl, but we couldn’t confirm it so we elected to leave it off the list. After all, without cold, hard facts, all journalistic integrity just goes completely out the window and you’re left with nothing but a bunch of ridiculous nonsense.

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