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Owned by Experian®,™ is part of, Inc.–a leading provider of online consumer credit reports, credit scores and credit monitoring products founded in 1995, which currently has more than 3.1 million members. performs daily credit monitoring as well as providing consumers with access to their credit score. Alerts to changes in reports are sent by email, but clients also have the option to receive them by text message. will also notify consumers when their credit scores change according to criteria they can set in the member area of the site. Fraud resolution assistance is provided if customers detect suspicious activity or signs of identity theft on any of their three major credit reports.

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To sign up for a 7 day free trial, visit Credit Report

The enrollment process is straightforward. Basic personal information is collected (name, email address and street address) before consumers are asked to provide their dates of birth and Social Security numbers, which are required to confirm identity at the credit bureau.

For access to the trial period, requires a $1 fee for the credit report, which will be donated to, a charity providing funds to classrooms in need. A valid credit card is required to collect the $1 fee and to allow for continued access to the product after the trial period. If a cancellation request is submitted before the end of the trial period, no additional charges will be billed to the credit card.

A simple authentication process must be completed before access to the credit report and score can be granted, which involves answering a few questions related to the information in the credit report. The process is quick and adds an extra level of security to help prevent anyone else from accessing the credit report online.

During the enrollment process, consumers have the option to choose to receive text message alerts in addition to automatic email alerts. Text message alerts are sent between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. local time, so members don’t have to worry about middle-of-the-night text messages. Mobile messaging rates may apply.

Credit Report and Score

Visit CreditReport

As soon as customers have successfully registered, their credit score is made available. The credit score is calculated using the PLUS Score model which was developed by Experian and uses a scale of 330 to 830. The PLUS Score helps members see and understand how lenders view their credit worthiness, but it is not a score used by lenders. This score is updated monthly and tracked on a graph showing the level of risk associated with the score, from very low to very high. If members navigate to the Understanding Your Score tab they can see factors that are affecting their credit scores either positively or negatively. Customers have access to a Score Estimator, which shows how hypothetical changes to credit behavior, either positive or negative, could alter their credit score. members have access to their Experian credit report, also automatically updated monthly. For $32.95 consumers can view a 3-bureau report with a credit score based on each report. The 3-bureau report gives a side-by-side comparison of the information in all three reports, which can be helpful for consumers planning to apply for new credit, since a prospective lender may pull any one of these reports and/or a score based on any or all of them. The 3-bureau report can help customers compare scores and check for accuracy across all three bureau reports.


To sign up for a 7 day free trial, visit Credit Report >

Product Features

Visit CreditReport’s primary product feature is credit monitoring. Whenever key changes are noted on a credit report, the member receives an alert notification and the alert is posted to his or her Alerts in the member area of the website for reference. Specifically, an alert is sent to the member for any of the following changes to members’ credit reports:

Both CreditProtectX3 and CreditProtect include a quarterly credit update that summarizes the changes to a client’s credit report(s) during the past quarter. CreditProtectX3 also includes a one-time public record report that gives information regarding the use of personal information for such things as licenses and registrations, criminal and civil court records and any bankruptcy filings.

  • • Address change
  • • New accounts opened
  • • New public records
  • • Hard inquiry

Additionally, members are notified when their credit score changes by 25 points or when their credit score risk level changes. Members have the option to change these settings so they can be alerted when their score hits or passes a certain number, when their score changes by as little as one point, or simply turn the notifications off altogether.

Another nice alert feature will remind members to log in to on a specific date or at quarterly intervals. This feature can be helpful to one who wants to see if a particular action such as a new loan has affected their credit score, or for one who wants to take an occasional look at things, but tends to forget.

Additional Features

Visit CreditReport members may activate ChildSecure to help protect their children under the age of 18 against identity theft. While most children do not have a credit report to monitor, children may be targets for identity theft for that very same reason. As such, ChildSecure monitors for the use of a child’s Social Security number to open new credit, alerting users to any unauthorized usage for no additional charge.

For $39.95 per year, members may enroll in CardSafe™, a credit card registry program that will notify issuers of credit, debit and ATM cards when cards are lost or stolen so that unauthorized transactions can be denied. For member convenience, cards can be automatically registered based on the Experian credit report. provides a monthly credit statement, Experian credit reports and scores to every paid customer. Each score is tracked in the member area of the website and includes a score tracker graph—a valuable tool for the consumer who wants to track his or her score over time.

Through its Member Rewards program (operated through Destination Rewards), gives members immediate access to everyday discounts on a wide variety of items such as dining, travel, gift cards and much more. The Daily Deal may offer savings up to 80% and new members are given $50 in member rewards credit just for signing up. maintains a Resources area with articles on a variety of consumer topics as well as financial calculators to help keep clients well-informed.

Customer Service

Visit CreditReport

Toll-free customer service is available weekdays from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST, and weekends from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST. If fraud is detected, Fraud Resolution representatives are available to help customers investigate and resolve potential identity theft in addition to putting a fraud alert on credit files at all three bureaus so no further damage can be done.

After the trial period, the monthly cost for membership is $19.95. There is no charge other than the $1 non-refundable fee for the credit report if consumers cancel within the trial period. The product may be cancelled at any time and all future billing will be suspended. brings a lot to the table for savvy consumers who want to monitor all three credit reports for accuracy and identity protection in addition to having access to their credit score. As such, it is a viable option for those who want to stay abreast of their credit information.


To sign up for a 7 day free trial, visit Credit Report >

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