Dog Grooming At It’s Best: These Crazy Dog Haircuts You Have To See

Dog owners love to groom their beloved pets. It’s not only a great way to clean, remove loose hair and look after their fury mains but it’s a way to enhance their appearance. Grooming your dog is also a bonding moment between owner and pet. Sometimes us crazy dog owners go a little far with our crazy dog haircuts.

Usually, dog grooming is reserved for nicely trimming hair and achieving a clean shiny coat. However, some owners take their dog haircuts to extreme levels. Whatever your opinion of extreme dog grooming some of the results of these crazy dog haircuts is unfortunate. Yes, a bad haircut will grow out but the embarrassment while you wait for that to happen is inevitable. We’ve all had a bad hair day at some point in our lives so you can feel the pain of our furry friends.

It’s always advisable to go to a professional if you are wanting to get your dog groomed and are unsure about how to proceed. Whether it’s using scissors or a machine seek advice to ensure that you get the look you want rather than a crazy haircut your dog won’t forgive you for.

Cats always get the internet fame but you need to check out these top crazy dog haircuts we’ve put together for your amusement.

15.) Hear The Lion Roar

best crazy dog haircuts - lion

Blaze Press

When you ask the hairdresser to take a bit off the back… This dog is surely the king of the jungle with this wild lion haircut.

As they say in the Lion King ‘Hakuna Matata‘!