Dog Grooming At It’s Best: These Crazy Dog Haircuts You Have To See

Cats always get the internet fame but you need to check out these top crazy dog haircuts we've put together for your amusement.

Dog owners love to groom their beloved pets. It’s not only a great way to clean, remove loose hair and look after their fury mains but it’s a way to enhance their appearance. Grooming your dog is also a bonding moment between owner and pet. Sometimes us crazy dog owners go a little far with our crazy dog haircuts.

Usually, dog grooming is reserved for nicely trimming hair and achieving a clean shiny coat. However, some owners take their dog haircuts to extreme levels. Whatever your opinion of extreme dog grooming some of the results of these crazy dog haircuts is unfortunate. Yes, a bad haircut will grow out but the embarrassment while you wait for that to happen is inevitable. We’ve all had a bad hair day at some point in our lives so you can feel the pain of our furry friends.

It’s always advisable to go to a professional if you are wanting to get your dog groomed and are unsure about how to proceed. Whether it’s using scissors or a machine seek advice to ensure that you get the look you want rather than a crazy haircut your dog won’t forgive you for.

Cats always get the internet fame but you need to check out these top crazy dog haircuts we’ve put together for your amusement.

35.) Hear The Lion Roar

best crazy dog haircuts - lion

Blaze Press

When you ask the hairdresser to take a bit off the back… This dog is surely the king of the jungle with this wild lion haircut.

As they say in the Lion King ‘Hakuna Matata‘!

34.) A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away…

crazy dog haircuts - Yoda

Dog Show Pictures

This crazy dog grooming look feels more like a cosplay outfit for a dog rather than a haircut and dye job.  Yoda the dog would fit right in at Comic-Con or a Si-Fi Convention with this Star Wars hairstyle.

‘Remember the Force will be with you, always.’

33.) Nice Overalls

crazy dog haircuts overall shiba

Blaze Press

By shaving an overall style design into the fur of the dog you can guarantee that he’ll never leave the house without forgetting to wear any pants. What were they thinking, and how did they get the straight lines?!

Now, where did he put those keys…

32.) Half-Dragon, Half-Dog

crazy dog haircuts - dragon

The Luxury Spot

This mystical green dragon design pays homage to the fantasy world that is loved by many. Dragon-dog would fit in nicely into the World of Warcraft as an avatar with this unique full body design.

You wouldn’t expect to see this dog chasing a ball in the park.

31.) Poodle Camel

Poodle turned into a dog camel - crazy dog haircuts

Pet Cube

Out of context, it may seem strange. However, if you put this Poodle-dog into a nativity it would work in harmony alongside three kings and a shepherd.

Get your bookings in ready in time for Christmas parties and gatherings.

30.) Elvis Has Entered The Building

crazy dog grooming - Elvis haircut

Crazy Hyena

This dog’s owner has to be a big Elvis fan to get his beautiful pup trimmed and styled to resemble that of the King himself. The full quiff hairstyle was made famous by Elvis and is now not only worn by us humans but is rocked by our favorite four-legged friends.

Just add some blue suede shoes and this little guy will be attending Elvis conventions with the best of them.

29.) Come And Play On Sesame Street

crazy dog hairscuts that you have to see

The Luxury Spot

This poodle has been customized with a variety of characters from the well-loved children’s TV program Sesame Street. From Big Bird to Elmo this design is bright and definitely makes a statement.

This is one of the best crazy dog haircuts out there and something that you’ll certainly not forget.

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28.) The Full Body Mohawk

crazy dog haircuts gone bad

Boredom Therapy

This isn’t the worst on the list of the crazy dog haircuts. The full body mohawk is a hairstyle for that dog about town who likes to keep on trend and be in the know with this season’s must-have looks.

A trendsetter in the making.

27.) It’s a Dog Panda!

crazy dog haircuts - its a dog panda

Pet Cube

You can’t help but laugh at this one. You may even need to do a double take as it takes a while to realize that this is actually a dog and not a panda!

The poor dog will become uncertain and confused about who he is. It’s an identity crisis waiting to happen.

26.) Poodle

Poodle-crazy dog haircuts

Pet Cube

The poodle is undoubtedly one of the most popular dog breeds when it comes to dog grooming. Poodles are blessed with volumes of curly hair that allows different haircuts and hairstyles to be tried out and experimented with.

This little darling is looking pampered and accessorized to the max!

25.) Hair On Fleek

Best crazy dog grooming

Love To Know

This designer dog looks like it’s just stepped out of a salon. You can just picture it sitting on a salon chair getting a cut and blow dry.

Hair on fleek!

24.) Heads Above The Rest

best crazy dog haircuts pictures

Life With Dogs

I think this owner has gone a step too far with that close shave on the body. This Husky is barely recognizable with this extreme crazy dog haircut.

Hopefully, his coat will grow back to its full glory soon.

23.) I Want A Refund

crazy dog haircuts - I want a refund

Animal Space

When you go in for an all over trim but they leave too much on top. You can’t even see his eyes!

At least give him a hair band to tie back those unruly bangs.

22.) Just A Trim Please

worst crazy dog haircuts pictures

Animal Space

A great crazy dog haircut for the summer. However, in the colder months, this little chap is going to need a winter coat.

He’s so small you could even pop him in your handbag to keep him warm.

21.) I Look Like A Donkey

Animal Space

The fabulous and ever so gloomy character Eeyore would be proud of this little guy’s donkey style crazy haircut.

Just add the fantastic Winnie the Pooh and Piglet and you’re onto a winner!

20.) Big Body, Small Head

big head crazy dog haircutsv

Pet Cube

Sometimes, you forget to finish your dog’s haircut.

Then it ends up like this. Oh no!

19.) Pigtails

Pet Cube

Having these cute pigtails is on a dog is great.

But this dog looks terrified.

18.) Hot Dog

hotdog crazy dog haircuts

Pet Cube

At a quick glance, this looks like a picture of a hot dog in a bun.

In reality, it’s just a dog with a crazy haircut.

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17.) Old Man

old man crazy dog haircuts

Pet Cube

Remember your grandpa?

Well, this is him in dog form.

16.) Is That a Horse?

horse crazy dog haircuts

Bored Panda

If you think that is a horse, think again!

It’s just a dog with a crazy haircut.

15.) Dog as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

teenage ninja turtle crazy dog haircuts

Bored Panda

Aw! We wonder what their name would be on the show.

We think it will make the cut.

14.) Uh, Bad Makeup

bad makeup job crazy dog haircuts

Pet Cube

Sometimes people struggle to find the right shade of foundation.

With this crazy haircut, it looks like this dog is struggling too.

13.) Dog Football Player

football player crazy dog haircuts

Bored Panda

No one would actually be playing football if this cute pup was in the field.

The players would make sure they would give the dog enough love!

12.) Uncle Sam

uncle sam crazy dog haircuts

Pet Cube

This little guy looks like he is Uncle Sam with that beard.

What a cutie!

11.) Square Head

squarehead crazy dog haircuts

Bored Panda

Can you imagine if this dog had a square head?

They don’t look too happy about it.

10.) Gary the Snail

gary the snail

Blaze Press

Remember when you were younger you wanted Gary the Snail from Spongebob to be your pet?

Well this dog is almost as good as that cute snail.

9.) Is That a Lion?

is that a lion

Blaze Press

No, it’s just a cute dog were a crazy haircut like a lion.

How cute is that?!

8.) Hair Ties Are Not A Style

too many hair ties crazy dog haircuts

Blaze Press

No matter what, this is not stylish.

It’s just looks weird!

7.) Patriotic Poodle

patriotic poodle paint

Blaze Press

When you are celebrating Independence Day, you could dress your dog up like this.

Everything needs to be red, white, and blue!

6.) Majestic AF

not majestic crazy dog haircuts

Pet Cube

It’s really funny that dog’s fur can be super fluffy.

This dog’s head is fluffy, but they have no fur. They just look skinny now!

5.) Pirate Dog

pirate dog


This look is definitely inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow.

Watch out, they might steal your treasure.

4.) Fairy Dogmother

fairy godmother


Can you grant us a wish?

We definitely deserve it.

3.) Bison



A lot of people have not seen bison in their life.

If you look real quick, you wouldn’t think this was a dog!

2.) Peacock



Why would you want to go to the zoo when you have this dog?

It’s definitely better.

1.) Flowers



Aw, such a beautiful garden.

Wait, is that a dog?

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