Money Is No Object: The Craziest Celebrity Splurges

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, MTV Cribs – who doesn’t love seeing what the wealthy and powerful spend their millions on? For some of us, a night out at Applebee’s is the bomb, for others a good steak dinner rocks. Then there are the well-heeled celebs that have so much money they literally throw it around like it’s a play toy. Not all celebrities are bad with money, but there have definitely been some ridiculous splurges over the years. Look all the way back to the Versailles palace in France. Sure, it’s a landmark now, but it’s pretty over the top with its gazillion mirrors and fancy fountains. Even the fictional Charles Foster Kane in that classic Citizen Kane built a giant fireplace fifteen times the size of an NBA player and shut himself up in a humongous mansion. Crazy! Take a look at these nuts-o celeb splurges and see what you think.

5 Jamie Foxx

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He’s a talented actor and he’s worked his way to the top, so what’s a $20,000 crocodile skin jacket? That’s supposedly what he spent a few years back and granted it’s probably a nice jacket but – $20,000 is no joke. He probably has cashmere underwear and snakeskin socks somewhere in his house. Cute. That’s about what some people make in a year, and it could also pay off someone’s student loans, but he’s Jamie Foxx – he can wear crocodile if he wants too.

4 Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga has her crazy fancy costumes but did you know she also spent over $5,000 on… a ghost detecting machine? Maybe it was another publicity stunt but word on the street (or the Internet) was that she actually is afraid of ghosts and believes they’re lurking around, so she got this ghost machine to… communicate with them? See them? Who knows. It’s Gaga though, so as crazy as this purchase is, it’s not so totally weird. Just kidding – it is totally weird.

3 Madonna

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Good old Madge. She’s adopted a British accent and she lives in what’s undoubtedly a castle so is it so strange that she supposedly spends $10,000 per month on Kabbalah water? That must be some crazy spiritual water. What’s wrong with Evian or Pellegrino? I guess most of us will never know.

2 Beyonce

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Now, Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z are a power couple if there ever was one, and they’re talented, they work hard, and they can buy some fancy things if they want to since they’ve earned it. Still, this past Father’s Day “B” got her hubby a Bombardier private jet – what a sweet (crazy) gift. Maybe it’s annoying for them to run through normal people airports but still. Can you imagine surprising your loved one with a JET? No, we can’t either.

1 Paris Hilton

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Paris has never been known for her taste and refinement, right? A little over a year ago she spent $350,000 to build a house… for her dogs. That’s right. A doghouse that cost more than some human houses. It’s two stories and has chandeliers and furniture in it – even Paris can fit in the luxury doggie condo. She also built a nightclub in her house, but that’s not so outrageous for Chez Hilton. The dog house though? What a waste.

There are plenty crazier celeb splurges, and these are just a few nutty ones from the past few years. Celebs also love their six-figure self-flushing toilets, their garden pizza ovens, and their yachts. It’s hard to top a ghost machine, though.

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