Crack Up U: the Top 5 College Comedies of All Time

By TK Kelly February 26, 2013 View all posts (228)
It’s a time-honored tradition as old as the Universities themselves; getting drunk and being an idiot the entire time you’re there. It’s a magical time in your life when you contribute absolutely nothing to society while under the guise of “pursuing your education.” And as it would happen, the sheer ridiculousness of college life can also make for a hilarious screenplay. These are the top five college comedies.

5 Van Wilder (2002)

You know Van Wilder is good because it’s still enjoyable despite Tara Reid playing a probing journalist with all the emotional depth of an old shoe (though this was before her face actually looked like an old shoe, so that helps). Van Wilder is the story of the big man on campus, and also the man who’s been there the longest. A 7-year vet of Coolidge College, Van Wilder knows everyone and everyone knows him. He brings the sick kid soup, raises money for the swim team, and even makes the Jewish fraternity feel like total bad-asses. Check it out, because it’s likely the last funny movie National Lampoon will ever make.

Favorite Quote: “Crazy kids with their crazy… VD.”

4 Road Trip (2000)

You know the guy who’s been with the same girl his whole life, and even though they go to separate colleges they “try to make the long distance thing work?” Of course you know that guy. Everyone does. You might have even been that guy. Well Road Trip is the hilarious and even informative story of what happens to that guy. He and his girlfriend start to grow apart, he hooks up with another girl, tapes it, and it accidentally gets mailed to his girlfriend, forcing him and his pals to take a cross-country road trip in order to stop her from seeing it. Isn’t that always the story? Along the way they get high with a dog, donate sperm, and DJ Qualls sleeps with a girl who could bench-press him 25+ times.

Favorite Quote: “Unleash the fury, Mitch!”

3 PCU (1994)

When Tom Lawrence, a high school senior, visits Port Chester University, he finds a place that is consumed by everyone’s desire to be “politically correct.” Everyone on campus belongs to some group that believes in some cause, and Tom somehow manages to accidentally piss all of them off. Luckily though, he buddies up with Droz (Jeremy Piven) and the members of the campuses most insane fraternity “The Pit,” and you get it, hilarity ensues. You get to see vegetarians bombed by tubs of raw meat, Jon Favreau with dreads, and David Spade crying while watching Jeremy Piven have sex right in front of him. Watch it.

Favorite Quote: “What’s this? You’re wearing the shirt of the band you’re going to see? Don’t be that guy.”

2 Old School (2003)

“You’re my boy, Blue!” is all we have to say. Old School is one of the funniest and most quotable movies in recent memory, and easily the best college comedy made in the last twenty years. Sure, the three main characters are middle-aged men, but as soon as they decide to start a fraternity this undeniably becomes a college film. Visual delights include Will Ferrell streaking down a busy street, a fat kid getting yanked off of a roof by a rope attached to his balls, and an old man dying while wrestling topless girls in a pool full of lube. This is highbrow, quality stuff we’re talking here, people.

Favorite Quote: “True love is hard to find. Sometimes you think you have true love, and then you catch the early flight home from San Diego and a couple of nude people jump out of your bathroom blindfolded like a goddamn magic show ready to double team your girlfriend…”

1 Animal House (1978)

It’s the original college comedy, and still the best. John Landis’ tale of deplorable debauchery made the Deltas the filthy watermark that every raunchy college comedy has since been trying to hit. Whether it’s Bluto (John Belushi) smashing a guitar into a thousand tiny pieces, Otter (Tim Matheson) bedding the Dean’s wife, or Flounder (Stephen Furst) accidentally killing a horse in the Dean’s office, Animal House offers more outrageous and hilarious moments than any other film on this list, making it an easy pick for the best of all time.

Favorite Quote: “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”

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