Couple Modify Delivery Truck To Avoid Paying Tax


Just The Beginning

For the truck to become a liveable space, they needed to insulate the interior. However, the process took a few weeks.

They were happy with how they had divided the truck’s interior into different spaces, but the real work was just beginning. They had to make sure the truck was suitable for living in, but they had no idea how much work was involved.

Different Views On Paying Rent

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As people approach their twenties, many begin looking forward to the day they own a property. However, some hate the idea of spending their hard-earned money on rent.

Many have dream homes in mind and believe the only way to get there is by paying rent until the house is theirs to own. However, others think differently about the matter. They believe that rent is more of a burden than anything else.

Needing Improvement

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Brody Redfield and Annie agreed to get married after being together for more than five years. They had both gone to college and thought life would be smooth sailing once they got a job.

However, the monthly bills never ceased, and the monthly rent was something they began to dread. That’s when they realized that adulthood was not as it seemed. They needed to do something to improve their lives.

What Would His Fiancée Think?

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Brody thought long and hard before he had an idea. His family had spent decades in the delivery industry and had multiple connections when they needed trucks for deliveries. He contemplated building a mobile home, but that was if it was possible to buy a truck of their own.

He knew he needed to get his fiancée’s advice on the idea and was relieved when she agreed. They knew they could do it, but they both knew it wouldn’t be an easy project.

What Does It Take?

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It’s not the easiest decision to make when considering living in a mobile home. It became more difficult if you had never experienced sleeping anywhere other than inside your house before. Brody and Annie had never slept outside before; if they did this, it would be the first time they would do so.

Neither knew what it took to transform a delivery truck into something they could call home. The more they thought about the work they had to put in, the more they considered forgetting about the whole idea.

Asking His Brother For Help

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Brody and Annie pushed through and decided they would make it happen. If they could spend five years paying a great deal of money to their landlord, they could do this. They both wanted the change badly enough.

Brody started by calling one of his brothers, who worked in the delivery business. He asked him to help find a truck that would work well for their project. He and his fiancée were looking forward to the day they wouldn’t have to pay rent anymore.

Talking Budget

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Erick was quick to help his brother and called his other trucking friends. He needed all the help he could get to find the best truck for his brother. It wasn’t long before they found the perfect white delivery truck. It had ample space, perfect for turning the interior into a home.

Brody and Annie started on the project as soon as possible. They began by talking to a renovator to understand how much they could afford with their budget. They had put their funds together and were excited about the way forward.


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Brody and Annie had to consider how harsh the outside elements would be. One of their biggest concerns was keeping warm, so they had to ensure the truck was insulated. If they didn’t do everything correctly, there could be severe repercussions.

When they spoke to their renovator, they were told about different ways of insulating their truck. One of them was using melanin foam. The couple looked into what they could afford and hoped it would be enough to make the truck somewhere suitable to live in.

After The Insulation

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They had to wait for the insulation to be done before they could move on to the next step of the project. Once the insulating was complete, they organized the open space into the different living spaces they would need, like the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom.

They were happy with how they had divided the truck’s interior into different spaces, but the real work was just beginning. They had to make sure the truck was suitable for living in, but they had no idea how much work was involved.

What They Hadn’t Considered

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But living in a mobile home had more challenges. The country had several acts dictating how they could live, one of which specified where they were allowed to park their truck.

However, Brody and Annie hadn’t gone so far as to research that much into what it meant to have a mobile home. All they were concerned about was not having to pay rent. Little did they know there was much more to this project they should have thought about before they started.

The Reality Of Things

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In states like Maryland, unless you own a piece of property to place your mobile home on, the state requires you to rent a space at a mobile home park or at least buy a mobile home already at a park.

The premise itself would mean that Brody and Annie would have to pay a monthly fee, the same way they used to do when paying rent. Was all of this a waste of time and money? 

The Problem And Its Solution

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Brody and Annie had a big issue on their hands. They considered pulling the plug on their investment, or at least rolling back the changes. 

If they’d spent money to turn their truck into their home, they could definitely strip it for parts and sell each of those components., plus the vehicle, for a good sum. But this route brought its own problem.

Rolling Everything Back


Brody and Annie had already spent considerable money and time on the truck. Each of the parts they used to transform it into a habitable space was not only costly but hard to find. 

If they were to strip everything down and sell it back to the market, it would net them half the price they bought them for in the first place. But this wasn’t the only issue. 

Incurring Losses 


The couple had also spent a lot of money on professionals who helped them transform the truck. They would need to hire these experts again to strip it down. 

Afterward, they would be left with a truck worse than how they bought it. Everything considered, it was clear they would incur many losses. But what could they do?

In Too Deep


Brody and Annie were nearing the end of their first year after deciding to buy a truck to renovate it. The amount of cash they had poured into the project was massive, with the truck looking spectacular.

But they now faced this new issue where they still needed to continue transforming the truck into a home while also worrying about the legal side. They needed a way out. 

A Needed Discussion 


Feeling trapped, Brody sat Annie down. They discussed the matter at length, pulling up YouTube videos of how Americans lived in campers and mobile houses.

Watching these videos not only reaffirmed their notion of living in a space they felt comfortable in. But they also experienced a reality that many people living in mobile houses went through every day.  

A Tip Of The Iceberg


Brody and Annie learned living outside was very different from living inside an apartment or house. They had to consider factors such as their truck’s drainage and sewage systems, the insulation during colder months, and the lingering stigma of living in such spaces.

But although these issues were many, they only made a small percentage of what the two would face as mobile homeowners. They had to uncover everything.  

The Picture Is Bigger


There are many issues that surround living in mobile homes. Annie and Brody thought they would have a great time out there, driving from place to place without paying rent.

But now that one issue had surfaced, more were cropping up, painting a daunting picture of the two love birds. Here is what they uncovered. 

The Full Picture 


Brody and Annie had already ascertained that the cost of finding land was already high. But now they discovered that the availability of said land was another issue altogether. 

Living in a truck meant they would have minimal space to store their belongings. Tack this on to having to worry about different weather conditions all over the country, and the idea of owning and living in a truck suddenly becomes scary. 

New Problems


Brody and Annie were encountering all these new problems they hadn’t considered before. The honeymoon phase of owning such a vehicle was over, and the two were starting to look at everything objectively. 

They discovered that the cost of maintaining the motorhome was also high, with fewer options when it came to amenities and personalization options. But although these glaring issues dared scare Brody and Annie away, some positives drew them closer. 

The Other Side Of The Coin


Among the most notable things that Brody and Annie ran into was the effortless maneuverability of living in a vehicle. 

Most people living in larger RVs and motorhomes reported that smaller vehicles, such as Brody and Annie’s trucks, were easier to maneuver while traveling and searching for a place to park. But there was more.

More Positives


There was no need for Brody and Annie to buy a truck to attach their motorhome to, as everything came as a package for them. Additionally, the route they had taken was far more sustainable than the rest of the options out there.

The overall cost of living in a motorhome was also cheaper than living in a house. Although motorhomes are expensive, their cost pales compared to a mortgage and the cost of maintaining a home. But the good news didn’t stop there. 

It’s Financially Sound


Brody and Annie discovered that living in a motorhome is more financially sound since a person has fewer things that will cost them money at the end of the day. 

There is less room for everything like toys, tools, and clothes, which saves the owner a lot of cash in the long run as they won’t buy as many things. What was the best route for the couple to take with the new information they had?

The Best Path To Take


Brody and Annie compared the pros against the cons they had uncovered. Among the most glaring cons was that they would have to pay a monthly fee to park their vehicle.

But this was outshined by the fact that they would be living in a space they were proud of, saving money, and touring the country. Slowly and slowly, the best way forward presented itself. 

Forging Forward


Brody and Annie’s most significant issue was a massive one. But the problem seemed to solve when they realized their home was a truck they would park anywhere.

The rest of their issues could efficiently be dealt with the same way problems inherent to living in a house were solved. The couple was confident they could handle this endeavor. 

Comparing The Lists


After spending time researching the pros and cons, Brody and Annie were now more confident in their ability to own and operate a motorhome.

The end of that enlightening journey had affirmed their decision that this was the best move for them. They resumed the remodeling process, picking up where they had left off. 

Getting Back To Work 


Brody and Annie had already finished insulating their vehicle. They also mapped out all the camping sites and regions open to motor homes in America that they wanted to visit.

Since both of them worked from home, they fitted the vehicle with wi-fi so they could move across the country, enjoy new sceneries, and simultaneously work and pay off any bills and fees that came their way. But this solution wouldn’t be enough.  

We Need Money

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Brody and Annie had always wanted to tour the United States. After all, they came from one of the world’s most diverse and beautiful countries. But such a journey, although doable on paper, was much more difficult in reality. 

It would need a lot of money, which the couple didn’t have. They needed to figure out their situation quickly because they’d paid for their last month in their apartment. The end was here.  

Her Idea 

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Annie had the idea of continuing to live in their apartment while they turned their truck into a rental space. With enough cash, they could turn it into a business allowing them to buy their fleet of lorries turned into homes while living in a house they could call their own.

Brody loved the idea. With Annie and his brother’s help. He mapped a business plan for Annie’s proposal. But moving forward with Annie’s vision would mean one thing. 

The Twist 

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Renting out their truck would mean that Brody and Annie would have to stay a few more months in their apartment. But by the end of the year, the business accumulated enough money to buy and renovate another truck.

As it stands, Brody and Annie, now a married couple, run a successful business renting out trucks renovated into homes. They have their own beautiful house but spend time on the road themselves! But for those of you who find the road life a little daunting, Jerry’s story might be more your speed. 

Jerry Erickson


Jerry Erickson was just like Brody and Annie. He’d cleared his college and had started his career as a history teacher at a high school in Shrewsbury, United Kingdom. 

A historian at heart, Jerry grew up in past events and historical moments, ensuring that his life as an adult was steeped in the same. But although everything was swimmingly for him, one issue kept him up at night. 

End Month Prospects 


Like Brody and Annie, Jerry had a problem paying rent each month. He wasn’t making that much as a teacher, and with recent global developments that led to lockdown, he found it difficult to make ends meet. 

Throughout the lockdown period, Jerry thought of a way he could counter the rent-paying system. So far, the only thing he had was buying a home. But that came with its own issue. 

An Expensive Venture 


Although buying a home seemed like the best option for Jerry, the prospect was costly. He was still young and hadn’t saved enough money to buy a house.

He was also yet to qualify for a good mortgage plan that wouldn’t turn the rest of his life into a living, breathing nightmare. What could he do?

A Different Upbringing 


Unlike Brody, Jerry didn’t come from a family of truckers. He didn’t even like the open road, although he enjoyed visiting new places and soaking in their histories. 

For him, getting and renovating a truck was out of the equation. He sat through many long nights trying to figure a way out. With school around the corner, he was running out of time. 

Back To School


Schools opened with Jerry, still unable to find a solution to his rent problem. As any teacher, he set his problem on hold and set to focus on his students.

The school semester was going on great until his principal called him into the office. Jerry didn’t know what to expect, mainly since most of the school issues were already discussed at the teachers’ meeting.   

An Issue Arises 


But the principal told him the issue at hand was something Jerry had suggested a few semesters back, a school trip for his students to a local village. 

Seeing how much weighed over his mind lately, Jerry had forgotten about the proposal. But the principal told him he was greenlighting the project and wanted Jerry to spearhead it. Such a simple trip would be the solution to Jerry’s rent problem.

An Old Village 


Jerry took his first batch of history students to the local village to taste how life was in the late 1800s. The town was small and very picturesque, with over thirty houses connected by a web of dirt roads.

A single tarmac road cut the area in half, a clear indication of the effects of the 21st century in the village. It is here that Jerry would finally find his solution. 

Everything Changes 


Jerry hadn’t expected to own a home at just the age of twenty-four. Yet when he stepped into the village, his eyes landed on the most beautiful cottage he’d ever seen. 

He took his class around, teaching as usual, but towards the end of the trip, he sought out the tour guide to ask about the house. What he’d discover would leave him heartbroken. 

About The House


The tour guide spewed out information about the house, informing Jerry that it had belonged to a 19th-century poet who had no next of kin. 

The house was passed down to the village, acting as a store for many decades until everyone abandoned it, owing to new storage systems in the modern day. But how long had it stayed without someone opening it?

A Lonely House


The house had remained dormant since the nineteen forties. After the Second World War, no one ever used it again. 

It was a derelict building. The painting was nonexistent, the stone walls almost destroyed, and the window panes rusted. The door, although wood, seemed like the most recent part of the poor house. Looking at it, seeing how much history it exuded, Jerry had an idea.

Is It On Sale?


“Can the village sell it?” Jerry asked, seeing that the house wasn’t that far from town or the school where he worked. 

The tour guide was taken aback by the question. Why would anyone want to buy such a place? It was a pitiful place to stay, and the house was tiny. He didn’t know Jerry had a plan. 

An Unexpected Call

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The trip ended, and Jerry took his class back to school. But a few days later, he got a call from the village head. 

The man inquired about Jerry’s interest in the house and asked if he was serious about purchasing the place. Jerry told him he was interested, and after a few meet-ups, the two came to a reasonable understanding. 

Buying It

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Due to the current state of the house, Jerry bought it for significantly less than he’d expected. He took a few loans and pulled his existing funds, consolidating enough cash to start a full-scale renovation. 

The house was nearly coming down, and Jerry spent many weeks with an architect and builder mapping out the proper way to restore it to life.

Starting The Process

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Jerry and his team started the renovation process. They cleaned the entire house, taking out the rubble that had been there for decades. 

They swept the place, and flash-washed it, then began breaking down parts Jerry didn’t need. As he worked, one thing became clear. Turning this derelict place into a habitable space would take time. 

Moving In

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After a full year of work, the cottage had turned into a breathtaking one-story house. Jerry had built a staircase inside, separating the living room from his private and guest bedrooms. 

He also brought in all his furniture, starting his life as a homeowner freed from the burden of paying rent at the end of each month. 

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.