Couch Potatoes Go Home: Top 5 Healthiest US Cities

We all know that America has a little – or actually, big – obesity problem. If fitness is a priority to you, or you want it to be, where you live could play a big part in your health. Living in a place that dips below zero in the winter might not inspire you to run out and take a Pilates or spinning class. If you want to move somewhere where staying fit and healthy is a way of life, take a look at these top five spots in the U.S. for healthy living, according to the American College of Sports Medicine.

5 Boston, MA

Good old, historic Boston. Despite the snowy weather, this is a commuter town with people walking and biking everywhere, which goes a long way toward physical fitness. It’s the home of the famous Boston Marathon as well, and the event definitely rubs off on the locals. Add to that plenty of healthy eating options and you’ve got a fit, healthy town

4 Oakland, CA

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Oakland boasts more sunny days than San Francisco, just across the Bay Bridge, which helps motivate people to get outside. There are great hiking and running trails, lots of biking, and walking as well. Berkeley is right next door so there’s some spillover from all the super healthy vegan restaurants and stores. You can run around Lake Merritt to stay in shape, too. Oakland is also a little cheaper than San Francisco so what you save on rent you can put towards a spin class.

3 Albuquerque, NM

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Great weather and a lot of sunshine help keep Albuquerque in the top five. Santa Fe might be its fancier neighbor to the north, but Albuquerque has plenty to do outdoors. Jogging, hiking, and biking are all part of the lifestyle. People are pretty healthy as well, though maybe not as apt to write an ode to quinoa as the folks in San Francisco or Portland. Dry, sunny days help you get out of the house and get moving.

2 San Francisco, CA

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Just a little ways down in Northern California, San Francisco came in second. Talk about a bike culture – people in the Bay Area are nuts about their bicycles and their bicycle rights. They walk, bike, and eat right, just like Portland. There are also amazing hiking trails and nature walks a short drive away, as well as surfing and sea kayaking, if you’re not afraid of the cold, shark-riddled waters. There are plenty of farmer’s markets with fresh produce as well, and if you’re vegetarian or vegan you’ll never feel left out.

1 Portland, OR

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Yes, there are a lot of rainy days in the Pacific Northwest. Still, Portland ranked numero uno on the list of America’s healthiest cities. People bike everywhere, all the time. That beats sitting in a car or on the subway as far as fitness goes. Portland residents are also healthier when it comes to eating fresh, organic produce, and less meat, preservatives, and fast food. You know the city’s reputation: vegans, craft beer lovers, hipsters who have their own chicken coops. It’s a beautiful area that will inspire you to eat clean and keep moving, despite the rainy days.

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