31 Years After Her Son Vanished, Someone Tells Cops To Go To KFC In Connecticut



Maureen Brown sat heartbroken as she reminisced about the son she had lost 31 years ago. He had gone missing as he was walking home from school one day.

Nothing could prepare Maureen for the call she received on that fateful day at work. She had never imagined that her beloved son would never be found. Until someone gave her a call recently.

No Doubts


Maureen had never doubted that her son was still alive. She just believed that someone who was so desperate at the time needed to take her son. She didn’t hate the person and strongly believed that if her son was returned to her, that person would receive her forgiveness.

But now, after so many years, Maureen wanted her son back, and she was prepared to do anything to bring him back home to her.

A Mysterious Call


One day after a long day at work, Maureen received a mysterious phone call from someone unknown. The person on the other end of the line told her that they knew something about her missing son.

Then the person put down the phone. Maureen was left dumbfounded. She tried to call the number back, but no one answered.



By now, Maureen sat on tenterhooks. She even became a little bit scared of the fact that someone had known her number. She lived all alone in her three-bedroom house in Jamaica Plain, Boston.

She was a 62-year-old retired teacher and spent her days doing volunteer work at homeless shelters. She also founded the Jermaine Brown Foundation, which gives support to mothers and families who have missing loved ones.



Her son Jermaine was only 10 years old when she disappeared without a trace. Maureen could remember that day as if it was just yesterday.

It was the only day she regretted not letting Jermaine take the bus home from school. Usually, they would drive home together because Maureen taught at the same school Jermaine attended.

Walking Home On His Own


But on that fateful day, she had to attend a school workshop, and Jermaine didn’t want to wait for her. He said that he was a big boy and that he could manage to walk home on his own.

By the time she got home from the workshop, the house was empty, and Jermaine was nowhere to be found.

Calling The Police


She ran to her neighbors, asking everyone that she could if they had seen Jermaine. When everyone confirmed that they hadn’t seen him come home, Maureen called the police.

When the police arrived, they asked her a lot of questions and then eventually set out to look for Jermaine. They started with the route that he took but found nothing of interest.

The Search


Maureen walked with the police, and all of her neighbors also joined in on the search for her son. Days turned to weeks, and weeks turned into months.

There was absolutely no trace of Jermaine, and Maureen was left devastated. She knew that he was a smart boy and wouldn’t get into any stranger’s car. She had taught him not to.

Years Later


But now, after months turned into years, Maureen didn’t know what to think anymore. The police had offended her by suggesting that Jermaine was a runaway.

Maureen knew in her heart that he loved her, and they were on great terms as mother and son. There would be no reason for him to run away from home.

His Father


But there was something that Maureen was concerned about. Months before Jermaine went missing, he had begun asking about his father and expressed interest in wanting to know him better.

Could Jermaine have found his father without telling her and then ran off with him? Maureen couldn’t say for sure, but it wasn’t something she would let go of that easily. She didn’t know that her son was keeping a secret from her.

Her Own Investigation


But after all these years, wouldn’t Jermaine want to contact his mother? Why would he stay quiet for 31 years? At the back of her mind, she even thought that he was no longer on this earth.

Because she couldn’t accept that her beloved son would willingly leave her to mourn for him. It was time that Maureen did an investigation of her own.

Scouring The Internet


Digging through old photo albums, Maureen looked at the pictures of Jermaine as a young boy, his innocent smile radiating from the pages.

She started scouring the internet, social media platforms, and missing persons databases, hoping to find a trace of her son. She joined online forums and support groups for families of missing persons, sharing her story and seeking any information that could possibly lead her to Jermaine.

Too Much For Her


It was nothing she hadn’t done before, but it wouldn’t hurt to start searching again. Maureen had given herself a break for a while. She felt like her heart could no longer take the dead ends and false reports of sightings. It all became too much for her.

But now, she felt a little bit stronger and willing to take on the search again. Would she finally find Jermaine?



Days turned into nights, and Maureen’s determination only grew stronger. She reached out to private investigators, seeking their help in uncovering any hidden leads.

Her phone conversations were filled with tense excitement as she discussed every possible clue or hint that came her way. There was new technology out there as well, and she was very confident this time around.

Not Giving Up


But with every lead she encountered, there was always a disappointment. Maureen expected as much, but she wasn’t giving up just yet.

She felt like she was getting closer to something. Her private investigator was finally able to track down her ex-husband and Jermaine’s father, Lionel. Could he be the key to finding Jermaine?

Reunion with the Past


The reunion with Lionel was bittersweet. They hadn’t spoken in years, and their separation had been painful. He had left abruptly after Jermaine’s birth, unable to handle the responsibilities of fatherhood. Seeing him again brought a whirlwind of emotions – anger, sadness, and a glimmer of hope.

Lionel was stunned when he learned about Jermaine’s disappearance. He had no idea what had happened all those years ago.



As they sat across from each other, memories of their past flooded back – the good times, the struggles, and the eventual breakup. Maureen’s heart softened, realizing that Lionel had carried his own burdens of guilt and regret.

She felt a little bit of guilt for not letting him know that his son had gone missing all those years ago.

A Father’s Confession


Lionel shared his side of the story. He admitted that he had reconnected with Jermaine a few years after leaving, but their interactions had been sporadic. He revealed that he had moved to Brooklyn, hoping to build a new life and escape his past mistakes.

His voice trembled as he recounted the last time he saw Jermaine, a chance meeting at a local park.

Too Late


Maureen’s heart sank. She wished Jermaine had spoken to her about meeting up with Lionel. She wouldn’t have been angry, she would’ve only supported him.

But now, it was too late. Jermaine had been missing for 31 years already, and Maureen was on the brink of just accepting that he was gone for good. But then Lionel offered to help her.

A Shattered Dream


Lionel’s offer to help was unexpected, yet Maureen saw a glimmer of hope in his eyes. He revealed that he had kept a diary during those years, chronicling his occasional interactions with Jermaine. He believed that these writings might hold a clue or insight into Jermaine’s whereabouts.

With a renewed sense of purpose, they embarked on a journey through Lionel’s old diaries.

Unveiling the Truth


As the days turned into weeks, Maureen and Lionel painstakingly pieced together the fragments of Jermaine’s life after he had disappeared. The diary entries unveiled a troubled young boy, torn between his longing for his father and his loyalty to his mother.

They discovered that Jermaine had faced numerous challenges, often finding himself in difficult situations. It became evident that he had been struggling with his identity and a sense of belonging, leading him down a path of uncertainty.

A Beacon of Hope


With each revelation, Maureen’s heart ached for her son’s pain. She felt an overwhelming sense of guilt for not being there to guide him through those tumultuous years.

Yet, she also recognized that the diary entries were a beacon of hope – a trail of breadcrumbs leading them closer to Jermaine’s current whereabouts. Everything led to the fact that he might’ve indeed run away from home.



Lionel’s dedication to helping Maureen was a testament to his remorse and desire to make amends. The two of them grew closer as they navigated the emotional rollercoaster of the past, finding solace in each other’s company.

Maureen knew that if they eventually found Jermaine, he would be so happy that his mother and father were on good terms.

An Unexpected Lead


One evening, as Maureen and Lionel sifted through the diary entries, they stumbled upon an unexpected lead. A mention of a town and a vague description of a person Jermaine had befriended caught their attention.

With newfound determination, they set out to explore this lead, hoping that it would finally bring them face-to-face with Jermaine.



The journey took them across state lines to a small town in Connecticut. Maureen’s heart raced as they embarked on the long drive, a mix of anticipation and anxiety coursing through her veins.

Maureen didn’t know if they had, in fact, found the place where their son could be, but it felt like it was well worth the try.



The two-hour drive from Jamaica Plain to Connecticut was agony for Maureen. She didn’t know if this was another dead end or if this would finally lead them to Jermaine.

Over the years, Maureen had spent thousands of dollars trying to locate her son, and she knew that if this led them to nowhere, she would happily spend more money trying to find him.

Worth Every Cent


He was worth every penny, she thought. Because she knew that he was alive and she just had to find out where he was and what happened to him all those years ago.

It wouldn’t be an easy feat, but at least she wasn’t alone anymore. Having Lionel by her side made it a little more bearable, and she was grateful for him sharing his diary with her.

Who Did This?


Without it, they might never have come across the lead. It seemed like Jermaine had befriended someone, and Maureen was sure that this person was responsible for his disappearance.

But who was the person? Was it someone Jermaine had known before, or was it someone he had just welcomed into his life, not knowing that they had sinister plans for him?

Another Strange Call


They were a few minutes away when Maureen received another mysterious call. “Don’t go any further. He is happy where he is,” the caller said, and then the line went dead.

Maureen shuddered. There was still someone trying to keep her away from her son. And it seemed like someone was definitely watching her every move.



Their search led them to a local fast food restaurant – a KFC. As Maureen and Lionel entered the establishment, their eyes scanned the faces of the customers, searching for any sign of Jermaine. And then, there he was, standing behind the counter, wearing the uniform of an employee.

Tears welled up in Maureen’s eyes as she saw her son after 31 years. Time seemed to stand still as their gazes locked, emotions too overwhelming to put into words. Would Jermaine recognize his parents after all this time?

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.