Cop Walks Past What Looks Like His Old Patrol Car Until He Looks Inside


Detective Skills

Officer Simmons stood outside his car but recognized what he saw. This car may have been identical to the one he had 20 years ago, but he could tell it was a setup because of one detail.

His keen detective skills ensure that he was not mistaken – it wasn’t his car. He had found the clues but he also felt a hand on his shoulder.

Years Of Policing

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He is an “old school cop” who has been part of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office for decades. He had years of experience.

Officer Jason Simmons had seen how policing had changed throughout the years. Officers had lost their toughness, something he’d soon encounter.

His Job

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He had spent 20 years of his life contributing to the law and putting his life at risk. His wife had spent many hours worrying about her husband.

It didn’t make for an easy job, but Simmon’s felt responsible for protecting his county and ensuring that the people were safe.

When He Started


Throughout the years, he had seen his department’s growth and recalled when he had gotten his first patrol car upon joining the force. It had been a model that was no longer manufactured.

His “firsts” working as an officer will always be special to him – his first baton, first service pistol, and first patrol car.

Missed His Old Car

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Most officers looked forward to getting a new patrol car with a fresh smell, clean interior, and zero mileage, but Simmons often thought of his old patrol car.

Without a second thought, he would replace his current car with his previous patrol car. However, a second thought may have been a good idea.

Close With His Colleagues

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Simmons had close relationships with his colleagues – they were like family to him despite their age differences.

Things would not be the same when his colleagues answered an odd call. There was no doubt that it had been strange.

An Odd Call


They told him what was said in the call, but there hadn’t been much information besides mentioning a suspicious car that had anonymously been parked in front of the station.

He was surprised when they suggested he take over the investigation. Why him?

Parked Around The Corner


Simmons made his way into the hot weather outside to do what he had to.

He walked around the corner of the parking lot to find the car but was shocked when he saw what car it was.


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Simmons was stunned when he saw his cruiser from 20 years ago but decided to be cautious after making possible enemies throughout the years.

He looked at every part of the car while slowly walking towards it and noticed something.

Who Was Behind The Parked Car?


The situation felt suspicious because he didn’t know where the car had come from. Was it someone from his past that had parked the car there?

He was on high alert when he noticed a small detail about the suspicious car. He called for his squad only to have things become more bizarre.

The White Cruiser

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Now Officer Simmons was right outside the window of the white cruiser. There was no doubting what he had noticed. It may have looked like his car from 20 years ago, but whoever set him up had forgotten one tiny detail.

He was sure of it now. This wasn’t his car. His keen detective’s intuition screamed at him to look for clues, and that’s what he found. But that’s when he felt a hand grab his shoulder from behind.

A Small Detail


Simmons deducted that the car wasn’t his because of a small detail that had been neglected. The color of his seats! Sure, they could have been reupholstered, but his intuition as a police officer told him he was right.

Just as he smiled with satisfaction, he felt a cold hand on his shoulder from behind. He spun to face whoever had ambushed him, but it was just his squad from the precinct. And what they told him would change his life forever.

A Surprise


The officer that grabbed his shoulder said, “Woah, there! Do you like the car? The whole precinct chipped in to get you the exact model you had 20 years ago. We know how special it was to you. You can never stop talking about it!”

The gears in Simmons’ head started turning. Then it clicked. This car was for him. He couldn’t believe that his colleagues would do such a kind and thoughtful thing.

A Beautiful Gesture

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The chief of the precinct must have let them know how much the car meant to him. But then Simmons did something that only his wife had ever seen. He broke down and started crying.

It had caught him completely off guard. The car was beautiful, and it looked just like his old one. The gesture made it feel so much more special.



A few moments later and Simmons was in the driver’s seat. He felt nostalgia wash over him as he inserted the key and turned it. The engine roared to life, and he put on his sunglasses. He was transported back 20 years when he was better looking and more driven.

He decided to give the old girl a spin around the block. He hated the idea of keeping it in a garage, too scared to get a small dent in it. This would become his new service vehicle.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.