The Coolest Neighborhoods to Visit in Paris

Twenty arrondissements and plenty of Paris to see. We break down the can't-miss Paris neighborhoods and what to do in each of them. Bon Voyage!

The excitement of exploring a new city is often accompanied by the immense pressure to squeeze in everything on your bucket list. In Paris, a city with over 20 arrondissements (that’s French for “district”), it’s overwhelming trying to figure out which is the best to visit. The good news is, it’s really hard to go wrong in any of the Paris neighborhoods. You may want to stick to the tourist script and cross the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Seine River cruise off your list. Or you may want to explore the off the beaten Paris path instead and dive into the diverse arts and culture that the city is bursting with. Or maybe you’re seeking the perfect balance between the two.Whatever you’re decision may be, we’ve got some suggestions for some of the best neighborhoods to hit up during your Paris adventure. From classic to trendy to hipster, you can’t miss these amazing Paris neighborhoods.

5.) Art & History: Montmartre

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The name Montmartre may ring a bell if you know anything about traveling the city of Paris. The amount of tourists flocking to this hilltop village earn Montmartre its reputation as one of the most popular Paris neighborhoods. Montmartre has everything that tourists want: the Parisian charm on every corner, the stunning hilltop views and the 19th century art history that still liveson.

Montmartre is perfectly perched at the top of one of Paris’s highest hills and has endless places to explore. A hike up to the top of the Butte hill will have you arrive at the famous Basilica of Sacre-Coeur, a gorgeous white church that is center of tourism in Montmartre. Lovers of art and history will be delighted to uncover the history that Montmartre has to tell.

Can’t miss things to do in Montmartre:

  • Museum of Montmartre – To learn more about the rich history of Montmartre, you can’t miss the Musee de Montmartre which was also a former home to many French artists and writers.
  • Place du Tertre – The main plaza in Montmartre is only a few streets away from the Basilica of Sacré Ceour and is filled with restaurants, cafes and local street artists. The Place du Tertre is the former stomping grounds of famous artists like Van Gogh, Picasso and Toulouse-Latrec.
  • Moulin Rouge – Visit the famous Frenchcabaret that was founded in 1885 and experience the entertaining atmosphere of can-can.

4.) Nightlife: Oberkampf

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The 11th arrondissement may not be a top pick in your typical Paris travel guide but we think Oberkampf is worth visiting. If you’re looking for a good time, Oberkampf should be at the top of your list for nightlife. Rue Oberkampf is home to some of the liveliest bars and restaurants in Paris. It’s one of the few parts of the city where you can indulge in a proper happy hour. You’ll enjoy being away from the crowds of tourists, the budget-friendly drink specials and the electric energy at night. In Oberkampf’s fun-loving atmosphere, you’ll never be bored.

Top bars and restaurants in Oberkampf:

  • Cafe Charbón – Rated as one of the best bars in Paris, Café Charbon is a historic bar dating back to 1900. The classic bar has been serving up drinks to Parisians since then and has kept the good vibes going. The summer terrace is where its at.
  • Auz Deux Amis – Another bar boasting top notch beer, wine and all-natural dishes to indulge in with your friends on a night out in Paris.

3.) Le Marais

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Le Marais is a can’t-miss cultural hub of Paris where Jewish, LGBTQ and artistic history merge. A stroll through the streets of Le Marais will give you a sense of the classic Parisian charm. This neighborhood is trendy yet laid-back, picturesque and a perfect stop during your Paris travels.

Le Marais is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Paris and the streets can be pretty busy to navigate. During the weekend, many of the streets are closed off to cars, making way for pedestrians to take advantage of the shops, restaurants and cafes. During the week, the town is bit more calm, but still filled with the same Le Marais charm that gives it its name in French.

Can’t miss in Le Marais:

  • Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac – The Galerie Thaddaues houses exhibits of both up and coming and well-known artists in the area. Get your contemporary art fix at this sleek gallery in the heart of Le Marais
  • Musee Carnavalet – A museum catering in all things Paris history that is also situated between the two gorgeous mansions of Hotel Carnavalet and Hôtel Le Peletier de Saint Fargeau.
  • L’As du Falafel – A popular Kosher Middle Eastern spot that is famed for its delicious falafels. Grab a falafel sandwich while exploring the historic Jewish quarter in Le Marais.

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2.) Canal St Martin

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Rent a bike and head on over to the picturesque area of Canal Saint Martin and take in the beautiful view of the Parisian waterside. Canal Saint Martin has been a neighborhood where Parisians come and relax with a picnic by the river or stroll along the iron footbridges. This trendy neighborhood has tons of cool places to see and will give you a different window into Parisian life. Think trendy boutiques, delicious restaurants and bars everywhere!

Can’t miss in Canal Saint Martin:

  • Le Coq – A grungy underground bar that serves up a mean cocktail. If you’re a cocktail connoisseur then you can’t miss this hot Parisian bar.
  • Du Pain et des Idées – You can’t go all the way to Paris without visiting a traditional french bakery. Du Pain et des Idées is not just any French bakery either. This spot is loved by locals drawing them in from all over the arrondissements of Paris.
  • La Trésorerie – Get all of your Scandinavian minimalism vibes from visiting this boutique in Canal Saint-Martin. This shop specializes in unique home goods found all over Europe and serves up some great food and drinks while doing it.

1.) Belleville

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For the travelers looking to get away from the tourist mayhem that is Paris, Belleville is a great place to explore. Belleville caters to the slow traveler, the neighborhood is balanced with great shops, food and provides nature breaks from the brick-filled city of Paris. The neighborhood is also home to the famous singer Edith Piaf. Visitors can take a walk through music history on a tour of her childhood apartment. Belleville’s history coupled with its art and chill atmospheremake it a paris neighborhood you won’t want to miss.

Can’t miss in Belleville:

  • Parc de Belleville – A stunning view of Paris through the lush green frame of the park.
  • Brulerie de Belleville – The popular coffee house in Paris that offers tastings and labs on the weekend.
  • Rue Denoyez – A street filled with amazing street art and the site of your next Instagram shot.
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