The Coolest Inventions You Didn’t Know Existed But Will Want After You See This

Let's countdown the best inventions of this year. In this list, you will see everything from uber useful to a little whacky. But no matter where you are on this list of coolest inventions, every item will all have one thing common: you're gonna want to buy them. We guarantee it.

You may or may not consider yourself a hardcore techie but in this day and age, even the least tech-savvy person can appreciate a good gadget. It’s 2019, people! Technology fills our daily lives. It enriches all our experiences. From new gadgets, like Alexa and Google Home, to older machinery that feels like prehistoric tools nowadays (think doorknobs and pots), a good invention is easy to love. And with the help of tech, 2019 has seen some of the coolest inventions of all time.

So, let’s countdown the best inventions of this year. I’m talking about the inventions that make living easier, more enjoyable. In this list, you will see everything from uber useful to a little whacky. But no matter where you are on this list of coolest inventions, they will all have one thing common: you’re gonna want to buy them. We guarantee it.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

15.) SmileCloud

coolest inventions Bubloons

Smile Clouds USA

What do you get when you mix two of the greatest things EVER? Bubloons. It’s a hybrid that is an equal mix of balloon and bubbles. Yassss. Everything our childhood self – and the planet – has ever wished for.

Who said the greatest inventions had to be business related? Smile Cloud USA surely has proved that to be untrue. Sometimes the coolest inventions can simply be the most fun. The company specializing in balloon/bubble concoctions have achieved the peak of childish entertainment with their Bubloon machine. People willing to spend a small amount of cash can rent it out by the hour and choose varying stencils. If you want to be a baller you also have the option to design your own Bubloon stencil for a separate fee. The usual soapy foam pushes against the stencil is filled with helium and rises into the sky like nothing else!

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14.) Pi SOLO

coolest inventions Pi SOLO


Remember 2014? It was the year of the selfie stick. Time named it one of the top 25 best inventions of the year. Multiple magazines said it was the “must-have” gift during the holiday season…but it’s not 2014 anymore, amirite? The selfie stick would need a major revamping to be cool this year.

Low and behold, Pi SOLO. Upgraded selfie sticks your yesteryear self never had. This invention is better than it’s predecessor because it can do everything a selfie stick can (plus a few more things) without the awkward stick. The Pi SOLO can mount onto smartphones, tripods or users can hold it like a typical camera and wah-lah! Pi SOLO will deliver a 4K crystal clear panoramic image without any extra effort. It also has a designated app that’s compatible with Facebook live and sharing. Gimme gimme!

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13.) Travel Mate

coolest inventions Travelmate Robotics

Travelmate Robotics

The day of scurrying through airport security trying to juggle all your luggage is a thing of the past. Travelmate Robotics is the most practical invention on our list. It’s described as a “Fully Autonomous Suitcase and Robot”, meaning it requires no human handling. Instead, this suitcase will simply follow you anywhere you go!

It integrates with smartphones and uses GPS to easily weave through crowds. The case can move both vertically and horizontally for extra smooth traveling. Other jaw-dropping features include LED lighting that signals battery life, a fingerprint lock system, Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in scale that measures the weight of everything within to avoid over-packing.

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12.) Ecovacs Deebot 930

Ecovacs Deebot 930


Do you wish you could have a robot vacuum that can be controlled by your smartphone? Well look no further! This vacuum can be linked to your Alexa or Google Home, and it will do your dirty work!

It has a built-in mop so it can make cleaning even easier than before.

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11.) The Sidewinding Circular Skates

coolest inventions The Sidewinding Circular Skates

Astrofive620 / YouTube

If you’re still getting used to Hoverboards or Segways let me show you how much more awesomely whacky the future can get. I introduce to you “The Post Modern Skateboard”, the skateboard your children will want that’s all skate with absolutely no board. That’s right, folks. The future is now and it’s blowing our minds.

Hammacher Schlemmer, the company that sells this neato contraption, also sells a bunch of fun futuristic toys but I think The Sidewinding Circular Skates takes the cake. Modern skaters don’t have the heavy burden of pushing off the ground–pfft, pushing a skateboard forward is a thing our grandparents did! Instead, simply lean side to side to propel yourself like Tony Hawk. The annular skates will wind up and down like a snake and give you access to 720-degree rotations!

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10.) HabitAware Keen

habitaware keen bracelet


This bracelet will help you break habits that could be stressing you out. The user programs to pick up repetitive motions, like hair pulling, skin picking, or nail biting.

Keen then vibrates when it notices the user is doing their bad habit. Once the user is aware, the habit slowly starts to go away.

9.) Mirror



This full-length in home fitness workout will change your at-home gym experience. This screen can be mounted on the wall and you can join interactive fitness classes.

It allows users to stream live workouts and get real-time feedback from trainers. It’s like having your own personal class in your home!

8.) Ember Mug

ember mug coolest inventions


Have you drunk your coffee when it was too cold? Well the inventor, Clay Alexander, fixed that so you will no longer be disappointed in coffee again! This stainless steel mug will keep your coffee or tea at a temperature between 120F to 145F.

The mug is connected through an app and you can set it for an hour up to an unlimited amount of time. No more cold coffee for you!

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7.) Samsung 2018 QLED TV

samsung 2018 qled


When a TV is turned off, it’s just an eyesore of a black box. With the new Samsung TV, it features of mode to display a work of art, weather reports, or personal photos.

You can even set it up to match your wall! It blends in so well that you won’t even know it’s there!

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6.) Tasty One Top

tasty one top coolest inventions


Recently, Tasty introduced a new product that can change the way of cooking. It’s a cooktop that syncs with the Tasty app to help you through different recipes. It has a built-in sensor and thermometer that will help you track your cooking.

For example, it may tell you when to flip an egg if you are cooking it over easy. Having this tool will be easier for new cooks throughout the world.

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5.) Rubbermaid FreshWorks

rubbermaid freshworks


American households waste a lot of money throwing out fruits and veggies every year. Rubbermaid created FreshWorks which will make them last longer. As produce ripens, it ingests oxygen and it gives off water and carbon dioxide.

The containers controls all three factors and it eliminates any moisture buildup. This will cause any of your produce to stay fresher longer when they are left just on the countertop. Your wallet will thank you!

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4.) Molekule

molekule coolest inventions


Your normal air filters only trap harmful pollutants in a filter. What this amazing invention does is that it traps pollutants, and then destroys it completely!

Even though it’s $800, it might be the step into the future!

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3.) Pilot Smart Earbuds

pilot smart earbuds coolest inventions

Waverly Labs

If you are an avid traveler, listen up! If you put these tiny headphones in your ears, then it will start translating into the language you have programmed!

You can do this all without being connected to any internet. Travel the world with ease.

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2.) Forward

forward coolest inventions

Forward is a new type of wellness clinic that works like a high-end gym. For $149 a month, all members get unlimited access to genetic screenings, blood testing, weight-loss plans, doctor visits, and more.

The only locations are in New York City and Los Angeles, but the CEO wants to expand.

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1.) Water Walker and Spa

water walker and spa coolest inventions

Gadget Flow

At first glance, this looks like a huge bathtub that you can walk in. But it’s a machine that is great for injury recovering. It reduces the amount of pressure you are putting on your body when you are walking or running.

There are benefits like strengthening muscles or burning excess fat faster.

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Did these coolest inventions? We sure did! The future is bright for the world if this is the direction we are heading. Click the next button to see the amazing tech items for your workspace for more awesome gadgets!