The Coolest Inventions You Didn’t Know Existed But Will Want After You See This

You may or may not consider yourself a hardcore techie but in this day and age, even the least tech-savvy person can appreciate a good gadget. It’s 2018, people! Technology fills our daily lives. It enriches all our experiences. From new gadgets, like Alexa and Google Home, to older machinery that feels like prehistoric tools nowadays (think doorknobs and pots), a good invention is easy to love. And with the help of tech, 2018 has seen some of the coolest inventions of all time.

So, let’s countdown the best inventions of this year. I’m talking about the inventions that make living easier, more enjoyable. In this list, you will see everythingfrom uber useful to a little whacky. But no matter where you are on this list of coolest inventions, they will all have one thing common: you’re gonna want to buy them. We guarantee it.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

7.) Bubloons

coolest inventions Bubloons

Smile Clouds USA

What do you get when you mix two of the greatest things EVER? Bubloons. It’s a hybrid that is an equal mix of balloon and bubbles. Yassss. Everything our childhood self – and the planet – has ever wished for.

Who said the greatest inventions had to be business related? Smile Cloud USA surely has proved that to be untrue. Sometimes the coolest inventions can simply be the most fun. The company specializing in balloon/bubble concoctions have achieved the peak of childish entertainment with their Bubloon machine. People willing to spend a small amount of cash can rent it out by the hour and choose varying stencils. If you want to be a baller you also have the option to design your own Bubloon stencil for a separate fee. The usual soapy foam pushes against the stencil, is filled with helium and rises into the sky like nothing else!