Top 5 Coolest Airbnbs in America

The concept of Airbnb is genius: Hosts open up their home for extra income and a chance to meet people from around the world, and guests are able to stay in areas of town they may never have had the option to due to a lack of hotels, inns, and/or bed and breakfasts. On top of that, there are some pretty spectacular Airbnbs out there, as well as some pretty bizarre ones (did you hear about the NYC “snowfort penthouse“?). We searched far and wide, and here’s what made our list of the coolest Airbnbs in America:


5.) The Great Escape Lakeside, Clermont, Florida

Coolest Airbnbs Monopoly Themed Room

The closet in this room is actually Monopoly jail!

Calling all board game aficionados: We have found one of the coolest Airbnbs (if not the coolest) for you (and your 42 closest friends). Seriously, it will blow your mind.

Located just 22 miles west of Orlando in Clermont, Fla., this 13-bedroom lakefront house is entirely themed around your fave board games. Rooms are in the themes of Monopoly (with a “jail” closet), Scrabble (unscramble the letters on the wall and win a prize), Pictionary and more.

If that wasn’t enough, it has a life-sized Operation game, a giant Lite Brite wall, a 7-foot in-floor piano, a laser maze and even an escape room (based on the game Clue). There’s also an arcade, a movie theater, a casino and a giant chessboard floor game! In addition to its lakefront location, there’s a pool with a lazy river, hot tub and two waterslides!

Cost per night: $1,465

Sleeps: 43 guests