Beerology 101: 5 Uses of Beer Other Than Drinking

There’s no need for me to prattle away here, extolling the virtues of beer as a superlative beverage. I could do that at length (you know that by now, dear beer reader). And as much as I would love to fritter off the hours discussing this piney hop aroma or that fine roasted malt and how it lingers on the tongue, today we are going to talk about unusual and not well-known uses of beer other than drinking it.

“Gasp!” you say? (Or rather do, as one doesn’t exactly say the word “gasp,” one tends to just go for it and gasp away.) Yes, my friends, our finest libation is good for so much more than pairing with a fine cut of prime rib or being guzzled in victory as the local sports club trounces their hated rivals! Beer, in fact, can be used in all sorts of wacky ways. What are they, you ask? Too many to cover today, sadly, but I’m going to drop five kernels of knowledge on you that should, for now, satisfy your hunger to know some greats uses of beer that are beyond the obvious (and delicious).

5.) And Finally… Budweiser Fertilizer!



Just as a beer can help your confidence and self-esteem grow, the uses of beer extend to your garden. Some suds can also help your fruits and vegetables grow! Sprinkling beer into the soil – whether used for planting edible vegetables and fruits or blooming flowers alike – can provide valuable nutrients and minerals to the earth that will help plants grow. Especially encouraged if they are grain, wheat, or hops plants that will be used to make more beer! The fermented sugars will stimulate plant growth and kill fungi. However, watering plants with beer is an expensive option even if you’re buying the cheap stuff.