Move Over Mugs: The Ultimate Gift Guide to Coffee-Lover Gifts

You'd be surprised at the amount of ways you can impress the coffee drinkers in your life. Read our guide on the most unique coffee lover gifts out there.

A good coffee mug is essential because that’s the way you’re going to enjoy your delicious brew in the morning, but let’s be honest. Coffee mugs as gifts are cute and simple, but they’re kind of cliche. At this point, gifting a cute coffee mug isn’t enough. However, there are so many ways to impress the coffee lovers in your life! For many, coffee is more than a morning energy boost. It’s an experience. You can find so many innovative ways to make this experience even better through unique coffee-lover gifts.

Think of this as a roadmap to finding unique coffee lover gifts that are personalized and useful. Are they a well-traveled coffee snob? Do they only take their coffee with ice? What about the ones who can’t get enough of the scent of coffee? We’ve put together some great items that you can gift at any time of the year.


Here Are Some of Our Top Picks for Unique Coffee-Lover gifts. You May Even Want One for Yourself!

5.) For the Person Who Needs the Ultimate Coffee Lover Gift

Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe system is one of many unique coffee-lover gifts


Every coffee lover knows that brewing the perfect espresso in the morning is a necessity. Once you’ve reached a certain level of coffee-lover, at-home brews are just as important and tasty as your favorite coffee shop. To get those levels of coffee-goodness in the comfort of your own home, you need a good coffee and espresso machine.

The Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe system is the ultimate coffee lovers gift because of its affordability and functionality. It’s a simple, sleek system that can brew up to 10 cups of coffee or a single cup of espresso. The Ninja Coffee Machine will also look great in someone’s kitchen with its sleek, minimal design. In addition to all of its technical specs and versatility, its a great option as someone’s first espresso machine or for someone with a large family. This is one of the unique coffee-lover gifts that will keep on giving.

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4.) For the Busy Person Who Still Enjoys a Quality Brew

espro coffee travel mug a unique coffee lovers gift


For most adults, having the time to brew an entire pot of freshly ground coffee is a luxury that they can’t afford most mornings. What if we told you that you can brew a delicious cup of French press while you’re on the go, or even at work? The Espro Travel Coffee Press is the perfect gift for that person who always seems to be in a hurry or traveling. This unique gift for coffee-lovers is also perfect for someone who prefers a smooth cup of French press over filtered coffee.

Don’t think of this as just any old coffee mug. The Espro Travel Coffee Press is essentially a portable French press that brews your coffee for you. This machine comes with a built-in double micro filter press that keeps the grinds and grit out of your mug. The best part is that your delicious coffee won’t get cold or leak. The stainless steel design and insulated technology will keep your coffee hot.

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3.) For People Who Like Their Coffee Cold

Asobu coldbrew is one of several unique coffee lover gifts


Some coffee drinkers prefer their morning Joe over ice, regardless of the season. Some people even think it provides health benefits. That’s totally fine because we’re not leaving the cold coffee drinkers out of this guide. Finding the perfect gift idea for someone who loves cold brew or iced coffee isn’t hard. Give your coffee lover the gift of making the perfect strong cup of cold brew at home or on the go. The Asobu Coldbrew Coffee Maker is an insulated portable brewer made especially for those coffee lovers on the go.

While the Asobu can brew both hot and cold coffee, we highly recommend it for people who love cold brew. Simply put in the grounds in the brewing carafe at the top and let it take its time to brew. After a couple of hours, you’ll have about 40 ounces of delicious cold brew ready. Want to take the gift to the next level? Add in some coffee bean-shaped ice cubes for a nice touch. The Fred Cool Beans coffee ice tray are great because they won’t water down your beverage while cooling it off. This is also a great gift idea for people with summer birthdays who want to cool off while they enjoy their coffee.

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2.) For Someone Who Doesn’t Want to Just Drink Their Coffee

arabica coffee scrub for coffee lover gifts


Real coffee lovers know the uses for coffee are endless. Coffee beans are great for more than just brewing. Good coffee beans can also be used in skincare as an exfoliant. Tons of products are popping up on the market using ground coffee beans as a skincare treatment. Scrubs like Arabica Coffee Scrub pair organic coffee beans with natural oils and shea butter to exfoliate and revitalize the skin.

The coffee beans are said to boost moisture, help with anti-aging, fight cellulite and give tons of antioxidants that your skin will love. In addition to having smooth, happy skin, you’re left smelling like coffee, a comforting scent for coffee lovers.

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1.) For the Health-Conscious

bulletproof coffee coffee lover gifts


What’s better than a good cup of coffee? A delicious, creamy coffee drink that also gives you optimum brain power while energizing you for the day. If you have a coffee and health enthusiast in your life, you’ll wow them by gifting them something that will kill two birds with one stone. Bulletproof coffee is a type of coffee drink that is paired with organic unsalted butter and other brain power-oils that help give you a special boost in the morning. Most people who drink it are looking to lose weight or build muscle.

An easy bulletproof coffee starter kit is the organic coffee grounds and the Bulletproof InstaMix creamer packs. The InstaMix creamer consists of a Brain Octane Oil that is supposed to give you energy to last for the whole day. It’s made of ghee and a ket0-friendly oil that makes for a creamy, frothy delicious morning drink.

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If you are looking for unique gifts for coffee-lovers, buy something on this list! Your friend or loved one will think of you as they enjoy their delicious coffee.