Quiz: Chocolate Lover? We’ll see how much you really know chocolate!

Lovers of chocolate unite! Do you think you love chocolate? We'll be the judge of that. Caution, mouthwatering pictures of chocolate inside.

So you love chocolate? Are you a sucker for all things chocolatey and good? Chocolate cakes, chocolate chip cookies and simple bars of chocolate, you name it, we love it! We love it so much that we’ve created a little chocolate quiz to see just how much you know about your favorite sweet treat. Fun facts, health questions, and tricky words all related to chocolate!

Chocolate is more than just America’s favorite flavor, and luckily there are tons of great things about it. It’s healthy, stress-relieving, packed with antioxidants and can increase your overall well-being. Besides that, it’s simply delicious! It can be rich, creamy, nutty, sharp, fruity, whatever your heart desires! And there’s no need to feel guilty for your love of chocolate when there are scientifically proven health benefits of enjoying a piece of chocolate.

There has never been a sweet treat as loved as chocolate. It is so loved that there’s at least one chocolate-related holiday per month. Some even deem February as National Chocolate Lovers Month with February 1st being National Dark Chocolate Day. Luckily, there is a different type of chocolate out there for everyone and we don’t need a holiday to celebrate the delight one feels when biting into a piece of chocolate.

Take this chocolate quiz and be sure to share your results with friends. Think you’re an expert? Only the quiz will tell. Good luck and remember chocolate is more than just a dessert, its a way of life.