Ladies, You Can Firm Up Your Bustline With These Chest Exercises

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For a firmer, more toned bustline, take some training tips from the boys. Bench presses, push-ups, and medicine ball tosses are your best bets. But don’t worry about bulking up. If you use a lighter weight and higher rep count, you’ll get toned, not jacked.

5 Pullovers

This move might be a bit old school, but it works just as well as any other chest exercise and gives you more variety in your workout. So get ready for an exercise that not only works your chest but triceps as well. How to do pullovers: Lie down on your back on a workout bench with a foot on each side of it. Place an 8 to 15-pound weight on the floor below your head. Grab the weight with both hands and pull the weight over your head in an arc until it’s directly above your chest. Slowly move the weight back toward the ground. Start the next rep without resting the weight on the ground.

4 Medicine Ball Tosses

Grab a partner and a 5 to 10-pound medicine ball for this exercise. It’s part basketball pass drill, part weight training move, but an entirely effective chest exercise because it involves and element of balance. How to do medicine ball tosses: Hold the ball to your chest like a basketball with the elbows flared out to the side. Push the ball forward and toward your partner. Your partner should catch it and pull it into her chest in the same way you passed it to her. Next, she’ll pass it back to you. Pass back and forth for several reps.

3 Fly Presses

Along with the bench press, this is the next best chest exercise borrowed from serious weightlifters. The easiest version of the exercise is done on the machine at the gym, but you can also do the move with dumbbells or on a Swiss ball for an added challenge. How to do fly presses: Sit on the fly press machine with the arms hanging down at chest level. Start with enough weight to be challenging but not too much. Raise your arms to shoulder level and push the machine’s arms forward and together toward the center of your chest. Focus on engaging your chest muscles more than your arm muscles. Release slowly back to the start.

2 Wide-Set Push-Ups

Yes, push-ups are one of the best, most versatile exercises for the upper body. By setting your hands farther apart than you do for normal push-ups, you target more chest muscles than arm muscles. How to do wide-set push-ups: Start on all fours then extend your legs out so that your entire body weight is supported by your hands and feet. Your head, back, and legs should be in line. Unlike standard push-ups, your hands should start a bit wider than shoulder-distance apart. Bend your elbows and lower your chest to the floor, keeping your elbows pointed toward your feet. Raise back to the top for one rep. For a modified version, you can drop to your knees and run through the range of motion.

1 Bench Presses

This mainstay of weight lifters is also the perfect bust lifter. By targeting the main chest muscle — the pectoralis major — you’ll provide the foundation for all other upper body exercises. How to bench presses: Lie on your back on the bench with your feet on either side of it. You can either use a single barbell or a dumbbell in each hand. For a barbell, grab the bar with your hands shoulder-width apart and the bar directly above your chest. Bend your elbows and slowly lower the bar to your chest then straighten back to start. For two dumbbells, start with the weights above your chest shoulder-width apart bend your elbows and lower the weights as if it were a single bar and raise them back to the top. Note: It’s advised to have a partner spot you on this exercise so that you don’t injure yourself.

For best results, aim to include some of these chest-focused exercises into your routine once or twice a week. And while you’re at it, make sure you do some of the best chest exercises to balance out your workout.

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