Chess Kills! Unbelievable Causes of Death While Playing Chess

By Jessica R January 19, 2013 View all posts (1)
Chess is a dangerous game in which two opponents control vicious figures that kill each other… Ok, maybe not, but the fact that playing chess requires very little muscular activity doesn’t mean it’s safer than other sports. In fact, chess has a history of being deadly in unbelievable ways. Below are five causes of death threatening anyone playing (or just observing) a game of chess!

5 Malaria

Essam Ahmed Ali died shortly after the 2003 All Africa Games chess tournament in Nigeria. He went there to prove his skills and came back with Malaria! Mohammed Labib, head of the Egyptian chess delegation, also died of Malaria in 2004.

4 Poisoning

Paolo Boi (1528-1598) was a famous chess player who died in Naples. The cause of death – poisoning! It is believed that his jealous competitors, who weren’t very appreciative of his skills, delivered the deadly substance.

3 Shot by Sniper

In 1993 in Bosnia, two chess players were enjoying the weather while playing a game of chess outside… until one of them was shot by a sniper!

2 Stabbed with broken glass

In 1960, a chess game in a Greenwich Village bar turned deadly after a local decided to ridicule the chess skills of the losing American sailor. The sailor broke a bottle and stabbed the villager in the throat, killing him instantly!

1 Axed to death

In 1959, a Soviet scientist in Antarctica got so mad after losing a game of chess to his colleague that he axed him to death! It didn’t take long until chess was banned at Soviets Antarctic stations, and it still is!

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