20 Gorgeous, Cheap Coats That Look Way More Expensive Than They Really Are

It's winter and your wardrobe needs a makeover to keep up with the one-digit temperatures! Get one of these cheap coats to keep you stylishly warm!

The temperatures are dropping, and our bodies are begging for good coats that can protect them from the winter chill. Our bank accounts are also begging for cheap coats that won’t break the bank!

The perfect coat should be trendy, eye-catching, warm and affordable. We went on a mission to find you cool cheap coats that will jazz up your wardrobe without giving away their price!

Here Are 20 Cheap Coats That Amazon Reviewers Swear By!

20.) Gzbinz Women Open Front Fleece Coat

cheap coats fleece open front coat


The review that sold it for us: 

“This top is really soft and comfortable. I love the longer length. I hang it to dry instead of throwing it in the dryer. I’ve gotten many compliments on it too.”

-Kindle Customer

$7.99 - $33.99 at Amazon

19.) Columbia Mighty Lite Hooded Jacket

cheap coats columbia mighty lite hooded jacket


The review that sold it for us: 

“Just ordered my third Mighty Lite in five years, and I cannot praise this jacket enough. I live in Texas where we have cold mornings but warm afternoons at certain times of the year. Instead of lugging a bulky jacket home with me in the afternoon, I can easily pack this away in my backpack for my commute.

And when winter really sets in, I can count on this jacket to keep me warm and dry all day long. The thumb hole cuffs really help seal in the warmth around the wrists, especially when paired with gloves. I am 5’9″ and a size 6-8 — for me, the medium fits great.”


$79.88 - $290.12 at Amazon

18.) Calvin Klein Women’s Chevron-Quilted Packable Down Coat

Calvin Klein has a great, affordable coat


The review that sold it for us:

“I packed this in an overnight case for a winter trip to Wales. Not one single complaint about the coat at all. It “squishes” to about the size of DOP kit and squeezes into any corner. Open it up, shake it out, and it’s puffed to perfection. It was windy, rainy, cold and down to 27 degrees Fahrenheit. I had a sweater on underneath and, though usually the one who is always cold, I was just right.

[…] I received compliments that the chevron didn’t make it look like one of those puffed up marshmallow shapes. Hope this helps.”


$69.99-84.97 at Amazon

17.) Angashion Faux Fur Coat

angashion fuzzy fleece coat outerwear


The review that sold it for us: 

“Guys, OMG this jacket is definitely a hidden gem! It’s so soft and makes you look so sophisticated!! It does shed a little at first, so definitely wash this before you wear it unless you want little specks all over your clothes. I learned the hard way LOL. However, I wore this outfit pictured in 50 degrees Fahrenheit weather and it kept me warm!

This is definitely one of those “blanket-but-make-it-fashion” pieces HAHA I love it so much. […]”

$9.99 - $36.99 at Amazon

16.) Alpinetek Women’s Mid-Length Down Parka

cheap coats alpinetek blue outerwear coat


The review that sold it for us: 

“Very warm and high quality jacket that is comparable to Canadian Goose. I live in NYC where it gets freezing during the winter. I get a lot of compliments on it as well. It really looks like an expensive jacket. It does run larger.

I would recommend going down a size, which is what I should have done. Because it does run larger it gives room to layer with sweaters underneath though for really brutally cold days. Very pleased with this purchase overall and will be using this jacket for years to come.”


$79.95 - $139.99 at Amazon

15.) Abollria Waterproof Raincoat

cheap clothes roiii parka overcoat outerwear


The review that sold it for us: 

“I love this rain jacket. I bought it for my rainy morning walks with my dog. It fits perfect, the length is perfect. It is also very stylish. I am wearing it daily now. Also, it is really waterproof.”


$7.99 - $34.85 at Amazon

14.) Roiii Womens Overcoat

cheap coats roiii parka overcoat outerwear


The review that sold it for us: 

“So, I bought this almost a year ago. I just pulled it out for use. The weather in North Texas right now is the 20’s and this jacket is warm! Surprisingly warm. I was able to stay outside for extended periods of time without the cold penetrating. This jacket is amazing for $35. It looks great, especially when the front is open and flipped out so the white fur shows. The white fur is around the edges then turns into a Sherpa on the inside of the body of the jacket and throughout the sleeves. […]

Just be sure to tie knots at the ends of the drawstring so they don’t get lost inside the jacket. The zipper works fantastic, it is plastic so be gentle with it, it also finishes with a “storm flap” for a clean look over the zipper. Love it.”


$44.98 - $63.98 at Amazon

13.) YOU.U Water Resistant Coat

affordable water resistant coat outerwear


The review that sold it for us: 

“This is an amazing coat. The quality is fabulous. The fabric is marvelous. Many pockets. The faux fur looks awesome, not fake. The zippers are heavy duty. Extremely warm and comfortable. I usually like to layer in winter, but won’t have to with this coat. […]

I’m 5′-5-1/2″ and the coat lands just at or slightly below my knees. Perfect for my needs. Trendy and eye-catching coat. You won’t be disappointed.”


$89.99 at Amazon

12.) CXINS Open Front Sleeveless Plaid Coat

women's winter wool blend pea coat cheap outerwear


The review that sold it for us: 

“I just received this in the mail yesterday, have not worn it yet but tried it on and it looks exactly as it does in the picture. A pretty, flowy vest. A little bit unique. I like it as something a little different to wear to work.

Love that it has pockets, and can change it up by wearing either a black or white or gray top underneath. The material is nice and high quality, it seems very well made.”


$9.98 - $29.98 at Amazon

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11.) Tanming Wool Blended Hooded Coat

tanming women's winter wool blend pea coat outerwear


The review that sold it for us: 

“The lining is perfect. It is quilted and soft and it keeps you warm. The hood is perfect for light rain or snow.

Stylish, cozy, and warm. I was impressed. A coat like this is hard to find! Very happy!”

-Amazon customer

$55.97 - $70.97 at Amazon

10.) Tanming WomenShort Faux Fur Vest

tanming autumn short faux fure cheap coat


The review that sold it for us: 

“Great vest! Exceeded my expectations! There was even a letter with it telling you how to care for it. I thought that was awesome. […]

The vest even has pockets. Would definitely recommend!”


$25.68 - $29.99 at Amazon

9.) SweatyRocks Women Hooded Dolman Sleeve Faux Fur Cardigan Coat

cheap coats sweatyrocks faux fur cardigan


The review that sold it for us: 

“I had been looking for the perfect teddy bear coat and I’m done searching! This one is perfect and the best part is that it has pockets! It’s one size but I love the oversized style which looks great with skinny jeans or leggings and it is the coziest ever!

I have been living in it ever since I received it, so perfect for these cold winter days! I’m definitely satisfied with the color and overall style.”

-Stephanie Castillo

$30.99 - $45.99 at Amazon

8.) Steve Madden Women’sLong Chevron Quilted Outerwear Jacket

steve madden makes an inexpensive quilted outerwear jacket


The review that sold it for us: 

“If you are looking for a down-alternative that is actually warm, this is it. The lining is fleece and extends to the wrists to keep drafts out. The pockets are also fleece lined.

There is a filled neck piece that snaps, so even if you don’t have a hat, scarf, or gloves, when all snapped with the hood up and hands in pockets, you’re super warm! The color is beautiful.”

-Barbara Bonomo

$59.49 - $69.99 at Amazon

7.) Romanstii Women’s Wrap Coat

cheap coats romanstii outerwear


The review that sold it for us: 

“I bought this outwear for my coming winter. I chose a small one, it fit as expected. Enough for California’s cold weather. It is cotton made and soft.

The color ‘plaid’ is perfect for Christmas. It is Christmas red and black plaid! Love it so much!”

-Steven Z

$49.99 at Amazon

6.)  ZSHOW Women’s Thigh-Length Trench Coat

cheap red trench coat


The review that sold it for us: 

“I’m right between a medium and a large for most things and for jackets I usually wear a large so I have room to wear a sweatshirt. After reading the comments I decided to go with a medium in this jacket and the fit is perfect! I still have room to wear a sweater underneath but it doesn’t feel too big if I just wear a blouse. The quality is great. Nice heavy material and the buttons all seem solidly sewn on. […]

If you are looking for a good quality medium weight trench coat then this is it!”

-Amazon Customer

$49.87 at Amazon

5.) PrettyGarden Women’s Faux Fur Coat

prettygarden shaggy oversized jacket coat


The review that sold it for us: 

“It’s soooo soft! I totally recommend buying this. i’m usually a size medium but I ordered a large because most people were saying that if you wanted it oversized at all then size up. I’m glad I did that. It’s a great oversized fit, but it’s definitely not too oversized.

You should definitely order a size up if you don’t want itto be tight probably. another great thing about it is that it’s lined with a really soft material on the inside just as the outside. wearing it is like a big fluffy blanket and it’s amazing.”


$7.89 - $31.99 at Amazon

4.) New Dance Women’s Short Faux Fur Coat Long Sleeve Luxury Pink Winter Parka Outwear

inexpensive outerwear


The review that sold it for us: 

“This is soft and looks much more expensive than it is. I went to a semi-formal party that required us to wear pink (outdoors) and it was a great success.

It’s light, warm, soft and it looks great. Nobody believed I had gotten it on Amazon!”

-Francesca N

$36.99 at Amazon

3.) iLoveSIA Women’s Faux Fur Hooded Coat

affordable hooded coat with faux fur


The review that sold it for us: 

“I purchased the “new” style (no patch) black coat in a 14 (I normally wear a 12 but I wanted to be able to layer underneath.)

I’m not accustomed to cold. I found myself in temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees outside and I’m very pleased to report that when I wear this coat with a sweater underneath, I stay surprisingly warm and toasty! In fact, when my daughter-in-law misplaced her coat, I immediately ordered another one for her and she’s really happy with it, too!

The outside is a “microfiber”-type fabric, which, if you’ve ever slept under “microfiber” sheets, you know is surprisingly warm, especially for how light and thin they are. And it’s also a quick-dry fabric. The sleeves are lined with quilted fabric and the rest of the coat is lined with soft, teddy bear-like furry fabric. The hood is kinda over-sized and really effective in keeping my head and even face warm.”


$62.52 - $68.99 at Amazon

2.) HaoDuoYi Women Casual Open Front Cape Trench Duster Coat Longline Blazer

cheap coats haoduoyi casual open front coat trench outerwear


The review that sold it for us: 

“Had this on my Amazon wishlist and (like a good hubby should) got this for my birthday and I absolutely LOVE it! It’s very nasty gal—looks so much more expensive than it is! I got my usual size, small and it fits great. A nice thing about this cape is that it’s a bit more forgiving size-wise. […]

I was a little worried about the shoulder pads looking a little too Darth Vader/extreme, but the padding is very light and only adds the slightest bit of structure to the shoulder area.

This cape-jacket isjust so amazing. You could wear it over any mini dress or over black skinnies and look instantly chic. Perfect to throw over your shoulders on a night out or even could be great business casual to wear working in an office. Very versatile. Absolutely love it and especially for the price! Plan to get it in another color for sure!”


$17.99 - $26.18 at Amazon

1.)  Verdusa Women’s Casual Long Sleeve Trencg Coat

verdusa trench coat


The review that sold it for us: 

“This duster wrap maxi is perfect arrived as expected! Color is a gorgeous dusty camel perfect for tanned or olive skin tones as opposed to the dusty pink colors. The collar is a nice waterfall size.

The fabric is a nice quality and weight has stretch in it though it doesn’t say it on the tag. It’s a little longer than the other ones I purchased from other stores which I also love. A must buy! […]”


$219 at Amazon

What do you think of these cheap coats? Speaking of which, what’s the best deal you got for a piece of clothing? Let us know in the comments! And if you’re looking for nice boots that will pair up with these gorgeous coats, look no further, we got you covered in our next article! 

20 gorgeous, cheap coats