They May Be Award Winners, But There Are No Prizes For What These Celebs Did

Celebrities. We love them and we hate them. Their image is carefully crafted, only a few show their true colors - and the truth can often be disappointing.

Not What They Seem

Celebrities. Some of us love them, others despise them. Either way, we love to hate them. We see them on our TV screens, in front of the camera and on social media and most of the time we think we know them. But celebrity appearances are carefully crafted.

Only a few really show their true colors – and the discoveries can often be disappointing.

Ellen DeGeneres

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Nations sweetheart Ellen DeGeneres ends each episode of her award-winning talk show by telling her audience to “be kind to one another.” But this comedian doesn’t exactly practice what she preaches. According to one twitter user, after she served Ellen brunch in a restaurant where she worked, Ellen wrote a letter to the owner of the restaurant.

Why? She wanted to complain about her waitress’s chipped nail polish, almost costing the poor girl her job!

Justin Bieber


Pop star Justin Bieber was once famous for his iconic hair and ability to sweep teenage girls worldwide off their feet, but nowadays he’s more known for his poor attitude. He’s been accused of spitting on fans, using racial slurs, driving under the influence, and a lot more.

While recently he’s proven to have cleaned up his act, here’s hoping his past behavior won’t creep upon him.

Reese Witherspoon

The Jay

She may have won an Oscar but Reese Witherspoon didn’t exactly win the hearts of the internet after a video of her and her husband getting arrested went viral. In the video, she infamously told a traffic cop, “Do you know my name? You’re about to find out who I am. You’re about to be on national news.”

She has since apologized and vowed to never make that same mistake again.

Tom Cruise

Enews / Youtube

He may be an incredible actor who can still pass as a 30-something-year-old, but Tom Cruise is renowned for his outlandish and inappropriate behavior. While he was married to Katie Holmes he set out some strict rules for her, including no male friends, she couldn’t travel with their daughter and she wasn’t allowed to talk to Tom’s ex, Nicole Kidman. He even forced her into Scientology and had regular outbursts about religion.

Thankfully Katie got out when she did!

Sarah Michelle Gellar


She may be a 90s icon but Sarah Michelle Gellar’s behavior landed her the title “the Duchess” while filming Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She even announced she was leaving the show without telling her cast and crew members. And it doesn’t stop there.

She’s developed a reputation for being a controlling wife to husband Freddie Prinze Jr., with rumors claiming she got rid of Freddie’s female childhood friends.

Julia Roberts

Wotchit News / YouTube

America’s very own sweetheart has a pretty track record for being rude. Back in 1991, she broke up with fiancé Kiefer Sutherland on the day of their wedding. Poor Kiefer had to hear the bad news from a friend and not Julia.

Instead, she spent her wedding day cheating on him with actor Jason Patric; clearly, the Pretty Woman didn’t care.

Kristen Stewart

StarXtreme / YouTube

While she may not be known for her smile and outgoing personality, overall this actor’s public image has been pretty good. However, it’s through a work colleague’s story that Kirsten’s true colors came to light.

Supposedly she was getting into verbal and physical confrontations onset and delayed filming by at least a month.

Kanye West


He’s not exactly known for being the world’s nicest guy, so it’s no surprise Kanye’s on this list. He doesn’t seem to ever smile, and when things don’t go his way he resorts to full-on diva mode.

And let’s not forget that cringe-worthy time he interrupted pop princess Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the 2009 VMAs?

Mike Myers


Mike Myers’ acting ability and talents are like no other. He can play everyone from a Scottish oversight man to Swedish conniving villain, but that doesn’t mean you can be rude right? According to someone that worked with Mike on his movie The Love Guru, Mike started firing employees that were looking at him.

He even warned them in advance to not look at him and stand within a distance.

Sean Penn


Sean Penn has a history of violent outbursts and heated arguments. In the past, he was given 60 days in jail for punching a moving extra and 300 hours of community service for kicking a photographer. But it was in 2013 when Sean allegedly grabbed a man’s cell phone – who was taking a picture of Sean – and threw it to the ground.

While screaming, “Do we look like zoo animals?”

We’re All Human

Despite the money, the clothes and the lavish lifestyle these celebs may lead, we should all remember that the rich and famous are human too. From swarming paparazzi to crowds of fans screaming for a selfie, you can understand why they’re not happy-go-lucky 100% of the time. And like everyone else in the world, they may have bad days; just make sure you’re not in their way when they are!