45 Most Unique Celebrity Autographs And Signatures

Have you ever come across someone selling their celebrity autographs collection? If yes, then chances are they were asking for an exorbitant price for them, especially if they are from famous superstars and public personalities.

But celebrity autographs and signatures aren’t only for display: they tell a story about their holder and offer a glimpse into their mind.

We searched for many (many) of them and hand-picked for you those that intrigued us, impressed us, and made us think. Try to do your own signature analysis as you read along!

Walter Elias Disney

walt disney celebrity autographs

Disneyland’s creator and animation movies mastermind, this is the man who brought to life our favorite Disney characters and made us dream since we were kids.

Walter Elias Disney was an American entrepreneur, a pioneer in the animation industry, an animator, voice actor and film producer. Does his signature seem familiar? Yep, that’s right, it’s also the Disney company logo. A real legacy!