Can You Make Out These Celebrities Without Makeup? These Stars Will Shock You!

Stars! They're just like us! Or are they? Find out what your favorite celebrities without makeup look like. Can you recognize them all?

Stars – they’re just like us! At least when they aren’t enlisting the help of a glam squad. When #nomakeup selfies started trending last year on Instagram, we got a peek at some of your favorite celebrities without makeup. Some of the stars are virtually unrecognizable without all that makeup on.

Celebrities usually hit the red carpet in full head-to-toe glam. Not a hair is out of place! Makeup (especially contouring) can drastically transform the way you look. Looking for more chiseled cheekbones? Reach for the contour and highlighter. Want fuller lips? Take a page from Kylie Jenner’s beauty book and overdraw your lips with lip liner before applying lipstick. For the extra illusion of a larger pout, apply a dab of highlighter just above the bow of your lips.

Maybeline’s new tag line “I Am What I Makeup” shows you how powerful the art of makeup can really be. These days, makeup is less about conforming to traditional beauty standards and more about expressing yourself. Even men are jumping on the makeup bandwagon. While male stars like RuPaul and Boy George have long been more recognizable with their makeup on than off, you’d be surprised at how many men are sneakily defining their cheekbones with contour and using cover-up to fake a smoother complexion.

It can be inspiring to see your favorite celebrities all glammed up, but it sure is fun to see what they look like 100% au natural. Here’s a list of stars who #wokeuplikethis and aren’t afraid to flaunt it. These 70 celebrities without makeup will make you do a double take!

1.) Katie Holmes

Celebrities Without Makeup Katie Holmes

Splash News/Getty Images

Katie Holmes is often praised for her “girl next door” good looks, but the truth is her red carpet makeup is pretty heavy. She usually wears dramatic eyes and a colorful lip. This girl next door isn’t afraid to walk around NYC totally bare-faced, though.

You probably wouldn’t even recognize Holmes if you passed her on the street in her everyday look – no makeup, a casual T-shirt and a baseball cap. She blends right in with the soccer moms.

2.) Sofia Vergara

celebrities without makeup Sofia Vergara

Instagram/Getty Images

There’s no denying it: the Modern Family star is a bombshell. Her red carpet looks are constantly flawless — but actresses aren’t immune from fevers!

Sofia Vergara shared this photo of her suffering from a 102-degree fever. She didn’t let it get her down, though. “I just realized that 102 fever gives u the perfect shades of pink,” she wrote on Instagram.

3.) Nicki Minaj

Celebrities Without Makeup Nicki Minaj

Instagram/Getty Images

Nicki Minaj has toned her makeup down from the loud, candy-colored palette of her “Super Bass” days, but she still generally wears plenty.

That’s why it’s so shocking to look at her shower selfie without the eye shadow and lash extensions that put her usual look somewhere between Cleopatra and Jessica Rabbit.

4.) Tyra Banks

Celebrities Without Makeup Tyra Banks

Instagram/Getty Images

We’ve all turned our iPhone cameras around and been shocked by our own reflection. The camera phone, angle and lighting aren’t doing Tyra Banks any favors in this makeup-free selfie. She sure is hard to recognize here!

Leave it to Tyra to always keep it real, though. We all have dark circles and discoloration that look a whole lot worse even with foundation on. This natural beauty isn’t afraid to bare it all.

5.) Kendall Jenner

Celebrities Without Makeup Kendall Jenner

Getty Images

Kendall Jenner attended the Golden Globes with some visible texture on her cheeks due to acne scars.

But Kendall wasn’t here for anyone’s judgments and opinions on her acne and told her fans to never let something like acne stop them from living their best lives.

6.) Katy Perry

Celebrities Without Makeup Katy Perry

Twitter/Getty Images

The makeup-free photo of Katy Perry on the left became famous after ex-husband Russell Brand blasted it on Twitter before quickly deleted it. Surprise photos of celebrities without makeup first thing after waking up? Katy wasn’t amused. The couple divorced a year later.

Katy Perry’s a star known for changing up her look, but you can almost always catch her with a full face of makeup. This beauty looks good with or without makeup on but is harder to recognize without her signature cateye. Get a better angle next time, Russell!

7.) Carrie Underwood

Celebrities Without Makeup Carrie Underwood

Instagram/Getty Images

Carrie Underwood is one of the most famous country singers on the planet. But without her makeup on, you might mistake her for a college freshmen. She wasn’t afraid to post a makeup-free, post workout, sweaty, red-in-the-face selfie on Instagram.

Fans got a peek at what she looks like without her famous eye makeup. Turns out celebrities without makeup can look a whole lot younger!

8.) Gwen Stefani

Celebrities Without Makeup Gwen Stefani

Getty Images/Instagram

Gwen Stefani is drop-dead gorgeous with or without makeup on! Without her signature red lips, she’s much harder to spot, though.

While you might not recognize her as Gwen Stefani if you passed her on the street makeup-free, you still might do a double-take just to get another glimpse at the beautiful blonde who walked by.

9.) Sharon Stone

Celebrities Without Makeup Sharon Stone

Instagram/Getty Images

Sharon Stone is keeping it real. She has often turned heads on the red carpet with her glamorous looks.

It’s also sometimes spotted looking fresh-faced while out running errands.

10.) Kylie Jenner

Celebrities Without Makeup Kylie Jenner

Instagram/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner is known for her famous makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics , but of course there is going to be some days where this new mom bares it all.

Her nose and lips she has now make her look like a completely different person.

11.) Lady Gaga

Celebrities Without Makeup Lady Gaga

Instagram/Getty Images

Lady Gaga is another celebrity known for changing up her look and has openly admitted to a little plastic surgery. She becomes iconic as a blonde but is naturally a dark brunette.

The selfie on the left was taken pre-nose job and hair dye and gives you a glimpse at what Gaga looked like before she was famous. Celebrities without makeup are hard to recognize, right?

12.) Adele

Celebrities Without Makeup Adele

Instagram/Getty Images

While Adele was breathtakingly beautiful in her make-up free snap, it was a surprise to see her without her trademark winged eyeliner.

Conversely, she’s also unafraid to be seen in public without the filter of makeup. Her entire Instagram account is sprinkled with no-makeup selfies. They appear to pop up whenever the mood strikes.

OMG guess who’s next…

13.) Alicia Keys

celebrities without makeup Alicia Keys

Instagram/Getty Images

In 2016, Alicia Keys vowed to never wear makeup again. She wrote in a Lenny Letter about how she was over “how much women are brainwashed into feeling like we have to be skinny, or sexy, or desirable, or perfect.”

She describes going to a photoshoot without makeup and having photos taken of her just as she is, and how it made her feel “the strongest, most empowered, most free, and most honestly beautiful” she’s ever felt.

14.) Taylor Swift

Celebrities Without Makeup Taylor Swift

Instagram/Getty Images

Taylor Swift regularly looks stunning at awards shows and on the red carpet, but sometimes Swift likes to be more casual and even go out wearing no makeup.

She has a beautiful face and she appears confident in her appearance, with or without any makeup on.

15.) Marilyn Manson

Celebrities Without Makeup Marilyn Manson

Twitter/Getty Images

If you saw the guy on the left in bar would you even look twice? It’s almost impossible to recognize Marilyn Manson without his trademark white powder, red lips and dark charcoal eyeliner. And the jet-black hair, of course.

Celebrities without makeup look a lot more “approachable” without all the glam on.

16.) Lindsay Lohan

Celebrities Without Makeup Lindsay Lohan

Instagram/Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan is a famous actress that has been considered to be one of the most beautiful people in her prime. After her past, she still looks absolutely amazing without makeup.

She is open about the fact she does not wear makeup because she loves posing all over the Internet!

17.)  Selena Gomez

Celebrities Without Makeup Selena Gomez

Instagram/Getty Images

Selena Gomez regularly looks stunning at awards shows and on the red carpet, but sometimes Gomez likes to be more casual.

The famous singer regularly walks around town looking cool and casual when she is not wearing any makeup at all. She has a beautiful face and she appears confident in her appearance, with or without any makeup on.

18.) RuPaul

Celebrities Without Makeup RuPaul

Instagram/Getty Images

Makeup gives RuPaul the tools he needs to transform into a totally different person! Check out his Instagram for a peek at some of his amazing looks. RuPaul’s natural freckles really shine through in his makeup-free selfie.

While he’s harder to recognize without makeup on, his skin still looks pretty flawless!

19.) Amy Schumer

Celebrities Without Makeup Amy Schumer

Instagram/Getty Images

Amy Schumer’s video called “Girl You Don’t Need Makeup?” pokes fun at One Direction’s hit song “What Makes You Beautiful” and the accompanying video.

In Schumer’s sketch, she dances around as a fictional boy band sings that she doesn’t need makeup to be beautiful, but, after removing her makeup, changes their minds and asks her to put a lot back on.

20.) Bella Thorne

Celebrities Without Makeup Bella Thorne

Getty Images

Actress Bella Thorne may rock some edgy makeup and wild hair colors, but she’s also known to embrace her natural skin, whether she has pimples or not.

She wants fans to know that she’s confident in her skin — and that confidence doesn’t fade when her skin happens to have a blemish or two.

21.) Chelsea Handler

Celebrities Without Makeup Chelsea Handler

Instagram/Getty Images

Chelsea Handler made a name for herself with her bold stand-up comedy, uncensored autobiographical books, and no-punches-pulled talk show on E! She’s also been posting topless photos to Twitter for years, so it’s no surprise that her #NoMakeup photo is one of the roughest of the bunch.

Obviously played for laughs, the intentionally bad photo looks more she was trying to recreate one of those “after” photos in a substance abuse awareness campaign.

22.) Demi Lovato

Celebrities Without Makeup Demi Lovato

Instagram/Getty Images

Often, Demi Lovato graces us with barefaced pictures on her Instagram feed, and all of them have one thing in common: they feature her looking absolutely gorgeous.

She posts them constantly, and she’s even done a naked, no makeup, no retouching shoot with Vanity Fair to embrace and reinforce the concept of positive body image to other women.

23.) Cardi B

Celebrities Without Makeup Cardi B

Instagram/Getty Images

In October 2017, Cardi B bravely took to Instagram live to reveal a totally makeup-free face! Cardi is always reminding fans how down-to-earth she is despite her head-to-toe glam looks.

Her makeup artist recently revealed that Cardi’s signature makeup look uses only super-affordable drugstore products! Her secret to the best contour, dramatic eyes and elegant nude lips can be found at your local CVS.

24.) Boy George

Celebrities Without Makeup Boy George

Instagram/Getty Images

Boy George has been a style icon for decades. Women have been turning to him for makeup looks since he first started performing. What’s Boy George style? Heavy on the blush and heavy on the eye makeup.

On his 55th birthday, we got a rare glimpse of George bare-faced when he posted a video message on Instagram. He’s harder to recognize but still handsome.

25.) Jessica Alba

Celebrities Without Makeup Jessica Alba

Instagram/Getty Images

The gorgeous actress, Jessica Alba, bares her face to the Instagram world.

She looks stunning on her latest makeup-free selfie. The actress, owner of the beauty brand, Honest, certainly knows how to take care of her skin.

26.) AnnaLynne McCord

Celebrities Without Makeup AnnaLynne McCord

Instagram/Getty Images

Celebrities get pimples, too? Yeah, we know it’s hard to believe, but actress and model AnnaLynne McCord has some zits under that foundation.

She’s just like us.

27.) Eva Longoria

Celebrities Without Makeup Eva Longoria

Instagram/Getty Images

Even in an industry as image-obsessed as showbiz, Desperate Housewives alum Eva Longoria isn’t “desperate” for cosmetics. The actress has posted pics of herself with no makeup on her Instagram and Snapchat channels.

She’s just one of many Hollywood women going bare-faced on social media.

28.) Zoe Saldana

Celebrities Without Makeup Zoe Saldana

Instagram/Getty Images

The actress proved that she looks gorgeous even when she’s all natural in this Instagram selfie.

In the close-up shot, Zoe wears her hair down and stares into the camera, giving us a perfect view of her flawless complexion.

29.) Naomi Watts

Celebrities Without Makeup Naomi Watts

Instagram/Getty Images

Gorgeous Naomi Watts takes her beauty routine sitting down. The British-born, Australia-bred actress tells NewBeauty magazine that day-to-day “I’m pretty much makeup-free and in jeans, T-shirts and sweaters. I’m not even very good at actually doing my own hair or my makeup, and I’m one of those people who walks out the door with wet hair all the time.”

The actress went makeup free in this picture and wore her hair up in a towel.

30.) Lorde

Celebrities Without Makeup Lorde

Instagram/Getty Image

Grammy winners get pimples, too! Lorde shared a bare-faced selfie with her Instagram followers writing, “In bed in Paris with my acne cream on.”

The New Zealander has opened up about struggling with self-consciousness before. During an interview with Rookie magazine last month, Lorde offered up some advice for others who might be dealing with insecurities.

31.) Beyoncé

Celebrities Without Makeup Beyonce

Instagram/Getty Images

She woke up like this! Bey posted a good morning pic which provides further proof that she’s absolutely “Flawless.”

Beyoncé, with makeup, without makeup, in jeans and a t-shirt, in a cocktail gown—is drop dead gorgeous.

32.) Nicole Richie

Celebrities Without Makeup Nicole Richie

Getty Images

Nicole Richie doesn’t just go light on the makeup, she likes to skip it altogether. Her reason for is inspired by the health of her skin. “I stay away from makeup because it clogs my skin,” she said

She admitted that she prefers having a bare face because that is what she feels more comfortable with.

33.) Gwyneth Paltrow

Celebrities Without Makeup Gwyneth Paltrow

Instagram/Getty Images

To celebrate her 44th birthday, Gwyneth Paltrow went all natural — that is, make-up-free.

The Oscar winner and Goop founder posted a makeup-free selfie. She’s done it several times on social media and we hope she does it more!

34.) Shakira

celebrities without makeup Shakira

Instagram/Getty Images

Perhaps it’s the cute way she put her hair in a “birthday” bun, but you can’t argue that Shakira has serious natural beauty.

It might be a stretch to say that she could go “unrecognized” anywhere, given her international fame, but let’s see her give it a shot walking around Times Square with her hair styled like so.

35.) Rihanna

celebrities without makeup Rihanna

Instagram/Getty Images

Whether she’s performing onstage or laying low in her home country of Barbados, Rihanna pretty much slays no matter what she does.

However, it’s not often we catch the chart-topping performer sans makeup. This picture’s proof that you can’t hide true beauty, even behind a funny face.

36.) Miley Cyrus

celebrities without makeup Miley Cyrus

Twitter/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus has gone through quite a few transformations in the past couple of years. She chopped off her hair and publicly denounced her Disney character Hannah Montana, twerked across a stage with Robin Thicke, only to finally land in a ‘Happy Hippie’ phase.

Miley who shared a selfie via Twitter in which she appeared to be all natural.

37.) Gigi Hadid

celebrities without makeup Gigi Hadid

Instagram/Getty Images

Gigi’s natural beauty is undeniable.

There’s something so comforting about witnessing Hadid in her natural environment, makeup free. Also, how refreshing to see that even Hadid herself doesn’t have perfect skin. Let’s all take a sign of relief together. Doesn’t that feel good?

38.) Kim Kardashian

celebrities without makeup Kim Kardashian

Instagram/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian runs the successful cosmetics line, KKW Beauty, but she still gives her skin a break from contouring every once in a while.

Somehow, her face manages to look contoured even when makeup free, which we can only assume is crazy.

39.) Kate Upton

Celebrities Without Makeup Kate Upton

Instagram/Getty Images

Supermodel and actress Kate Upton decided no makeup was required for a recent Instagram post updating fans on a workout she invented that’s called “sitting on your butt!”

Upton still possesses a girl-next-door quality, even when all she’s wearing is workout clothes.

40.) Kesha

Celebrities Without Makeup Kesha

Instagram/Getty Images

All this time, Kesha’s been hiding a one-of-a-kind face emblazoned with light freckles. Calling her “unrecognizable” without makeup might be a stretch because she frequently posts photos of herself without makeup, but her mood or message are not always lighthearted when she does it.

Although she normally covers up the freckles for performances and red carpet appearances, we’re really feeling the new look in lieu of her go-to glam.

41.) Bella Hadid

celebrities Without Makeup Bella Hadid

Instagram/Getty Images

Bella Hadid hit the genetic jackpot. Like her sister Gigi, Bella’s blessed with natural beauty that she struts down the runway.

But even models get sick, as Bella demonstrates here in a makeup-less Instagram photo captioned “sick day.”

42.) Cara Delevingne

celebrities Without Makeup Cara Delevingne

Instagram/Getty Images

The model-turned-actress sparked a wave of eyebrow envy when she first hit the runways, and below those iconic brows is usually a makeup look worthy of the red carpet.

But Cara’s never been one to take herself too seriously. She’s always sharing silly photos and videos of herself online, and isn’t afraid to show off her natural beauty.

43.) Britney Spears

Celebrities Without Makeup Britney Spears

Getty Images/Instagram

While the glitzy hair, makeup, and costume changes continue to make her Piece of Me Las Vegas show a must-see, Britney Spears is really just a simple girl from Louisiana.

Spears doesn’t shy away from posting on social media, frequently taking to Instagram to show off her workouts and beach-ready body.

44.) Drew Barrymore

Celebrities Without Makeup Drew Barrymore

Getty Images/Instagram

It is admirable that Hollywood icon Drew Barrymore is confident enough to share such an unglamorous picture with her thousands of followers.

Unfortunately, it does highlight the ridiculous standards women hold themselves to thanks to filtered Instagram posts, retouched magazine images and airbrushed red-carpet appearances.

45.) Gabrielle Union

Celebrities Without Makeup Gabrielle Union

Getty Images

Gabrielle Union is drop dead gorgeous, but we knew this. While she was promoting her hair care line, Flawless by Gabrielle Union, she outspokenly advocated for self-acceptance and loving yourself as you are.

And though we know the star has plenty of tips for keeping her skin in tip-top shape, she’s also no stranger to a well-thought-out selfie to show off her makeup-free face to its best advantage.

46.) Gal Gadot

Celebrities Without Makeup Gal Gadot

Instagram/Getty Images

When she’s not saving the world as Wonder Woman, actress Gal Gadot chills out at home with her family makeup-free.

We are more like her than you think!

47.) Madonna

Celebrities Without Makeup Madonna

Getty Images

Many might say that age and beauty are inversely proportional. However, this is quite untrue in Madonna’s case. Age sure doesn’t seem to affect her beauty at all.

Madonna is one such stunning example. An example of how an individual with fans across generations has enjoyed an unnaturally long and fruitful career.

48.) Portia de Rossi

Celebrities Without Makeup Portia de Rossi

Instagram/Getty Images

This stunning actress has no problem showing off her bare-faced skin to the world.

Portia de Rossi is always seen with her wife, Ellen, without makeup. This natural beauty is beautiful.

49.) Kaley Cuoco

Celebrities Without Makeup Kaley Cuoco

Instagram/Getty Images

Part of Kaley Cuoco’s character on The Big Bang Theory’s quirkiness comes from her striking good looks. She is always sporting makeup and her hair is always done nicely.

But in real life, Cuoco isn’t afraid to spend some makeup-free quality time in nature.

50.) Olivia Wilde

Celebrities Without Makeup Olivia Wilde

Getty Images

Olivia Wilde is a known American model, actress, and producer. She started acting in 2003. She also has been in several films since.

The actress is showing off her glowing skin and she is naturally beautiful.

51.) Abigail Breslin

Celebrities Without Makeup Abigail Breslin

Getty Images

Oscar nominee Abigail Breslin opted for a laid back look for today.

Would you be able to recognize here walking in the streets?

52.) Ashley Benson

Celebrities without makeup Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson is an actress that is known for playing Hanna Marin inPretty Little Liars.

She has an attractive face and it shows her adorable smile.  She is born with an amazing face!

53.) Lucy Hale

celebrities without makeup lucy hale

Instagram/Getty Images

There are two things Lucy Hale is best known for: Pretty Little Liars and her eyebrows.

While PLL might be over now, this makeup-free photo she shared on Instagram is proof that her eyebrows aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

54.) Amy Adams

Celebrities Without Makeup Amy Adams

Getty Images

In an interview with Allure, she said, “I have no features without makeup,” Amy Adams says. “I am pale. I have blonde lashes. You could just paint my face — it’s like a blank canvas. It can be great for what I do.” We think she looks amazing without makeup!

The redhead beauty is reprising her role as persistent reporter Lois Lane in the epic, which stars Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman.

55.) Kirsten Dunst

Celebrities Without Makeup Kirsten Dunst

Getty Images

The gorgeous Kirsten Dunst is a minimalist when it comes to wearing makeup. She is a superstar that has been around for years.

She has natural good looks, and it looks like she stays healthy and natural.

56.) Julianne Hough

Celebrities Without Makeup Julianne Hough

Instagram/Getty Images

Julianne Hough gained fame in the show, Dancing with the Star. This amazing celebrity tries to not wear makeup.

he said that beauty starts with a healthier lifestyle like eating right and drinking water. She also suggests using natural products because it has enhanced her looks.

57.) Amanda Seyfried

Celebrities Without Makeup Amanda Seyfried

Getty Images

Looking at this picture, Amanda Seyfried is just a normal human like us. She has amazing skin and she is beautiful.

Seyfried without makeup looks stunning and she continues to blow us away. She has a positive vibe and a casual look.

58.) Natalie Portman

Celebrities Without Makeup Natalie Portman

Getty Images

Natalie Portman looks beautiful at any age. She is revealing her flawless skin.

This famous actress is continuously spotted without wearing any makeup. She is natural with her good looks and stunning beauty.

59.) Zendaya

Celebrities Without Makeup Zendaya

Getty Images

Zendaya an endless source of makeup inspiration, and she clearly knows her way around a beauty counter.

But as much as she loves her cosmetics, she isn’t afraid to rock a bare face from time to time. She’s just as confident without makeup as she is with it.

60.) Kelly Clarkson

Celebrities Without Makeup Kelly Clarkson

Getty Images

One of the most famous American singers of all time is Kelly Clarkson. The singer is considered to be one of the most prettiest singers of all time.

The American Idol winner looks amazing without sporting any makeup. She is displaying a happy smile. Clarkson is a simple gal and we relate to her!

61.) Sofia Richie

celebrities without makeup Sofia Richie

Instagram/Getty Images

Sofia is the daughter of legendary singer Lionel Richie and his ex-wife, Diana Alexander. Her sister is fashionista and reality star Nicole Richie, who rose to fame by starring in The Simple Life with Paris Hilton.

It’s easy to forget just how young Richie actually is when we’re so used to seeing her with a full face of makeup. However, this Instagram photo is a good reminder that even though she’s already a Hollywood bigshot, she’s still really just a kid.

62.) Emmy Rossum

celebrities without makeup Emmy Rossum

Instagram/Getty Images

It’s no secret that Emmy Rossum, star of the Showtime series Shameless, is stunning. And when she does wear makeup, she does it herself!

But unlike her Shameless character, Emmy Rossum is the epitome of glam. “I have that fashiony persona,” she told AOL in 2014. And it’s true, she definitely has that high fashion look. But this toned down photo proves her good looks are totally natural.

63.) Mariah Carey

celebrities without makeup Mariah Carey

Instagram/Getty Images

Mariah Carey is the definition of diva in every way, from her voice to her personality. As a diva, naturally she’s often done up to the nines, including a full face of makeup.

She shared a makeup-free photo of her post-swim sesh as a humbling reminder that yes, she’s perfect without makeup also.

64.) Cameron Diaz

celebrities without makeup Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz has made a career out of quirky, high-profile roles. Hailing from sunny California, the actress got her start as a fashion model. From there, she rose to stardom with stellar performances in a variety of movies.

While she continues to surprise and delight us with her ability to shine in almost any role, she also surprises us by just how gracefully she’s aged. After hundreds of screen appearances, she’s just as good-looking when the theater paint comes off.

65.) Jennifer Lawrence

celebrities without makeup Jennifer Lawrence

Getty Images

Because she still looks good. She may be the highest paid actress on the planet, and she may donate more to our fellow humans than we ever will, but she’s still down to earth, witty, and genuine.

There’s a certain attitude that it takes when you’re caught on camera walking down the street with a soda in hand. Her face more or less sums it up: “I’m gorgeous. Deal with it.”

66.) Kate Hudson

celebrities without makeup Kate Hudson

Getty Images

There are only three words you need to describe Kate Hudson: bubbly, glowing, vivacious.  She lights up every scene she plays in, whether it’s a light-as-foam romantic comedy or terrifying thriller.

She never loses that winning smile and unshakeable confidence. No doubt it’s because she’s one of the most beautifully flawless, all-American girls on the planet. She has been blessed with extreme natural beauty.

67.) Snooki

celebrities without makeup Snooki

Instagram/Getty Images

The girl that everyone loves to hate on Jersey Shore was actually born Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi, though we can see how her nickname, Snooki, caught on. Everybody knows that there’s not much “reality” in reality TV, and even less in Jersey Shore.

But Snooki, who gets $150k an episode, has somehow managed to stay genuine. This mom of 2 looks good in reality, and none of us should have anything to complain about.

68.) Hilary Duff

celebrities without makeup Hilary Duff

Getty Images

Former Disney star just too much of a sweetheart. But with five studio albums and 15 million albums in sales, she deserves our attention.

Even without makeup, the worst that we see of her is a great looking chick with a heart-meltingly cute face. And a solid, ever-evolving musical career. Hilary, we want you back in our lives, with or without make-up, only because we love your natural beauty.

69.) Anne Hathaway

celebrities without makeup Anne Hathaway

Getty Images

Ever since appearing on the big screen in The Princess Diaries, Anne Hathaway has shone through in a surprising variety of roles. From animations to comedies, to action blockbusters, Anne has brought a dewy-eyed innocence and huge smile to each film.

Anne manages to easily adapt to real life. She doesn’t need long, luscious hair to show off her iconic beauty. Cover it with a beanie and snap her picture at just the wrong time, and she can still look more stylish than the rest of us.

70.) Emma Stone

celebrities without makeup Emma Stone

Getty Images

Scottsdale native Emma Stone has been destined for the screen from an early age. From 11 years old, Emma has been gracing the stage, and television, even being nominated for an Oscar and several Golden Globes.

Illustrious magazine Vogue has complimented her on her “sophisticated, perfectly put-together looks”. If you look at the pictures, it’s no wonder. Even when she’s out and about, without makeup and with a casual outfit thrown together, she somehow manages to look like a few million dollars.