Can You Make Out These Celebrities Without Makeup? These Stars Will Shock You!

Stars – they’re just like us! At least when they aren’t enlisting the help of a glam squad. When #nomakeup selfies started trending last year on Instagram, we got a peek at some of your favorite celebrities without makeup. Some of the stars are virtually unrecognizable without all that makeup on.

Celebrities usually hit the red carpet in full head-to-toe glam. Not a hair is out of place! Makeup (especially contouring) can drastically transform the way you look. Looking for more chiseled cheekbones? Reach for the contour and highlighter. Want fuller lips? Take a page from Kylie Jenner’s beauty book and overdraw your lips with lip liner before applying lipstick. For the extra illusion of a larger pout, apply a dab of highlighter just above the bow of your lips.

Maybeline’s new tag line “I Am What I Makeup” shows you how powerful the art of makeup can really be. These days, makeup is less about conforming to traditional beauty standards and more about expressing yourself. Even men are jumping on the makeup bandwagon. While male stars like RuPaul and Boy George have long been more recognizable with their makeup on than off, you’d be surprised at how many men are sneakily defining their cheekbones with contour and using cover-up to fake a smoother complexion.

It can be inspiring to see your favorite celebrities all glammed up, but it sure is fun to see what they look like 100% au natural. Here’s a list of stars who #wokeuplikethis and aren’t afraid to flaunt it. These 70 celebrities without makeup will make you do a double take!

1.) Katie Holmes

Celebrities Without Makeup Katie Holmes

Splash News/Getty Images

Katie Holmes is often praised for her “girl next door” good looks, but the truth is her red carpet makeup is pretty heavy. She usually wears dramatic eyes and a colorful lip. This girl next door isn’t afraid to walk around NYC totally bare-faced, though.

You probably wouldn’t even recognize Holmes if you passed her on the street in her everyday look – no makeup, a casual T-shirt and a baseball cap. She blends right in with the soccer moms.