Can I Get a Re-Tweet? 5 Celebrities to Follow on Twitter

Most celebrities are using social media these days, except maybe Tina Fey, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Angelina – but hey, they’re all such giant stars they don’t really need to Tweet to get your attention, right? Then there’s Bieber, the Kardashians, and Paris Hilton – overly exposed celebrities who want you to know their every move (and every bikini shot). Half the time people like Kim Kardashian are Tweeting about some product that they’re being paid to pretend they use, so the rest of us will run out and buy it – lame. But, there are a few celebs on Twitter worth following because they’re funny, informative, and just plan cool…

5 Sarah Silverman

Image Credit: Twitter

You probably know her as the foul mouthed, offensive hottie on Comedy Central and from touring around doing standup shows. Yeah, she used to date Jimmy Kimmel, and she’s just as funny – if not funnier than him. She’s got over three million followers on Twitter and like her standup, her Tweets sometimes teeter on the edge of funny and offensive – which makes them all the more hilarious. She’ll veer into some dark Tweets too, but for the most part it’s all for fun.

4 Patton Oswalt

Image Credit: Twitter

If you’ve seen Oswalt’s standup shows you know he is crazy hilarious. The guy can tell a story about shoveling snow and make it totally hysterical, so imagine his Tweets. He gets pretty political, and watching his Twitter feed during a debate is about as fun as being at an actual comedy show. He also gets in Twitter battles with random people like young adult author Judy Blume – all for a laugh. He’s got close to a million followers – not too shabby. Follow him for some random daily laughs.

3 Rob Delaney

Image Credit: Twitter

OK so this guy is a celebrity because of Twitter, not in spite of it. He’s one of a growing group of funny-in-140 characters comedians and writers who made a name and jump-started their career by being nasty, naughty, and just plan funny. He’s got close to 650,000 followers and counting which, compared to Gaga and Fallon, is kind of small potatoes. Still, for an unknown dude from Canada who Tweets about blowjobs, changing diapers, and also makes fun of Kardashians and Bieber, he’s quite entertaining. He’s doing standup shows and working on a TV pilot thanks to his Twitter success – go figure.

2 Jimmy Fallon

Image Credit: Twitter

Comedian turned late night host Fallon has over 6 million followers, so he’s no Lady Gaga, but we can’t all wear meat dresses and play piano with Elton John, right? Sure, he’ll Tweet about his upcoming shows and do some self-promotion but he’s has to spread the word. He’s also pretty funny, and he also asks people to Tweet with a certain hashtag for a chance to have their brilliant Twitter gems on his show. It’s interactive, it’s funny, and hey – you could get your fifteen minutes (more like seconds) of fame.

1 Lady Gaga

Image Credit: Twitter

You can’t deny the power of Mama Monster. She’s a powerhouse, a total talent, and her fans (aka Little Monsters) adore her. She has over 30 million followers and counting, which is pretty insane. She Tweets about her shows, about bullying, politics, you name it. A lot of her Tweets are about youth empowerment, which is pretty cool, right? You won’t really see a Kardashian-esque tweet like, “OMG, I love using Prell shampoo!” so you’re probably safe from any Lady Gaga product placement on your timeline.

Do you agree? Disagree? Have some celebrities of your own that you think we should all follow ASAP? Let us know!

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