Cat Travels 12 Miles By Bus Every Day Until Officer Checks Owner’s Trunk



Robert Boyd was stunned. It all started with a cute encounter. But he never thought the encounter would lead to this.

Four police cruisers, eight officers, a beaten-up golden oldie, and a cat. Yes, the cat that blew a massive police case wide open. How did that happen? How did a cat solve a police case?

Moving To A New Area


Robert Boyd had just moved to Monterey, California. And he wasn’t pleased about it at all. But he didn’t have much of a choice. It was the only job he could find, and it was based there.

So he packed up his bags and moved, not knowing what the small town would have in store for him. But he would find his path soon enough, and it would change everything.

He Started Taking The Bus


With no means of transport to get from his small apartment to the warehouse where he’d be working and no funds to spare, Robert decided to take the bus.

He was no stranger to public transport. And didn’t mind standing if he needed to. But he was about to be faced with something he had never seen before.

On The First Day


The first morning Robert took the bus, he thought it would be in for a usual trip. But he was in for a massive surprise.

Robert was deep in thought when the bus pulled into a stop with no passengers. Confused, he looked around to see if someone pushed the stop button, but he was the only person on the bus.

A Cute Sight


The doors flung open, and Robert saw something he had never seen before. A cat jumped into the bus and got onto one of the window seats.

Robert was stunned by the sight, but he found it to be rather cute. His heart melted when other passengers began getting on, and some of them greeted the cat.

He Thought It Was A Mistake


At first, Robert thought it was just a mistake. But he quickly realized that his assumption was wrong. Many of the passengers knew the cat and even called it by its name.

This stunned Robert even more since he wasn’t used to that kind of thing. In the bigger cities, there were rules, and everyone followed them.

Pets Weren’t Allowed On The Bus


The first thing Robert learned about buses was that no pets were allowed in them. Only support animals were allowed on public transport.

But this cat definitely wasn’t a support animal. It didn’t even have a person with it. So what was actually happening there? And how often did it take place? Was it a regular thing?

That Afternoon


Robert spent his day trying to forget about the cat and focus on his work. But if he thought that was the end of his cat journey, he was making a massive mistake.

This cat was the key to his entire future. He just didn’t know it. But his determination and analytical way of thinking would ultimately lead to a massive discovery.

The Same Thing Happened


When Robert got on the bus that afternoon, he was greeted by the cat once more. The fluffy critter was stretched out across the back seat. And for a moment there, it looked like it owned the place.

That was when Robert’s journey began. His curiosity with the cat would lead him down a path he never thought he’d be on.

The Next Morning


When Robert got on the bus the next morning, exactly the same thing happened. The bus stopped for the cat, who took the same seat as it did the day before, and the journey continued.

Robert’s curiosity had piqued at this stage. He was starting to wonder what the cat was doing and if it actually had an owner or not.

Every Day For A Month


For the next month, the same thing kept happening. And Robert was getting more intrigued by the fur ball as the days went along.

But one day, he noticed something that he had never picked up on before. And that was what had him leaping into action. What did Robert see? And why did he feel the need to act on it?

What Was It Doing?


That day, Robert couldn’t get his mind off the cat. He was wondering what it was doing. And whether or not there was something in the little bag that was attached to its collar.

He tried his best to focus on his work, but he simply couldn’t stop thinking about the cat. It had gotten to the point where he felt a little obsessed, but he just couldn’t let go.

Doing Some Investigating


When Saturday rolled around, and Robert finally had a day off, he decided to do some investigating. He got onto the bus and waited.

As he suspected, the bus stopped to pick up the cat. And that was when Robert started paying attention. He needed all the information he could get. But he’d end up getting more than he bargained for.

It Started At A House


The journey started at a house. From a glance, it looked like the house was occupied. But Robert soon realized that it was actually abandoned.

Was the cat living in the abandoned house? Or was he living in one of the other houses that lined the long road? And why weren’t its owners with it?

A 12-Mile Journey


Robert stayed on the bus this time. And he soon realized that the cat’s journey wasn’t a short one. According to his calculations, they were traveling at least six miles from the point where it had first gotten on the bus.

But that wasn’t the strangest part of this encounter. Things got a whole lot weirder while they traveled.

Multiple Stops


The cat actually got off at multiple places and took another bus when it was done with whatever it was that it did. And none of the bus drivers seemed to mind.

Some of them even fed it. But it was clear that every single one of them knew the cat and the path it took. What on earth was going on? And what would happen once they reached the end of the line?



The first stop the cat made was at a cemetery. Robert followed as soon as it got out and discovered that it was visiting the grave of a man who had died three years prior.

This confused Robert, but he thought that it might’ve been the cat’s previous owner. And he wasn’t wrong. But if that were the case, who owned it now?



The cat spent about thirty minutes at the grave site before returning to the bus stop. Robert got onto the bus with the cat and waited to see where it would go next.

The cat got off again a few stops later, and this time, it visited a pub. While in there, someone put the little black pouch on its collar and let it go once more.

Shady Neighborhood


After that, the cat returned to the bus stop and got onto yet another bus. This time it stayed on the bus for longer, and that worried Robert.

They were approaching a very shady neighborhood, and Robert wasn’t the type who would just walk around in such places. But he wasn’t going to give up now.

What Was It Up To?


Robert followed the cat through a bunch of streets and alleys. With each step he took, his body screamed for him to turn back.

He stopped for just a moment to calm his nerves, but when he looked up again, the cat was gone. Robert started searching and saw a man tossing the cat out of a building.

Following It Back


After that, the cat returned to the bus stop. Hours had passed already, and Robert realized that it would’ve been around the time when he clocked off from work.

The bus arrived, and Robert followed the cat in once more, wondering if there would be yet another stop. But the cat only left the bus when it stopped in front of the abandoned house.

It Got Picked Up


Robert rushed out of the bus as he realized that they had reached the end of the road. The cat sat at the bus stop for a few minutes, and then a vintage car pulled up.

Robert tried to conceal himself to the best of his abilities and saw the car door fling open. That was when he saw something he shouldn’t have seen.

Getting Suspicious


Robert saw the driver pick up the cat and remove the little bag it had on its collar. After that, he put the cat on the passenger seat and held up a wad of cash.

Another bus pulled up, and the driver sped off without hesitation. What had Robert just seen? He wasn’t sure himself, but he was suspicious, and he needed help.

Making A Phone Call


As soon as Robert got on the bus, he pulled out his phone and called the only people he could think of. As soon as they answered, he started explaining what he had seen.

The person on the other end of the line remained quiet as they took in the information. But as soon as Robert stopped talking, they delivered their message.

They Gave Him Instructions


The man gave Robert instructions, which he quickly wrote down. That was when he realized that he had gotten dragged into something he never wanted to be a part of.

But he agreed to help, nonetheless, not knowing what it would mean for him or his future. He would find out soon enough, though and what he discovered would change everything.

Being Followed


The next morning Robert began following the instructions the stranger had given him. But as soon as he got on the bus, he realized that he was being followed.

Robert’s heart was beating in his throat as he watched the hooded man who was seated a few rows in front of him. Had he been exposed?

The Same Journey


Trying to remain calm, Robert made the same journey as he did the day before. He followed the cat to exactly the same places and back again.

But he had no idea what would happen once they reached the end of the line. Robert was still being followed. He saw the hooded man wherever he went. But what did that mean?

Back At The Starting Point


Robert got off at the cat’s stop once more as he was instructed. He didn’t know what would happen next, as he never went further than that.

Plus, the person on the phone never told him what would happen once they got to the end. So he just stood there and waited, not knowing what else to do.

The Car Showed Up


Robert was starting to get anxious. But before he could act on his intuition, the same car from the day before showed up.

He hid once more, not wanting the person to know that he had been following the cat. And that was when all hell broke loose. The man who had been following Robert pulled out a gun and approached the car.

Police Presence


Before Robert could begin to process what was happening, four police cars skidded to a halt around him. The officers jumped out with weapons pointed toward the vintage car.

The suspect raised his hands and got out of the car. He was handcuffed and taken into custody. But it was only once the officers opened the trunk that Robert understood why.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.