Cat Does The Most Unusual Thing When Baby Starts Crying


A New Addition To The Family

Several weeks passed, and the family brought the baby home. They were thrilled by the new addition and couldn’t wait to begin this exciting chapter of their life. But unknown to them, someone didn’t share their enthusiasm.

Their cat had been acting strangely from the moment they walked through the door with the baby. They didn’t notice it initially but were now worried that she wouldn’t bond with him. But what she’d do when the baby started crying would leave them speechless.

Mary And John


John and Mary knew they were soulmates when they first met in high school. They dated then, ending on an altar years later to exchange their vows. For them, life was perfect. But it would only get better when they added a new member to their family.

The couple adopted a cat named Sniffles, who they loved very much. Their perfect life was now so much more, with the two love birds working and studying as they tried to build their future. But their lives would soon take a new, unexpected path.

A New Reality


Mary was still in college when she learned she was pregnant. She told John, who was overjoyed at the revelation. The two celebrated the news but couldn’t deny one daunting reality of having a baby.

John and Mary were still in school. Thus they had to divide their time between studying, work, and now the baby. As the days went by, the pressure from having a child continued building. What could they do?



The couple’s apartment, which was already small, became tinier when they brought their baby home. Although the two didn’t mind it too much, Sniffles didn’t like it.

She’d always been the baby of the house, and now someone was getting more attention than her. It wasn’t long before she started being aggressive against the baby. What could they do to remedy the situation?

No Kids In The House


Sniffles’ reaction to the baby wasn’t the first time she’d displayed such behavior toward children in the apartment. There were incidents where she terrified kids who visited Mary and John. She’d even attacked a few of them when they came too close.

Although Mary and John were horrified, they thought she was hostile because they were new faces in her life. But when they noticed Sniffles was just as hostile toward their son, their breaths caught. Was their kid in danger?

Harsher Precautions

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Mary and John became deeply troubled by the situation. What could they do to ensure Sniffles wouldn’t harm their son? All they could do was keep them away from each other at all times.

They knew this solution would only postpone the inevitable and were horrified by the possibility of Sniffles doing something their baby. Would they need to take more harsh measures?

Making Decisions


It wasn’t long before having a baby became strenuous for John and Mary. They’d been so full of energy when they first brought their kid home, but now everything seemed overwhelming.

To focus more on the baby, they decide to break off from school for a while. They’d divert their free time toward their jobs and take turns looking after their baby. But it wouldn’t be long until this plan floundered.



Everything was going great until the baby fell sick. The young couple couldn’t catch a break. They were still trying to settle into their new life when it happened. They took their son to the hospital, worried beyond measure.

After a few tests, the doctor informed them it was only a mild fever, and everything was fine. But although the news was good, Mary and John couldn’t stop feeling like something terrible was about to happen.

Feeling Ignored


The parents’ attention was now fully on their baby as he recovered. Sniffles felt ignored. Unhappy with how everything was going, she began acting out even more than usual.

She was used to getting attention, but everything had suddenly changed. She hissed at her owners and snarled at the baby. But even with this behavior, Mary and John didn’t seem to notice her. This would lead to an interesting consequence.

He Won’t Stop Crying

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It was a few days after Mary and John brought their baby from the hospital. He began crying as he usually did, but this time wouldn’t stop crying went they lulled him.

The parents felt helpless, but something happened that made their brows draw up. They were trying to get their son to quiet when out of nowhere, Sniffles stepped in.

Cat’s Reaction

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The cat was very intrigued by the crying baby. She slowly approached him and checked him up. Next, she touched him carefully with her paws, but nothing changed. The baby was still crying.

Eventually, the cat became more worried, and to the parents’ surprise, she snuggled with the crying baby. It took only minutes before the baby stopped crying, and the couple couldn’t be happier. It was a miracle.

Capturing The Moment

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John and Mary witnessed the loveliest moment between their baby and the cat. They decided that it had to be captured, as it was a one-in-a-million moment.

John quickly grabbed his phone and recorded the cute encounter, so they could forever watch it and enjoy their baby’s first interaction with Sniffles. John created an adorable video that would soon garner a lot of attention.


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After that first encounter, the cat and the baby became inseparable. She would always snuggle with him and quickly run to him whenever he cried.

The parents thought it was the cutest thing ever, but they never left them alone just to be safe. Even though the cat had the best intentions and she was very protective of the newborn.


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Sniffles, the family cat, became the baby’s guardian angel. At least that’s how the parents saw the whole thing. She would always try to protect him and never leave him alone when crying.

She even tried to gently play with him by touching his forehead with her paws, which made the baby laugh in the cutest way.

Going Viral

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Eventually, the couple decided that the video of the encounter was so cute that it had to be shared with the entire world.

They had made the right decision. The video quickly became viral on Facebook, and everyone who watched it was filled with joy. People were all acknowledging how cute and amazing the cat’s reaction was.