60 Cats That Were Publicly Shamed by Their Owners

If you’re a cat owner, you know that cats can be absolute brats – it’s in their nature. They jump on the counter just to lick the icing off of a freshly baked cake – even though they can’t taste sweets. They eat too much – just to throw it up all over the living room carpet minutes later. And when you’re asleep, they’re awake – because why would they take your sleeping schedule into consideration?

The thing is, these four-legged felines can be totally sweet. They rub against your legs to show affection, while secretly marking you as theirs, or they bring you presents – in the form of dead animal carcasses. Some will even go to the furthest lengths of affection by getting you to climb up to trees to rescue them. You should be thanking them though, they’re just training you to be the best cat on the block, after all.

Sometimes though, you do need to put these furry beasts in their place. Queue #catshaming, the best way to out your cat for being the brat that it is. Whether you’re a dog person or cat person, you’ll love these tweets. Either you just love seeing cats put in their place, or you can totally relate. The force of cat shaming is strong in these cat owners. Enjoy!

1.) This feline follows the law of the jungle

– PrimroseTrailVintage (@primrosetrail)



2.) “If you didn’t want me to steal then you should’ve just bought me some”

– Sharon Zimmerman (@bcSharonZ)

3.) Next time, learn how to use the toilet!

– Ronald Javornik (@rolandjavornik)

4.) MeOOOOW, Meow, MeeeeeeeOOwW, MeooooooOW, Meow, meoW!

– Serious Issues (@TimSnowborn)



5.) Looks like there’s an inspiring interior decorator in our midst

– Tesla Pittsburgh (@TeslaPittsburgh)



6.) Maybe he’s trying to get his name changed to Michelmeowangelo

– Dan Trueman (@Dan120795)


7.) Do as the Romans do, eat too much and throw up afterwards

– Simon Rockett (@simonrockett)



8.) “I was just trying to teach mom how to be a good climber like me!”

– Carissa (@onelittlefour)



9.) That moment when you realized you picked a bad hiding place for safe keeping…

– Kaymieshell (@kaymieshell)

10.) At least she’s not a picky eater

– cat 🌤 first mini comic now for sale! (@_strayling)



11.) The best laid plans are when they didn’t even “see” it coming 😉

– Emma Barrett (@emmafhbarrett)



12.) The animal instincts are strong with this one

– Natalieee (@noodlenat15)


13.) If only the paw had opposable thumbs, then, the curtain would do my bidding!

– Rachel Moravec (@tisinaction)



14.) Worth it

– Sharon Zimmerman (@bcSharonZ)



15.) Now, to learn the ways of the bunny hop, then, that food will be mine – all mine

– Laura Wood (@laurabkora)

16.) A long day of napping can sure can work up an appetite

– Vandenakks (@Vandenakks)



17.) It’s just a love bite, really!

– Roselle Lim (@rosellewriter)



18.) This one has a green thumb

– Katniss Urbina (@KatnissWhiskers)

19.) And, he had it coming!

– Jay Northcote (@Jay_Northcote)



20.) This is how cats show their love – don’t judge

– Dansuela Dreams (@dansuela_)



21.) The perfect crime

– San Juan Ranch (@SanJuanRanch)

22.) There was a reason, just forgot what it was!

– Jessie (@JJJJessieB)



23.) Those weren’t my toys?

– AJ Phink (@CardinalPhink)



24.) Way too cool for selfies!

– Skunks, Punk! (@sXePotter)

25.) There’s a really good chance he liked it, too!

– Stacey (@stedeschi)



26.) That’s how we’re supposed to do it, right?

– Gar ☭ (@wraithgar)



27.) Unsuccessfully 🙁

– g (@ultdonghyk)

28.) She had it coming!

– Shiny Smith (@nikkisz)



29.) I promise I’ll be good next year!

– Kim Gerardi (@GerardiKim)



30.) How did they even find out!?

– Duncan Cook (@dpc72)

31.) Just trying to add my own unique touch to the decorations!

– Linda Lang (@lottlang)



32.) I put them there so I know where to find them!

– Andi Correa (@TheAndiCorrea)



33.) It was fantastic 🙂

– SplitableInfinitive (@SplitableInf)

34.) Somebody call the exorcist!

– a_loosegoose (@LucyACrawford)



35.) It looks better that way, I promise

– Cat Myszka (@KKAFO1)



36.) …and I’m still hungry. What’s your point?

– Annebot ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ (@annebot)

37.) If only it wasn’t so tasty…

– Grey Cats (@greycatsunite)



38.) That’s how I show my affection…

– Lisa (@Lisahh_Jayne)



39.) Some cats are just smarter than some humans, #fact

– San Juan Ranch (@SanJuanRanch)

40.) It’s always a good time for a training session

– madison (@mtaucoin)



41.) Slowly increasing my ability to hear. Now, I can hear mice breathing…muahahaha!

– camilla whitehill (@camillavalerie_)



42.) Applaws is in order for this one

– Jessica Davidson (@jessdavidsonRW)

43.) Are you calling me fat?!

– Sara V Cat (@saradaynitelive)



44.) Gotta get them plant proteins!

– Clare (@claredooley)



45.) Mommy, you need to eat more!

– DArkracc00N [WOLVfam] (@DArkracc00N)



46.) …but I left you the butter. You’re welcome!

– 1059 The Rock (@1059therock)

47.) Maybe if you offered I wouldn’t have to steal it!

– JustChristal (@justchristal)



48.) Send this fluffball to rehab

– Chuck Flanigan (@beahero2002)



49.) Artist in the making

– Daisy Leverington (@daisylevvers)


50.) Now you don’t have to clean it 🙂

– The Clumsy Cat (@Catisclumsy)



51.) Sharing is caring

– HappyBirthday Brooke (@katie_birthday)



52.) Maybe next time you’ll pay more attention to me! Next time, the computer gets it!

– William Roy (@Wil_Roy)

53.) The coupon was so, so tasty though

– Bruce Arthur (@BruceOnADevice)



54.) It’s good if you wake up before your alarm clock, no?

– Ashley Woods (@Ashowee28)



55.) …but if I catch them, it’s going to rain!

– Kathryn (@KathrynOttway)



56.) Can you take her back now please?

– Johnny E (@JohnnyTribs)

57.) Nothing will stop me. Nothing!

– RedBear (@gizm0_0)



58.) Can’t help it, I’m in ecstasy!

– Just a girl (@mslonglegs02)



59.) It was just a light snack

– F Michael Kunz (@F_Michael_Kunz)



60.) That’s not where they’re supposed to go?

– San Juan Ranch (@SanJuanRanch)


Cats, they’re next to impossible to hate no matter how much they mess up. It’s in their nature to terrorize us and for us to love them unconditionally. Raise your hand if you are one of those few who can seriously resist a good cuddle with a four-legged fluff ball – especially those that are great at giving massages?

Do you have a cat at home that from time to time torments you? Ever shamed your cat publically – or now want to? We’d love to see some of your best #catshaming photos or videos use the hashtag and tag @topfive to get a retweet!

It’s time to put your foot down and show your cats who the real boss of the house is, or perhaps they’re collecting these cat shaming tweets to show their friends. It’s really hard to put anything past these shameless cats.

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