Missing Microchipped Cat Gets Reunited With Owner After 9 Years

They were stunned when they realized she was microchipped. He hadn't seen her in almost a decade but she was ready to come home.

A Very Special Cat

Mike Marshall was ecstatic to hear that his missing cat had been found. As originally reported by Wales Online, a very special cat ended up in the hands of the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) in Bridgend, Wales.

All signs pointed to this cat being a neglected stray, so they were stunned when they realized she was microchipped. That’s how they contacted Mr. Marshall to tell him the cat that hadn’t been seen in almost a decade was safe and ready to come back home.

Babsy’s Early Life


Babsy the cat was born at the beginning of 1999. No one is sure exactly what happened in the earliest years of her life, but she ended up in a shelter by 2003. She found a loving home that was supposed to be permanent with Mike Marshall. Mike took very good care of his beloved cat, but one day she went missing.

Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t find her. As the months turned into years, he assumed that Babsy had either died or been stolen.

A Happy Reunion


After nine painful years without his beloved cat, Mike was ecstatic to learn that the RSPCA had found Babsy. When he went to the shelter to retrieve his cat, Babsy looked very different from the spry, young cat he’d lost.

Although the shelter cleaned her up, it was still clear that Babsy couldn’t see or move very well. Mike knew that she needed further medical attention.

A Bittersweet Ending


Mike Marshall was so worried about Babsy’s health that he immediately took her to a nearby vet. Unfortunately, the veterinarian delivered some painful news. Due to Babsy’s age and the extent of her health problems, it was recommended that she be euthanized.

Babsy was able to spend the final hours of her life with her cherished owner. Although Mr. Marshall’s will miss his cat, he is glad to have been able to see her one last time.