Cat Hides Under Bed Every Time Mother-In-Law Visits Until Dad Installs Cameras


A Cat And A Hidden Camera

Their cat had been hiding under the bed each time his mother-in-law visited.

Sometimes, she’d try to jump out of the window. She’d hurt herself like that once.

The dad would grow worried as the behavior got worse. Deciding to investigate, he installed a hidden camera in the house. But what it would reveal would leave him shaken for days.

Strange Behavior


The cat had been acting strangely for days now. He and his wife couldn’t explain it. Every time their mother-in-law would come over, the feline would bolt into the next room and hide under the bed.

Sometimes, it even tried to attack the poor woman. The man and his wife had enough.

They tried to talk to the mother-in-law about the matter but to no avail. Although the man hated doing it, he installed the camera to reveal the truth.

Starting Out


But for Mark and Sarah Anderson, life was supposed to be easy now that they’d just gotten married, moved into a new house, and had a kid.

Living in a cozy suburban neighborhood in Kansas City, the curious couple were a hard-working bunch who, like others, only wanted to make ends meet.

But they soon learned that leading a family life wasn’t as easy as many believed.

Building A Life Together


Mark and Sarah met in college. Before they knew it, they were going on dates and plaguing their love for each other. They wanted to build a life together and had an entire future to conquer.

Luckily enough, the world was on their side. Three years into their relationship, Mark went down on one knee and proposed.

Sarah couldn’t say “yes” fast enough. There was no way she’d miss out on a chance at a perfect life with the love of her life.

Moving Into A New House


The wedding was splendid, and Mark moved Sarah into their new house soon after.

He wanted to give her and the family they’d build a perfect life. As such, he asked for a promotion at work, laying out the reasons why he needed the position.

His boss was generous enough to hear him out, bumping him in rank. But the promotion came with more roles, which meant Mark would rarely be at home. He went to tell Sarah the news, not knowing she had information of her own.

More Responsibility


Sarah listened carefully to her husband’s news. But she had her own as well. Just like him, she’d been eyeing a promotion at work and got it. But she’d also need to put in more effort if she wanted the extra cash.

The couple laughed as they shared the news, not knowing it would soon affect their future.

They settled into their home, even getting a cat they named Buttons. But their lives were about to change.

They’re Pregnant


It all started when Sarah found out she was pregnant. Mark rejoiced since they’d been trying to have a kid for months now. Even Buttons was elated. She would come to snuggle against Sarah’s belly throughout the pregnancy.

The couple gave birth to a bouncing baby boy they named Liam. Their friends and family came to rejoice and celebrate with them.

However, although the couple was happy, having a baby demanded several lifestyle changes they needed to implement immediately.

Work-Life Balance


Among these changes was their approach to their professional lives.

During her trimester and several months after giving birth, Sarah’s boss was kind enough to give her maternity leave. But as Liam turned one, she returned to work.

To manage their bustling lives, the couple relied on the support of Sarah’s mother, Mrs. Mildred Carter, who lived just a few houses away. They couldn’t have guessed what their little arrangement would result in.

Their Past Relationship


Although Mark didn’t necessarily have a thing against Mrs. Mildred, he knew the woman didn’t like him very much. This stemmed primarily from the fact that she’d been trying to set Sarah up with one of her best friend’s sons.

Over the years, she’d worked tirelessly to break Mark and Sarah up. But she’d relented once Sarah showed her the engagement ring Mark got for her.

She’d even become friendlier, although Mark could never bring himself to trust her again. His cat would show him the woman’s true colors.

Baby Liam


Liam, the Andersons’ beautiful infant son, was the apple of their eye.

With both parents back at work, staying away for hours on end to secure a comfortable future for him, they counted on Mrs. Carter to babysit him during the day.

For many who didn’t have the same experience with her as Mark did, Mrs. Carter seemed like a kind-hearted woman. She looked like she genuinely cared for her grandson’s welfare. But the truth would soon be revealed.

The Cat’s Odd Behavior


It all started with Buttons’ peculiar behavior. The plump, fluffy feline had been the Andersons’ cherished pet for a year now.

With her silky gray fur and enchanting green eyes, she had been the joy of the family.

However, there was something odd about Buttons. She had always been a friendly, sociable cat, often curling up on the laps of Mark and Sarah, purring contentedly. But when it came to Mrs. Carter, Buttons’ behavior was baffling.



Every day, when the Andersons returned home from work, they noticed Buttons behaving strangely. She’d be perched on a high shelf or hiding under the couch, his eyes wide with fear.

As soon as Mrs. Carter entered the room, she would hiss and arch her back, ready to strike.

Buttons had even scratched at her once after she got too close, leaving Mrs. Carter with red, irritated marks on her hands and arms.

Investigate First


Mark noticed this strange behavior first and couldn’t help but wonder why their usually amiable cat had become so aggressive toward his mother-in-law.

It puzzled him to no end, and he began to grow concerned. But knowing his history with Mrs. Carter, he couldn’t bring the issue up.

Not yet, at least. He decided to investigate the matter further first.

A Little Observation


One evening, after returning from work, Mark decided to observe Buttons’ behavior more closely.

As Mrs. Carter walked into the living room, Buttons was already on edge, his tail puffed up like a bottlebrush.

Mark watched in amazement as the cat hissed and swiped at his mother-in-law, his normally friendly nature replaced by sheer terror.

What’s Going On Here?


Mark didn’t know what to make of what he’d witnessed. Buttons was usually the most well-behaved cat. But lately, his behavior had been all over the place.

He observed the cat throughout the week, ensuring he wasn’t reading too much into this.

He wondered if his wife had noticed what was happening. What would she say when Mark shared his findings?

Letting His Wife Know


Mark decided to share everything with Sarah. That night, he asked her, “Have you ever noticed how Buttons acts around your mom?”

Sarah furrowed her brows and replied, “Yeah, it’s strange, isn’t it? He’s usually so sweet, but he acts like he’s terrified of her.”

Determined to get to the bottom of this mystery, Mark decided to consult a veterinarian. The local animal expert, Dr. Stevens, listened intently as Mark explained Buttons’ unusual behavior.

At The Doctor’s


Dr. Stevens examined Buttons carefully and asked a series of questions about the cat’s behavior.

After a thorough examination, he said, “It appears that Buttons is experiencing extreme stress and anxiety when your mother-in-law is around.

Cats are sensitive creatures, and sometimes they react strongly to certain individuals or situations.” Mark nodded, still puzzled. “But why only my mother-in-law? He’s never acted this way before.”

Assessing The Situation


Dr. Stevens considered this for a moment before suggesting, “It’s possible that something about your mother-in-law’s scent or demeanor is triggering this response in Buttons.

Cats have an acute sense of smell and can pick up on things we can’t.”

Mark thanked the vet and returned home, determined to solve the mystery. He decided to start by observing Mrs. Carter when she was around Buttons.

Watching Keenly


He noticed that she didn’t do anything unusual or threatening to the cat. She would speak to him softly and try to pet him gently, but Buttons always reacted with fear and aggression.

One evening, while watching this strange interaction, Mark noticed something odd.

Buttons seemed to react the most when Mrs. Carter got close to Liam’s crib. As soon as she approached the crib, Buttons would hiss and scratch as if she were trying to protect the baby.

He Cracks The Case


Suddenly, it all clicked into place. Mark realized Buttons wasn’t scared of his mother-in-law; he was trying to protect Liam! He rushed to Sarah and shared his revelation.

Sarah’s eyes widened with understanding. “You think Buttons sees Mom as a threat to Liam?” Mark nodded.

“It seems that way. Maybe he associates something about her with danger, and he’s trying to protect our son.”

A Long Shot


The theory was far-fetched. But it was the only thing that made sense. But why would the cat feel like Mrs. Carter was a danger to their child?

Granted, Buttons had formed a close bond with Liam. The two always played together, with Buttons bringing his favorite yarn ball for them to push around.

Mark knew he needed to get to the bottom of this before it was too late.

A Sign


He decided to approach Mrs. Carter about the issue. If something were wrong, she’d surely tell him. But although the woman acknowledged having noticed Button’s behavior, she denied knowing the cause.

She didn’t even mention Liam’s name. But she seemed to tense whenever Mark’s gaze fell on the baby’s crib.

As much as Mark didn’t want to take this as a sign that something was going on, he knew he couldn’t let it slide.

Vigilance Is Key


Mark became even more vigilant. That night, while Sarah was bathing Liam, he went to examine the little boy’s body.

He wanted to see if Liam had any marks, bruises, scratches, or blemishes on his skin.

But Mark couldn’t find a thing. He went to assess the boy’s crib, hoping to find something to shed some light on this issue. But that, too, didn’t yield any promising results. It was then that he had an idea that would reveal the truth.

Get The Camera


Mark installed an old camera he’d had lying in the basement into Liam’s crib, ensuring it was well hidden so as not to raise any eyebrows. He connected it to his phone and waited for Mrs. Carter to arrive in the morning.

As was their routine, Mark and Sarah left the house for work. But today, Mark’s eyes were glued to his phone as he watched his mother-in-law care for Liam.

He didn’t know what he would uncover, but he wouldn’t rest until he uncovered this mystery.

He’s Locked In


Marked watched with bated breath as Mrs. Carter came and picked up Liam. She was loving and kind, talking to the cooing baby while changing his diaper.

She praised and sang for him, calling him endearing names and constantly pecking his chubby cheeks.

It was clear she more than loved her grandson. But then she started talking about Liam’s parents, letting her true nature come afore.

No Negative Energy


Liam expected the conversation to be negative. Mrs. Carter had once been rooting against him, after all. But he was surprised to hear all the good things Mrs. Carter had to say about him and Sarah. She was still talking to Liam when Buttons came rushing in.

She hissed and snarled, and Mrs. Carter tried to offer some cat snacks from her purse.

When the cat refused, she started lamenting, saying she was growing tired of this odd behavior. “When will you stop this?” she asked the cat heartbreakingly.

A Life-Changing Footage


Mark saw everything unfold. The fact that Mrs. Carter thought so highly of him shook him for days. He showed Sarah the footage, and they agreed they needed to see a feline behavior specialist.

The next day, they visited Dr. Harper, an expert in everything cats, and explained what they’d seen.

She told them cats are incredibly sensitive to changes in their environment and can develop strong protective instincts, especially when a new family member, like a baby, is introduced. Buttons had likely picked up on subtle cues and scents that made her feel the need to guard Liam.

At Another Doctor’s


Dr. Harper suggested gradually reintroducing Mrs. Carter to Buttons, allowing the cat to associate her presence with positive experiences.

They started with supervised visits, during which Mrs. Carter would give Buttons treats and play with him, always maintaining a safe distance from Liam’s crib.

Over time, Buttons began to relax. She no longer hissed or scratched at Mrs. Carter. Instead, she started to approach her cautiously, sniffing her hand before accepting treats. Sarah and Mark watched with relief as their beloved cat began to trust their mother.

A Mended Relationship


As weeks turned into months, Buttons and Mrs. Carter grew closer. The cat realized that his initial fear had been unwarranted, and Mrs. Carter, in turn, became more attuned to Buttons’ needs and boundaries.

Their bond deepened, and Buttons no longer saw Mrs. Carter as a threat to Liam but as a trusted member of their family.

The Andersons learned an important lesson about the complexities of pet behavior and the need for patience and understanding.

Peace Is Restored


Buttons’ protective instincts, born out of love for their infant son, had led to her initial fear of Mrs. Carter. But with time, patience, and the guidance of experts, they were able to resolve the issue and create a harmonious environment for both their feline and human family members.

And so, peace was restored in the cozy suburban neighborhood where the Andersons lived.

Buttons continued to be the cherished family cat, now with an even greater sense of responsibility and love for his family, especially for her little buddy, Liam.


This story was handcrafted with love by a creative novelist to thrill and entertain, mirroring real-life situations to awaken your imagination and evoke profound emotions. All events, places, and characters are products of the author’s imagination, and all images and videos are used for illustrative purposes only. We hope you enjoyed reading it just as much as we enjoyed writing it!