Baby Abandoned In A Garden Is Found By Cat


Meowing For Help

A passer-by grew worried when they heard the cat’s cries, thinking it may have been injured or was calling for help. It was the latter.

The cat had been in a garden when it found an abandoned baby and been trying to get someone’s attention so they could help. When her owners got home, they saw things were more complicated than they seemed.

Kiki Wanted To Help

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Cats are loyal animals, more than you would think, and this loyalty made this cat stay when it heard a noise.

The cat named Kiki knew that she had to do something, no matter what. She never once thought of abandoning the scene because she knew the crying came from a distressed individual who needed help.

Drawn To Sam


Sam from Olso, Norway, shared his large home with non-human friends and acquaintances.

Kiki also lived in the area and had visited Sam’s house a few years ago and decided she didn’t want to leave. Everyone looked after her as if she were their own, but she seemed drawn to Sam most, lingering in the entrance hall.

Looking For Her


When Sam saw that Kiki hadn’t eaten and was nowhere to be seen, he called for her but eventually thought something had happened to her.

He went out to look for them and asked around to hear if anyone had spotted her. Kiki would eventually be found, but there would be more to it when she was.

Unusually Loud

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Kiki lived a comfortable life before something changed her daily comfort three years later. The residents were surprised to hear the usually quiet cat continuously meowing and crying as loud as she could.

Someone thought that the cat was being hurt and rushed to see what the noise was about.

Insistent Meowing


The man was joined by another resident who had heard Kiki’s insistent meowing.

Sam knew something was wrong when he heard it while at home. He dreaded to think about what had happened to her but followed the noise until he found her sitting and realized there was a reason behind all her meowing.

She Had Company

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Both men saw that Kiki was looking up at them from her previous sleeping spot and she had company.

It was lying behind where Kiki used to sleep in the garden, next to a tree.

What Was She Hiding?


The scene before them was incredible as the cat seemed to be protecting something by lying down on it and hiding it.

They were initially unsure why the cat didn’t move, and what it was she was hiding, but they were shocked with they managed to take a closer look.

More People At The Scene

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The stunned men tried to devise a solution while more people came to see what was happening. They never thought something like this was possible in the Capital of Norway.

The two men were not the only ones shocked; everyone knew that something had to be done. They had to call the authorities.


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Kiki had obliterated the idea of cats being heartless and mean by attracting help for a child who had been abandoned. Everyone was surprised by her actions and her curiosity.

This cat had found the baby in the cold outside and did something remarkable.


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Under the cat, there was a baby. Sam was overwhelmed and had no idea what was going on, especially as Kiki appeared to be protecting the baby that seemed to have been abandoned there and was clearly distressed for some reason. Kiki heard the baby crying and decided to take responsibility for the abandoned child.

Instead of hissing at or scaring him, she decided to look after the baby as if it were her own and make sure that he was okay. Not only did she lay down next to the newborn and keep him warm, but her presence also seemed to soothe the child as it didn’t seem to be crying. Sam and everyone there were utterly shocked and couldn’t believe the sight in front of them.

A Cat’s Actions

Sam was incredibly overwhelmed and had no idea what to do at first. It wasn’t until he really looked at the situation that he realized Kiki had actually been keeping the baby warm for hours and trying to get the attention of the people around her.

Amazingly Kiki had been able to shield the young child from the harsh conditions outside, and she may have even saved the baby’s life. While those around Kiki were incredibly impressed with her and her life-saving act, they were also worried about the child. Was he okay? How long had he been there? Where were his parents? Sam could see that the baby was incredibly young and vulnerable. Something needed to be done soon.

Calling For Help

Kiki, the cat, had called for help and the people who were at the scene needed to as well. It was time to take action.

So they decided to call the police and the paramedics. They knew that the authorities would know what to do with the abandoned child but also wanted to ensure that the baby was healthy.


However, the people didn’t anticipate that Kiki would be quite so protective of the baby. In fact, Kiki did not want the baby to leave her side. She had grown incredibly fond of the infant and tried to ensure it wouldn’t be harmed.

Because of this, Kiki followed the baby wherever it was taken. When paramedics took the child to the ambulance to give him a checkup, Kiki followed closely behind. Not only this, but she also meowed at the ambulance until she saw the baby with her own eyes.

Doing Fine

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The baby was eventually taken to the hospital for a checkup. A spokesperson for the local hospital later reported to a news agency and confirmed that the baby boy was doing fine and had no injuries in any way from his ordeal.

Since this incredible event, Kiki had been treated like a celebrity. Those who lived in the house and district were incredibly proud that she looked after the baby and did everything she could to ensure that he was as safe as possible.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.