Cat Carrying Bag Takes Bus Every Day Until Driver Alerts Officer


Something Terrible

Marjorie Nichols gasped in surprise and horror when she heard the words over the phone. Her beloved cat, Mo, was at the police station because something terrible had happened.

Why had Mo been taken to the police station? Something like this was unheard of, and Marjorie needed to know if her poor baby was all right. What had happened to Mo?



Marjorie was a dedicated teacher who lived in St. Louis, Missouri. Growing up in St. Louis wasn’t easy, and Marjorie’s parents always made sure that they were inside the house at a certain time in the evenings.

St. Louis was considered a dangerous city, but to Marjorie, it was her home, and she wanted to make a difference in the lives of the children that she taught every day of the week.

The Reality


She knew that they mostly came from impoverished households and gang-ridden neighborhoods. It was their reality, but she just wanted them to have a place of safety in the form of her classroom and hope that they could all make it to graduate one day.

She was aware that many communities lived in fear and wanted their streets cleaned up of the criminals running them.

Vulnerable People


Marjorie lived in these communities and knew all too well about the hold the criminals had on vulnerable people.

She lived in the same house she grew up in with her cat, Mo. She inherited the house and Mo when her parents passed away. She didn’t want to leave the area because she had many children counting on her.



She loved Mo and looked after him like the king that he was. And she knew that he loved her too. He waited dutifully by the window every afternoon for her to return from school.

And then sat with her for hours. But that was until Marjorie noticed one day that Mo wasn’t waiting for her by the window as he usually did.

After Hours


When he eventually did come back, it would be way past his dinner time which he never missed. Marjorie wondered what Mo was getting up to. Maybe he had a friend or a girlfriend in the area that he visited.

But Marjorie didn’t like that he was still wandering around after hours. She usually let him out in the garden to relieve himself, and he would be indoors before 7 pm. Now it was a different story.



She became very concerned when he eventually came home and didn’t even want to eat. Was Mo sick, and where did he come from? It looked like he had been out all day long.

He practically fell asleep immediately as soon as they went to the bedroom. Marjorie was very worried, but Mo didn’t seem like he was in distress.

Observing Mo


One day, Marjorie was at home sick and didn’t go to school. Although she wasn’t feeling well, she thought it was the perfect opportunity to observe Mo and see what he was doing during the day.

Like clockwork, at the same time that she would leave for school in the mornings, Mo sauntered off and left the house. Marjorie shrugged. She was sure that he would be back in a few minutes.

Was It Normal?


But when minutes turned to hours, Marjorie woke up from a nap and realized that Mo was still not home. However, Marjorie didn’t think that Mo was in danger. She just wanted to know where he was going for the whole day without even eating anything.

She didn’t know if Mo’s behavior was normal, but she knew he wasn’t sick. But everything would soon be revealed to Marjorie.

The Bus Stop


One morning as Marjorie was driving to school, she was stopped at a stop street and witnessed something absolutely baffling. She wasn’t even sure if what she saw was real.

There was a bus standing at a bus stop waiting for people to get in, and just as Marjorie was about to drive off, she saw her cat, Mo, get onto the bus as well.

A Mystery


Marjorie’s eyes widened at the realization of what she just saw. Was it really Mo who hopped onto the bus, or was she seeing things?

She thought about it all day in class. If it was Mo, how had he learned to climb onto the bus, and most importantly, where was he going? It was a mystery that Marjorie kept thinking about.



The next day, Marjorie decided to leave for school a little early, determined to find out the truth about Mo’s mysterious bus adventures. She parked her car a short distance from the bus stop and discreetly observed from behind a tree.

As the minutes ticked by, she nervously watched the buses arrive and depart, searching for any sign of her feline friend. Finally, just when she was starting to lose hope, she saw him. There was no mistaking it; it was undeniably Mo, gracefully boarding the bus as if he had been doing it for years.

Following The Bus


With her heart pounding, Marjorie discreetly followed the bus, her curiosity outweighing any fear she might have had about confronting the unknown. She couldn’t help but wonder who Mo’s mysterious companions might be or what his secret life entailed.

The bus journey led her to a part of the city she rarely ventured into—an area notorious for its criminal activities and gang presence. Marjorie’s heart sank, realizing that her sweet cat had somehow become entangled in something dangerous.

Mo’s Secret Route


Keeping a safe distance, Marjorie watched Mo disembark at a dingy alleyway. He trotted confidently along a narrow path between dilapidated buildings. She noticed a small bag attached to his collar—a bag that she had never seen before.

She couldn’t believe what she was witnessing. It was as if Mo was on a mission, following a specific route with a sense of purpose. Marjorie knew she had to get to the bottom of this, even if it meant putting herself in harm’s way.

A Dangerous Situation


But she didn’t know what she would be walking into. She knew that Mo was doing something, but she had no idea just how dangerous the situation might be.

With a heavy heart, she turned her car around and headed home. She knew that Mos would be coming home later. But maybe there was something she could do to prevent him from going out.

Protecting Mo


That night as Mo finally made his appearance, Marjorie picked him up and held him close. She knew how special he was to her parents, and she wanted to protect him from harm at all costs.

“I don’t know what you’re up to, buddy, but I’m going to see that you don’t go out again.” She then closed up the cat flap on her front door and put a litter box out for Mo to use. But would Mo be staying inside?

An Unexpected Surprise


Marjorie’s heart was put at ease the next morning when she kissed Mo goodbye, and he went to sit at his usual spot by the window.

She thought about him the whole day and looked forward to seeing him by the window when she got home. But Marjorie was in for a surprise. It was not what she had expected at all.



Firstly, Mo was not by the window when she arrived, and secondly, he wasn’t even in the house. She looked everywhere for him, but he just wasn’t there. How had he escaped?

That’s when she saw it. The cat flap had been forced open from the outside with some kind of tool. Marjorie now feared for her life, and she now knew that Mo was also in danger.



Just as she was about to dial 911, her phone rang. She answered immediately but was confused by what the person on the other end was saying.

“Hello, is this Marjorie Nichols?” She answered, and then the person went on to say, “ This is Detective Brown from the St. Louis Police Department. I think we have a cat that belongs to you. Would you mind coming down to the police station, please?”



Marjorie was in a full-blown panic now. Why was Mo at the police station? Was he injured, was he bumped over by a car, and someone brought him in? All kinds of thoughts went through Marjorie’s mind as she drove downtown.

As soon as she got to the police station, she saw Mo in a cat carrier meowing furiously. “What happened to Mo? Is he all right?”

The Police Station


“Ma’am, please step back. Your cat is fine, but we need to ask you a few questions.” Marjorie’s heart was beating so fast she thought it was going to jump out of her chest.

“Miss Nichols, are you aware that your cat has been taking the bus every day for three weeks now?” Marjorie knew that there was trouble brewing.



“Um, I saw him get on the bus once, but I wasn’t sure that it was him, and I had no idea he knew how to do that. I noticed that he wasn’t home all day. I don’t know where he goes.”

Marjorie gulped. She didn’t know if the detectives believed her. “Miss Nichols, the bus driver of the bus your cat gets onto on a daily basis, called us this morning because he witnessed something suspicious.”

Were You Aware?


Marjorie listened intently. “It seems your cat was being used by a gang as a courier to transport packages of money and other illegal goods. Are you aware of this?”

Marjorie’s face changed in an instant. “What do you mean was I aware of it? Of course not. I had no idea this was happening. I don’t want it to happen. They even broke my cat flap to get Mo out of the house this morning. I want it to stop immediately.”



Detective Brown nodded sympathetically, understanding Marjorie’s distress. “We believe you, Miss Nichols. We’ve been investigating this gang for some time now, and it seems they found a way to train your cat and exploit his daily routine for their illicit activities without your knowledge.”

Marjorie felt a mix of relief and anger. Relief that Mo was safe and hadn’t willingly participated in criminal activities, and anger at the criminals who had put her beloved pet in harm’s way.

Increased Patrols


“Please, do whatever it takes to put an end to this,” she pleaded with the detective.

Detective Brown assured her that they would take immediate action and do everything they could to apprehend the culprits responsible for involving Mo in their illegal operations. He also promised to increase patrols in her neighborhood to keep an eye on Mo’s safety.

Cat Courier


As days passed, the police investigation intensified, and Marjorie cooperated fully with the authorities. The story of Mo’s secret life as a “cat courier” made headlines, and people all over the city were captivated by the unusual tale.

Many were touched by Marjorie’s dedication to her cat and her determination to protect him. Marjorie brushed off the praise, Mo meant everything to her. She would do anything for him.

A Celebrity


Mo became a local celebrity, and even the bus driver, who had been unwittingly part of this feline adventure, was amazed by the cat’s intelligence and mysterious escapades. He became a dear friend to Marjorie, and together they shared stories of their encounters with Mo.

Marjorie was grateful that the people of her community rallied together to keep an eye on their own pets as well as everybody else’s.

Feeling The Pressure


With the increased police presence and media attention, the gang responsible for using Mo’s daily bus routine as a cover for their illegal activities began to feel the pressure.

The police swooped in on them, and they were swiftly removed from the streets and arrested. As life returned to normal, Marjorie decided to keep Mo indoors during the day to prevent any further exploits.



The cat seemed content with this arrangement, spending his days lazing by the window and being showered with love and attention from his adoring owner.

The story of Mo, the cat courier, gradually faded from the public’s memory, but Marjorie and the police never forgot. The detective assigned to the case made a promise to Marjorie that they would always keep an eye out for any suspicious activity in the area.

An Unexpected Hero


Marjorie continued her work as a dedicated teacher, using Mo’s adventurous tale as a way to inspire her students to never underestimate the power of unexpected heroes.

The bond between Marjorie and Mo grew even stronger, and their shared adventure brought them closer together, creating a unique and unbreakable connection.

Marjorie and Mo enjoyed their ordinary and extraordinary moments together, forever grateful for the twists and turns that had brought them closer and taught them the true meaning of love and loyalty.

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.