Caregiver Remains In Patient’s Room Unaware He’s Being Recorded


Driving To The Hospital

As she typically did in the afternoon, she took a car to the hospital. Her mother’s physicians had recommended a new operation, which was riskier but would assist in maintaining her situation.

As she entered her mother’s room, she let her daughter enter while she stayed outside to speak with the doctor about her mother. She then hurried into her mother’s room after hearing something.

An Average Woman

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Taylor Hawk was a typical young mother who resided in San Francisco, California. She had put a lot of effort into making her life ideal while residing with her mother and daughter.

Taylor ran a little bakery on the edge of the town; it was her little slice of paradise and allowed her to pursue her passion for baking while also supporting her financial obligations. But before long, danger started to develop in her utopia.

She Did Her Best


Growing up, Taylor had lived under the watchful eyes of her loving parents. Sadly, her father passed away in a road accident as she approached puberty. It was evident to Taylor, despite her young age, that her life would never be the same.

However, her mother reared her on her own, assuming the roles of both parents and doing her best. Before they knew it, Taylor had already completed culinary school and was planning to open a bakery. She would put everything she had into making her goals come true.

What Kept Her Going


Taylor’s entire existence was supported by three pillars. Her kid, who meant everything to her, was the first. The second was her mother, the person who had done everything for her.

The third was her bakery, a vision she worked really hard to make a reality. When calamity suddenly struck, everything for Taylor and her family was perfect.

A Devastating Call

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The hospital where Taylor’s mother was being treated called while she was at work. As she listened to the doctor’s update, her gut tightened. A very bleak time for her family would now begin.

It had been discovered that Taylor’s mom had stage three breast cancer. Their family had enjoyed years of peace before they heard the news, which inflicted a great deal of discomfort.

Taking Care Of Her

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In order to give her mom the best cancer treatment, Taylor enrolled her in the best oncology program she could find. To ensure she could cover whatever was left uncovered by her mother’s insurance, she used all the profits from her business and even took out loans.

Observing how her mother’s body responded to the many cancer treatments the hospital had her undergo in the ensuing weeks was heartbreaking for her. However, Taylor would one day come across something that would cause her to sprint to her mother’s room.

Her Habit

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Upon learning that her mother had breast cancer, Taylor’s daily schedule changed. While her mother was undergoing treatment, she preferred to work fewer hours.

Visiting the hospital had become a habit for Taylor. The sacrifice was worth it to her, even if it affected her business a little. She was unaware of the struggles her mother faced after Taylor left her.

A Dreadful Time

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“We had always been close,” Taylor described the incident while sobbing. “After my dad passed, she assumed the role of a father, raising me all by herself.”

She described her mother as being her parent, sister, and best friend. To let the woman know she was there for her, she would stop at nothing. She was just showing signs of improvement when her mother’s condition suddenly deteriorated.

Visiting Her Mom

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Afternoons were Taylor’s usual time to drive to the hospital. In spite of the risk involved, her mom’s doctors recommended a new procedure that would help stabilize her worsening health.

While Taylor remained behind to discuss her mom’s condition with her doctor, her daughter went into her mom’s room. At that moment, she heard something that triggered her to rush to the room.

Rocking Her

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‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ from Elvis Presley echoed softly in Taylor’s ears as she entered the room to see her daughter in her mom’s arms. A caregiver hummed the tune as they rocked.

Despite having no idea what was going on, Taylor found herself nodding at him as he smiled broadly.

Listening To Elvis

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“She really likes Elvis,” the man whispered. He seemed to be in his late fifties, his umber skin shining beautifully under the afternoon sun that shone through the room’s window.

“I do,” Taylor’s mom mouthed. “His voice takes me back.” The man began singing to Taylor’s mom, and even Taylor found herself swaying to his voice. She’d have to ask what was happening once the show was over.

Singing To Her

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When the man finished singing, he asked Taylor to join him outside the room. “He told me mom was losing hope after all the procedures the hospital had put her through,” Taylor said.

The man had sung to Taylor’s mom for almost a week, soothing her whenever she felt down. But Taylor should’ve known that the man had his own agenda.

The Surgery

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Taylor’s mom had her surgery as scheduled. She woke up to find her daughter and granddaughter by her side. Although she was elated to see them, she asked for the man who had been singing to her.

Taylor saw that her mom’s bond with the man was more than simple friendship. The two had been bonding for a while now, and as Taylor’s mom put it, the man was “her angel from above.” Taylor would cry when she found out what his intention was.

Who Is He?

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Taylor talked to the man at length, discovering he was a Jamaican by birth but had lived in their city for more than two decades. He was the friendliest person she’d ever met, with a penchant for music that blew everything she knew out of the water.

Additionally, he was a performer in the city when not working as a caregiver at the hospital. But he was battling anxiety, which usually overwhelmed him on stage. Singing to his patients not only made them feel at ease but helped him combat his anxiety.

Going Home

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“He revealed that he’d never met an encouraging audience as my mom,” Taylor said with a blush. “His songs helped her heal.”

Taylor’s mom managed to beat her condition, going home to her family. But her friendship with the caregiver didn’t end. “Every cloud has a silver lining,” she joked, chuckling next to Taylor and her granddaughter.