Five Killer Pieces of Career Advice from Girl Bosses

The patriarchy is shifting, and women are rising into positions of power all over the globe. Boardrooms, think tanks, research institutes and even governments are finally welcoming women into leadership roles. According to Forbes, as entrepreneurship thrives, women are starting even more innovative businesses than men. Whether you’re dreaming of starting your own company or just hoping to get ahead in the company you work for now, we’ve got five pieces of killer career advice from some serious girl bosses to inspire you!

You’ve likely been seeing #girlboss pop up in your Instagram feed, and probably on the back of T-shirts and the covers of paperbacks on display in Barnes and Noble, too. You can thank Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso for that. At the age of 22, she started a sexed-up online vintage store that exploded into the uber-successful women’s fashion brand Nasty Gal. In 2012 the company was raking in over $100 million in annual sales.

But Sophia hasn’t jumped from win to win. In fact, her road to success has been paved with a lot of failure. Ten years after launching her brand, she was forced to step down as CEO. After stepping back from her company, she watched sales take a turn for the worst and Nasty Gal file for bankruptcy in 2016.

Instead of throwing in the towel, she pivoted. After publishing her bestselling book Girl Boss over three years ago, she realized millennial women were hungry for career advice. Enter her new venture, GirlBoss, where you can feast on career advice and open conversations with experts on everything from your 401(k) to vaginal steams.

So what is Sophia Amoruso’s best career advice in a nutshell? It’s pretty simple.

“Hustle, rest, repeat.”

To inspire you even more we asked five girl bosses across a variety of fields to let us in on their secrets to success.

Here are five pieces of career advice from five inspiring girl bosses:

5.) Tina Hedges: LOLI Beauty Founder

Who’s Tina Hedges? She’s a serial entrepreneur recognized by Forbes for shaking things up in the beauty industry. She used Bravo’s hit TV show Blow Out to promote her vegan hair care line and then launched another organic beauty company, LOLI Beauty. LOLI stands for “living organic loving ingredients” and has spearheaded the so-called farm-to-face movement.

All the skincare products are part of a clean beauty routine that’s made entirely from food-grade ingredients. Translation: It’s safe to eat your face mask. I recently asked Tina what her best career advice was for other aspiring entrepreneurs. Here’s what she said:

“Being a founder means living in a constant state of the now-or-never moment. The surest way to fail is to wait for the perfect time. From launching your own online business or raising money to pivot the product, you need to be comfortable with the imperfection of timing. As one of my mentors says, ‘The best way to catch a bus is to miss a bus, because at least you’re not standing at the bus station.'” – Tina Hedges, Founder and CEO, LOLI Beauty