Caraway Cookware Set Review 2022: Replacing My Current Pots and Pans


I have been downsizing and simplifying my belongings. I went through each room in my house and I have to say that the kitchen is the most challenging spot. I have been holding on to various old cookware, none of them match and they are all fairly worn out. I was overdue for an upgrade but kept getting confused about which kind to opt for. My main concerns were chemicals, ease off cleaning/longevity, and of course: style. Caraway turned out to be the perfect option for me, checking all these boxes and then some.

Non-toxic Ceramic for True Healthy Cooking

Caraway cookware is free of chemicals, that means no toxic materials, no PTFE (a.k.a. Teflon), no PFOA, no heavy metals, no lead. Did you know that traditional cookware can contain all these? That’s scary. I like to cook healthy meals and doing so with pots and pans that leach toxic chemicals into my food just wouldn’t make any sense!

Caraway combined an aluminum core with a mineral-based ceramic coating and stainless steel handles. It was designed with our health in mind, finding the perfect balance of chemical-free materials while achieving an elevated look.

The premium material doesn’t restrict usage. All Caraway cookware are compatible with induction, gas and electric and are oven safe up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another important note is that the Caraway designed its cookware with the planet in mind. Compared to traditional non-stick cookware, up to 60% less CO2 emissions were released during the production process. That’s a huge difference!

Ease of Cleaning & Longevity

The ceramic coating is non-stick meaning that it requires less oil and butter for cooking. This naturally leads to healthier cooking since you automatically reduce the amount of fat in your food. A dash of oil will suffice (1-2 tablespoons). Quick note, it is recommended to avoid oil sprays or cooking aerosols to best preserve the slick coating and to pre-heat cookware for 20-30 seconds before adding oil and avoid leaving an empty pot or pan on a hot burner. This is a reminder of cooking best practices, and some easy guidelines to follow. Last one is, just like with most cookware, avoid utensils with rough edges. Instead of metal, opt for soft wooden, silicon, plastic or nylon utensils. This also means that you shouldn’t cut or dice your food directly in the pan. I personally use bamboo utensils, it is a perfect combination.

The non-stick coating also makes it easier to clean as your food slides right off. I was making pancakes on Sunday morning and the pancakes were literally sliding on the pan! It is recommended to let the cookware cool down before running cold water on it, the thermal shocks could damage the coating. Also it doesn’t make it harder to clean, everything comes off easily using water and a little soap. I use the cork trivet provided with the set to let my cookware cool down before cleaning.

Caraway products are designed to make your life easier and healthier. Here are some tips to keep everything beautiful. The bottom of the pots/pans should always be dry before touching the stove top. After use, save time and water and skip the dishwasher. A gentle scrub with warm soapy water should do the trick. Remember to use a non-abrasive sponge or dishcloth, this will keep your pans in optimal condition. You can also choose to use your dishwasher but keep in mind that continual use can affect the longevity of the coating. To be honest, they are so easy to clean, you won’t need to put them in the dishwasher. Finally, if you ever notice stains on the exterior of your cookware, you can use a wool sponge and a stronger detergent.

For the first few uses, closely monitor your heat setting to figure out the perfect way to warm up your favorite dishes and avoid messy burnt food in your new cookware. This was not an issue for me. If food does get stuck onto the surface, simmer soapy water over low heat and then gently scrape away with a sponge or soft cloth. Rinse and repeat as needed. For strong stains or residue, try mixing 1 cup of water with 2 tablespoons of baking soda and ½ cup of white vinegar.

Caraway Cookware Style

It did not take me long to fall in love with the look of the Caraway cookware set. Sleek and modern looking with a variety of colorway’s available. I opted for the gray set to match the color palette of my kitchen but was definitely also attracted to some of the brighter colors
I love that it came in a set with everything I need. First the frying pan, this is perfect for my weekend pancakes or for a side of veggies. It is fairly large, 10.5 in (2.7 qt), allowing for a variety of uses. Definitely a must have for any kitchen.

The sauté pan is slightly larger than the frying pan, 11.8 in (4.5 qt) and comes with a lid. This is great for stir-fries, or my personal favorite: 1-pot pasta (wide enough to fit spaghetti!). Having 2 pans is plenty. I typically only use one at a time but it’s nice having two for when I feel more adventurous and cook more elaborate meals.

The sauce pan measures 8in. In diameter, this is my go to for pasta, quinoa, rice, risotto, soups or sauces. It also includes a lid, perfect for simmering your favorite dish.

Finally the dutch oven is perfect to boil large potatoes or prepare bigger meals. It also comes with a lid. This is a great solution for pasta or other things if the sauce pan is being used for something else or if you are cooking for many people.

Overall, this is the perfect combination of pots and pans and it is great to have lids as well. They are definitely more on the larger size which I can appreciate because I never feel like I might run out of space.

Extra: Storage Solution

The added bonus, and definitely a big one, is that the set comes with a complete storage solution. Each cookware has its own vertical storage rack, they connect magnetically to form one big rack (you can organize it any way you want). I love the versatility and have experimented with a couple different options in my kitchen. The lids have their own storage sleeve, it comes with hooks to hang on the inside of a cabinet. This looks great and make it easy to access everything. In addition to keeping things organized, it also helps keep everything in top condition.

Caraway Cookware Set Review Recap

Overall I am extremely satisfied with the Caraway cookware set. It has proven to be everything I need in the kitchen and has allowed me to cook all my favorite dishes with ease. Cleaning has been painless, and I really like the storage racks to keep the space neat.