Camping Gear You Need to Turn Camping Into Glamping

Not a fan of camping? Give glamping a try. Glamping is a more comfortable (and sometimes even luxurious) version of camping where you bring many of the comforts of home with you to the great outdoors. To comfortably survive the wilderness you’ll need some upgraded camping gear.

Unlike camping, you won’t be sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag. Glamping is so much more than a good tent though. Think real beds, nice utensils, cozy lounge chairs, a portable stove, and drinks mixers for those sunset cocktails you’ll be sipping on.

Here’s the camping gear you need to make camping more comfortable:

1.) A Coffee and Tea Outdoor Set

Pure Outdoor Coffee and Tea Set Camping Gear Glamping

Let’s be real, when you’re glamping you always have morning coffee on hand. Unlike regular camping where you might be into “roughing” it, instant coffee packets just won’t do. Make the perfect cup of coffee or tea with a portable out door coffee and tea set.

Pure Outdoor makes some of the best camping gear. This brewing set comes with everything you need to make the perfect cup of coffee or tea in the outdoors. It’s durable, lightweight, and conveniently sized to make carrying it to your destination easy. It also comes with environmentally friendly coffee filters!

Pure Outdoor by Monoprice Coffee and Tea Set: $19.99