New Dog Insists On Sleeping With Girl Every Night Until Mom Installs Camera


Too Much To Bear

Tammy sank to the floor as her shaky hand clutched the picture. She could barely hold back her tears at the sight of her husband and the first dog he ever owned.

When Mika started acting strange, she wondered what might be causing it. Then she just got annoyed with the constant barking. But she never expected to find this.

One Tragic Night


Tammy thought back to how it all started, and that was when her tears started flowing freely. Her husband, Jake, was on his way back from a fishing trip when he lost control of his vehicle.

The night was cold, and the road was filled with rainwater. He had lost control of the car and tumbled over a cliff. He never made it home.

She Didn’t Know What To Do


When Tammy received the call, she froze in place. She didn’t want to believe what she was hearing. She hoped that the hospital had made some kind of mistake.

But there was no denying it once she saw him. Tammy was devastated and afraid. How could she possibly tell their daughter that her father would never be coming home again?

Just A Child


Sally was only four years old at the time. She was far too young to understand what her mother was trying to tell her, and she spent the next few days asking about her daddy.

Tammy didn’t know what to do. She had tried to explain to the best of her ability. But she also understood that there was more to it than not understanding what was said. Sally understood that her daddy wasn’t coming home. She just didn’t want to believe it.

The Effects


After a few days, Sally stopped asking questions, and that was where the problems began. The young girl became quiet, too quiet, and that wasn’t the only effect she had to the news.

Once the news began to set in, Sally’s behavior changed completely. She wasn’t a happy little girl anymore. She was a crushed child who only wanted her daddy to come home.

Sleepless Nights


After about a week of near-total silence, a new symptom developed. Sally started having night terrors. It tended to happen between 10 pm and 12 am.

Sally would scream at the top of her lungs and then burst into tears. That was what happened the first few nights. After that, she just stopped sleeping altogether.

Groggy Mornings


Tammy would stay up most of the night, trying to help her daughter fall asleep. And by the time she woke up, she was just as groggy as the four-year-old.

Tammy would tell her stories. She’d even put on cartoons. But nothing would lull the young girl to sleep. What was happening to her? And how could her mother help?

It Had To Be Trauma


Tammy figured that Sally had to be suffering from the trauma that her father’s death had caused. And she was right. But what could her mother do about it?

Tammy had thought about it for days, but she couldn’t come up with a solution for her little problem. How does one help a child that’s suffering from something so massive?

What Could She Do To Help?


Tammy didn’t know what else to do, so she turned to the internet. She searched for childhood traumas and the methods people used to deal with them.

But once again, she came out empty-handed. There were so many people talking about so many different things that she didn’t know where to start and where to end.

Confiding In Her Friend


Fearing that she was about to break down, Tammy turned to her best friend, Amanda. She confided in the woman she grew up with and hoped that her friend would help her get through this.

But why would Amanda be able to help? Surely, she was just as clueless when it came to this as her friend was. Or was she?

A Trained Child Psychologist


Amanda was a trained child psychologist, and she had experienced many cases such as this one during her career. She had seen all the methods the internet had mentioned, and she knew which ones might work.

Amanda listened as her friend spoke, and when Tammy was done, Amanda told her what she would’ve done if she were in her position.

Her Advice


Amanda told Tammy that the best thing she could do was get Sally a pet. She also suggested that the pet should be a dog.

That way, Sally would be able to express what she felt to someone who would do nothing but listen. And the bond she would form with the dog would fill the gap she now had in her heart.

Considering It


Tammy thanked her friend for the advice and went home. But that didn’t mean that she didn’t take the advice to heart.

Before Jake died, he had the same discussion with Tammy. He thought that Sally was old enough to take on the responsibility and that she would enjoy the company. But was it really the right thing to do?

That Weekend


Tammy spent a whole week thinking about it, and when Saturday morning came, her mind was made up. She made her daughter some breakfast and broke the news while they were eating.

For the first time in weeks, Sally actually smiled. She was delighted by the gift and wanted to hit the road, and that was exactly what they did. But their mission wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

Not Happy


Tammy and Sally went to the four animal shelters that were situated near their home, and they looked at all the dogs that were available. But Sally wasn’t happy with any of them.

Tammy didn’t understand why that was. At first, she thought it was because Sally wanted a puppy. But when they found puppies, she turned them down too. Why was that?

The Last Shelter


Seeing how sad Sally was made Tammy go to one last shelter. It was a little further away, but she would drive a thousand miles if it meant she could see her daughter’s sweet smile again.

The two strolled through the shelter, and Tammy silently begged for her daughter to pick a puppy this time. But there was no such luck. That was until they were about to leave.

Instant Bond


Just as the pair were about to walk out of the shelter, someone came in and put a box on the counter. Sally, being as curious as she was, got up on her toes to see what was inside.

What she found was a tiny husky puppy that instantly melted her heart. Without giving it a second thought, Sally grabbed the puppy and pushed him to her chest.

She Couldn’t Refuse


The lady behind the counter tried to stop the little girl, but it was clear that a bond between the two had already been formed. So Tammy explained the situation to the woman and begged her to let them take the puppy.

The woman was hesitant at first. But the sight of the two of them together was enough to warm any mother’s heart, and eventually, she gave in.

That Night


Filled with relief, the pair and their new pup headed home. The sun had already started to set, so Tammy immediately started making dinner.

While waiting, Sally headed upstairs to prepare a bed for their new family member. She had been smiling the entire time, and Tammy couldn’t be happier. But she was in for one heck of a surprise.

Nowhere To Be Found


When the dinner was ready, Tammy called her daughter, but she got no response. Fear gripped her as she called a second time and was met with silence.

That was when Tammy dropped everything and started searching. Why wasn’t her daughter responding to her? Had something happened to her? Where had she gone? She’d find out soon enough.

Shocking Sight


The first place Tammy checked was Sally’s bedroom, and what she found had her freezing in her tracks. Sally and the puppy were on the bed, and both of them were fast asleep.

Tammy couldn’t be happier. For the first time since her husband died, she felt a sense of relief. She’d finally be able to get a good night’s sleep, and so would her daughter.

Around Midnight


But Tammy had her thoughts too soon. She fell asleep at around 10 pm, and about two hours later, she was woken up by frantic barking.

At first, she thought it was one of her neighbor’s dogs. But then she remembered that they also had a puppy now, and it could be him that was making all the noise.

Checking It Out


After the realization struck, Tammy leaped out of bed and ran to her daughter’s room. She found the little puppy sitting on the floor, and he was barking in the direction of the bed.

Amazingly Sally was able to sleep through it all. But that didn’t solve the problem. Why on earth was he barking, and how could Tammy get him to stop?

Nothing There


Tammy picked the puppy up and put him back on the bed. She stroked his fur for a little while, and he stopped barking before falling asleep.

Happy with the result, Tammy got up, but she wasn’t done yet. She’d find the cause of this madness if it was the last thing she did. The only problem was that there was nothing there.

The Next Night


The next night exactly the same thing happened. Sally and her puppy went to bed at around 8 pm, and they slept soundly.

Tammy went to bed at around 10 pm, and she slept just as soundly for a couple of hours. Just past midnight, the puppy started barking again, and he kept barking until Tammy rubbed him to sleep.

Every Night


The same thing was happening every night for the next month. Even the timing was the same, and Tammy couldn’t help but wonder what the cause might be.

She examined the situation from every angle and realized that the puppy was waking up at the same time that Sally used to wake up. Was there something about that time that was bothering them both?

What Was It?


Tammy spent a few nights keeping watch outside the room, hoping she would be able to uncover the secret. She wanted to know what it was that caused this behavior and how she could stop it.

But she couldn’t find anything at all. Every time the puppy started barking, she was there, but she was the only external influence in that room. Or was she?

She Needed Answers


The situation was a strange one, and Tammy had figured out that she wouldn’t be uncovering the secret by keeping guard.

If she wanted the answers she so desperately wanted to find, she would have to do it another way. But the young mother was determined, and she would do whatever it took to help her daughter.

Installing Cameras


The next morning Tammy called a company to set up hidden cameras all over her house. She made sure they knew that they needed to pay special attention to her daughter’s bedroom.

The work was completed in a matter of hours, and Tammy was relieved to know that she would have the answers she sought by the next morning. But was she ready for what she would see?

What She Saw


Tammy woke up early the next morning. She immediately pulled out her phone and reviewed the footage. But she didn’t see anything at all.

Confused by the emptiness on her screen, Tammy replayed the section. And that was when she picked up on a crucial clue. The puppy wasn’t barking at the bed. He was barking at something beneath the bed.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.