Your Perfect Night of Sleep is a Breeze Away

We reviewed the Buffy Breeze Comforter so you can focus on your dreams with the perfect night sleep.

Buffy, oh my Buffy!

The excitement has had a chance to build up for quite some time, and the wait is finally over: my Buffy comforter has arrived!

Mark this day with a big smiley face, goodbye warm and sweaty night, hello cool, breathable and ultra soft comforter, let me introduce: The Breeze!

First off, let’s rewind a bit (it’s worth it I promise). Did you know it comes in a pizza box?! (wait, what?) Yes, the Buffy Breeze comforter comes in a giant pizza-like box! You can imagine my surprise coming home to this oversized “pizza” sitting on the front porch. Best packaging ever!

In case you don’t believe it or have trouble picturing it, take a look at the picture I’ve snapped below (told you!). The surprise quickly turned into excitement as the top of the box clearly reads “Buffy”. I snapped back to reality, a soon to be soothingly soft reality.

Buffy Comforter Pizza Box

Unboxing the comforter only took a second, and there again another surprise: a cute “soft” eye mask. I love free gifts! It’s white and light purple, great looking and high quality, I will definitely bring it along on my next trip. Thanks Buffy!

Back to the main event and time to free up “The Breeze” from its restrictive vacuum sealed packaging and unleash its night-changing power. First impression: it is soft, very soft. The quality is striking, not your average comforter. This is high quality durable material. It does feel a little heavier than expected, made me wonder how it would feel lying underneath, I’m not a fan of heavy blankets…. Wonder no more, the next step was to truly test it and spend my first night with Buffy!

The heaviness was gone, The Breeze is light, and it feels awesome. Hard to describe the exact feeling, neither hot nor cold (its over 75 degrees in my apartment today), it feels good, it feels right. I’ve dreamed about it and now I get to dream with it!

It’s made of eucalyptus fabric, and in case you didn’t know, eucalyptus fiber is biodegradable and it’s way more respectful of the environment than using cotton.

To summarize the night in one word:  Wow! Great night, and despite the warm temperatures. I kept the Breeze on all night, and no sweat. I’m impressed by how well it regulates temperature, this “not hot and not cold” feeling is heaven.

I also enjoyed the softness and just the overall feeling of this high quality comforter. It feels different, unique and simply awesome! One last thing, it also looks amazing and its wavy design gives my bedroom a cool modern touch, love it!

Buffy Breeze

If you are still reading and not convinced, I promise Buffy is a night changer, I really recommend you give it a shot as well. There’s no better way to find out than to try it! In case you are still hesitant, they offer a free trial period to test it out! So you can always return it if you aren’t 100% satisfied (but trust me you will never want to return it!)

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